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New xenos vessel- the Xenarch Strigoi-class Raider

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Posted 01 December 2011 - 05:01 PM


 I've been throwing these at my group recently and thought that people here might like to have a play. Some of you might recognise them from the Voidship project, but it looks like that has collapsed, sadly. So here's a repost! GO TEAM!



CLASS: Strigoi
Hull TYPE: Raider
ORIGIN: Xenos (Xenarch)


Dimensions: 1.6 km long, 2 km abeam at drive claws
Mass: 4 megatonnes approx
Crew: 8,000 Crew
Accel: 4.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration

Very little is known of the shadowy Xenarch of the northern rim, and less is known of their voidfaring vessels. The standard Xenarch frigate, dubbed the Strigoi by the Ordo Xenos, appears fragile, almost skeletal, when viewed from afar. As many Rogue Traders and Navy captains have found to their dismay, the fragility of the ship is more than made up for by the energised reactive armour and powerful energy weapons the Xenarch often employ.Xenarch vessels are heavily automated with arcane techno-sorceries barely understood but highly coveted by the Adeptus Mechanicus. This has led to a significantly smaller crew than would usually be found on a vessel this size. Imperial Vessels that have managed to close enough to Xenarch ships as to launch boarding actions have decribed horrors sich as elecrified interior hull plating, chambers that use a short range teleport to shunt intruders into the void and strange floating apparitions formed from lightning that seem immune to weapons fire but whose touch only brings death. Worse still, when the counterattack ensues, these strange traits can be used to attack boarding vessels. Those few crews that have boarded Xenarch vessels and survived to tell the tale all say the same thing - Xenarch ships are cursed things, piloted by the damned.
Even known the Strigoi mounts a crew easily a third of the size of its nearest Imperial counterpart, it doesn't seem to suffer for this discrepency. Most mysteriously, this crew number given is only conjecture based off the efficiency of the Xenarch Life Sustainer systems. Of the Xenos-breed themselves, no corpse or living specimen has ever been recovered from a huked vessel."

Speed: 8
Manoeuvrability: +20
Detection: +14
Hull Integrity: 28
Armour: 17
Turret Rating: 2
Space: 30
SP: n/a

Weapon Capacity: 1 Keel, 1 Aft

Overpowered Drive: All Xenarch Vessels come pre-installed with an Energistic Conversion Matrix of a xenotech rather than Archeotech design. The vessels space has been modified to reflect this, but 1 power must be provided to power this component.

Alien Anatomy: The Aft firing arc is a 180 degree arc directly to the rear of the vessel.

Bounty: The Adeptus Mechanicus have long coveted the potent energy storage technology of the Xenarch. Capturing a Xenarch vessel with its Rift Drive or ArcDrive intact grants +50 achievement points.


Typical Strigoi-class Frigate

The Stuhac

This vessel has veen the bane of naval officers across the Fennec expanse for more than fifty years. In a previous engagement one of the four drive claws that propel it forwards was damaged, and that distinctive scarring has been known to cause many a bridge officer to go pale upon sight. To date, it has claimed the lives of over 100,000 naval crew with the destruction of the Cobra -class destroyers "His Will" and "The Judgement of Antilochus" as well as five transport vessels of various classes. Several times the Stuhac has been cornered by Naval vessels, but none have been capable of keeping her in combat long enough to deal the death stroke.

Essential Components:
Xenarch Arc Drive, Xenarch Rift Drive, Single Shield Array, Combat Bridge, Xenarch Life sustainer (As Vitae-pattern), Clan-kin Quarters, Xenarch Augers (as Deep Void  auger array)

Supplemental Components: Energistic Conversion Matrix, Augmented Retrothrusters, Empyrean Mantle, Aux. Plasma Banks

Weapons: 1 Keel Lightning Array, 1 Aft Lightning Array

Alien Anatomy: The Aft firing arc is a 180 degree arc directly to the rear of the vessel.

Bounty: The Adeptus Mechanicus have long coveted the potent energy storage technology of the Xenarch. Capturing a Xenarch vessel with its Rift Drive or ArcDrive intact grants +50 achievement points.



Xenarch Arc Drive

The Arc Drive utilised by the Xenarch takes the form of a large set of claws at the front of the vessel. The potent ionised radiation emmited by the Arc Drive flows back over the hull, dispersing incoming energy weapon fire and adding to the potency of the Xenarch vessels already powerful armour. Some Rogue Traders have installed this powerful xeno-artifact on their vessels, only to realise that the trade off for such potency is the inability to hide it from anyone looking at their vessel.
While the drive is powered and undamaged, the vessels armour is increased by 2. Due to the physical structure of the drive, no background complications or component can hide the Arc Drive from an active augery.

Power Generated: 50
Space: 0

Xenarch Rift Drive

Unlike the more refined Warp Drives used by the Imperium, the Xenarch Rift drive appears to create a tunnel through the warp, similar to that created by a Teleportarium. This is a remarkably fast way to travel, but is limited to Warp Jumps of no more than a few light years at a time.

Power: 10
Space: 8

Xenarch Lightning Array (Macrocannon)

Ships that stray too close to a Xenarch vessel find themselves wreathed in deadly red lightning that crackles over their hull, shorting out electrical systems and slays machine spirits.
Any critical hit scored by a Lightning Cannon that damages a component causes it to become unpowered as well.

Power: 3
Space: 3
Strength: 4
Damage: 1d10+3
Critical: 4
Range: 6

Xenarch Death Ray (Lance)

The raw power of Xenarch energy storage is best demonstrated in their Death Ray, a beam of corcurating red energy capable of burning through the thickest armour. Unlike Imperial lances, this energy beam can be kept active for minutes at a time, easily bisecting the most resilient enemy vessel.

Power: 5
Space: 4
Strength: 2
Damage: 1d10+1
Critical: 3
Range: 7

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