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Skinks of Sotek - viable in any deck?

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 07:01 AM

I am just a casual gamer only playing with my girlfriend and I am not claiming to be a pro, but I do like to discuss cards while my girlfriend don´t. Please feel free giving me constructive criticism on this topic:

http://deckbox.org/w...Skinks of Sotek

Since second deluxe expansion Skinks of Sotek has been a card seriously considered in my order decks. Its one unconditional damage dealing properties is fairly unique for order which unit destruction cards while strong often seems to have additional conditions attached to them like having to wait for enemy to attack.  http://deckbox.org/w.../Hawkeye Archer is the most similar card for order but altough the card has the possibility to deal more damage than Skinks of Sotek it doesn´t happen until next turn. Skinks of soteks damage is instant and even uncancellable. 

While the card has many uses of opportunity being a cheap unit and damage dealer the primary allure of the card is the possibility of killing of an enemy unit with one hit point in the beginning of the game in opponents kingdom or quest zone on a quest while at the same time furthering your own economy advancement. If this succeds, unit removal and cheap unit with one power for cost of 2 is one of the most cost effective econ moves in the beginning of the game. But which are the cards with just one hit point and do people play with them? I pondered on this fact and this is what i dugged up:



http://deckbox.org/w...riest of Verena

 http://deckbox.org/w...pf’s Buccaneers


 http://deckbox.org/w...Mountain Legion

High elves:

 http://deckbox.org/w...y from Averlorn

 http://deckbox.org/w.../Shadow Warrior

 http://deckbox.org/w...gh Elf Spearmen

 http://deckbox.org/w.../Hawkeye Archer


 http://deckbox.org/w...avage Marauders

http://deckbox.org/w...ing Chaos Spawn (Even if not having power icon you can bet it is a target for warpstone experiments next turn)



 http://deckbox.org/w...graced Champion



 http://deckbox.org/w...ed Teef Goblins

 http://deckbox.org/w...ngusbrew Goblin

 http://deckbox.org/w.../Squig Trackers

 http://deckbox.org/w...ushroom Hunters

Dark elves:


 http://deckbox.org/w...lking Sacrifice


 http://deckbox.org/w...hief of Essence


Even if my personal experience was considering Skinks of Sotek a very useful card the number of targets is not actually that big and makes the card very situational outside a more dedicated strategy.

Its main strength seems to be against Judgement of Verena empire deck were it is a hard counter to Priest of Verena, your opponents strongest development movement card. I have not seen Buccaners of van Klumpf in action yet.

Against orcs you may hamper a rush deck a bit, particulary if the player is counting on attachment cards to do the trick.

Dark elves has two good targets: Shades and thief of essence.


Against High elves you can shoot down a few good cards but it is situational if they would even be in the deck.

Against Chaos you also has a number of cards that may with the deck as fillers and chaos spawn.


My conclusion is that Skinks of Sotek is only good enough to consider having in a deck without synergistic cards helping it if I am suspecting my girlfriend will bring a judgement of Verena deck to the table. Otherwise the amount of targets is to low.

In this thread I haven't described the classical Skinks of Sotek http://deckbox.org/w...i/Spawn of Itzl combo which makes you able to kill any unit in the game for 5 points and having 2 units, one of them with a good ability, afterwards.

Other possible synergistisc effects making Skinks of Sotek a more viable option is strategies revolving around putting up cards bak on your hands and, of course, Lizardmen deck builds.






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