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Comparing Wigth Lord with Blood dragon knight.

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#1 fraustaaf



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Posted 30 November 2011 - 04:05 AM

WIGHT LORD NEUTRAL DESTRUCTION Cost 5 P 1 H 4 Necromancy Action: WHen this unit enters play, destroy target unit in any corresponding zone

BLOOD DRAGON KNIGHT NEUTRAL DESTRUCTION Cost 4 P 2 H 4 Action: When this unit attacks, deal power equal to power to target unit in the defending zone.

When I have build destruction decks and wanted some control element in them the choice has often been between these two units.

There is similarities between them but yet they are not inchangeable

Blood dragon Knight is cheaper which is the strongest advantage over Wight Lord. It will nearly always kill a unit with 2 or less hit points on the same turn it is played. It must normally be played in battlefield or be helped by other cards to be effective. It is a standard 4 point card with 2 p, 4 h which can aid in attacking. The other advantage over Whight Lord is that it can use its ability next turn if not destroyed, corrupted, taken over, rended immobile or moved to another zone.

Whight Lord is costlier but has in my oppinion stronger abilities. It is the only card in the game so far I know that can destroy target unit without any prerequisites (other than playing it in corresponding zone). No other card can unaided kill every aviable unit in the game. If played in kingdom or questzone it also helps with gaining resources or cards. The Necromancy ability will at least put second thougths of removing Whight lord i the card is helping with resources. Whith different sacrificing techniques the wight lords ability can be used again and again even though it is quite costly to do so.

Which of the cards do you prefere to use in which decks?

#2 Wytefang



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Posted 30 November 2011 - 09:25 PM

I think you've summed up their differences quite well.  I also love the GREAT art on both of them.  A combination of really useful powers and great art = favorite cards of mine.  :)




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#3 fisha



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Posted 30 November 2011 - 09:45 PM

I prefer the vampire, but I commonly use both in my destruction decks. :)

#4 gr4ffi



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Posted 01 December 2011 - 09:23 PM

Taking a closer look on our 3 destruction races, i'd say, that if you play ORC, Blood Dragon Knight should be your card. It is cheaper (you can get it out with we'z bigga), it can be supported by a rush-typical 4 gold income + you can put Choppas and Tattoos on it in order to destroy some bigger things and do a decent amount of damage. The Problem with the Lord is: It is hard to sacrifice it again with orc when put into play via necromancy. In the end imho the Orc Undead Deck with both of them, bats, danse macabre etc. and the new card burial mound is the strongest option for orc atm.

With DE i'd prefer the Lord if you want to play defensive. It's easy to cycle him with pen or else. Offensive DE decks should use the Knight though, but they really are having enough to get rid of smaller units ^^

And with Chaos i lately did not see any of those cards playing a role. I think e.g. Bleeding Wall is a really strong card atm and it gives you much more synergy with the rest of your chaos cards + there are more. Makes those too kinda useless ;)

#5 Goldherz



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Posted 01 January 2012 - 04:15 AM

 For me an important factor is, that if the wight lord ability is cancelt (for example iron disc.) then u spend 5 gold into nothing ...

that can be deadly.

Vampire is more flexible imo und cheaper.

In most cases i would play vampire

#6 fraustaaf



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Posted 13 January 2012 - 03:56 AM

Good point. When I first wrought this article I leaned more to Wight Lord but now I am convinced that vampire may be better overall.

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