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I am in need of Orky Cybernetics and Bionics.

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#1 Raganui



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Posted 25 November 2011 - 10:01 AM

Does anyone have anything for it?  Some cybernetics can be 'orkified' easily enough, but surely there's some cybork bits out there people have come up with that don't have a normal equivalent.

#2 Maese Mateo

Maese Mateo


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Posted 25 November 2011 - 11:00 AM

1- Get a cybernetic arm.

2- Replace hand for Power Claw

3- Get some Orky Upgrades

4- ?????

5- Profit


My two cents. =)

#3 Objulen



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Posted 26 November 2011 - 08:48 AM

Generally, I'd expect combat oriented implants to be relatively common, such as enhanced armor plating and the like. Unlike subdermal implants, these would be obvious and possibly directly grafted onto the skin. 

#4 Darkmittens



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Posted 26 November 2011 - 09:27 AM

simply remove the damaged limb (if already gone ignore this step), take wanted object, add buzzsaw/massive exhaust port, jam into space, wire into the brain. There is your orky tech, note this is in no way reliable

#5 BangBangTequila



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Posted 26 November 2011 - 06:21 PM

My favourite thing about the Orks that made me a lifelong Boy, and the thing that kept me collecting after the initial surge of wonderment at the hordes I could field, was the Mad Docs. The lines"The unfortunate patient may wake up from having a bad tooth removed only to find he's been given a brand new set of mechanical lungs that let him breathe underwater!" struck a chord, and really emphasize that Orks do exactly as they feel at any point in time, and that is limited only by the brutality and crudeness of your mind.

#6 Darkmittens



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Posted 27 November 2011 - 04:17 AM

as for specifics, just allow an ork to get a 'inbuilt anything' to represent both the crazed doc's ability to mix and match parts, and the ork physiologies ability to accept almost anything as a graft!


for example, allow an ork boy to get a inbuilt ammo hopper for his gun inside his chest, or allow a inbuilt exterminator cartridge to be placed inside his fake arm, and why stop there why not simply weld him inside a tin can and make him a killa khan!

#7 Zarkov N

Zarkov N


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Posted 28 November 2011 - 10:53 AM

 Orky specific bioniks?  Pretty much think of any large piece of machinery, preferably with a diesel stack, and try and think of a way to make it a useful augmentation.  Orks don't tend to go for subtle so much.  Unless you count the bionik arm with a face-eater squig in a cage.  It's not hidden, but it's often a nasty surprise to find out it can be released on command.

#8 Alpha Chaos 13

Alpha Chaos 13


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Posted 29 November 2011 - 04:42 AM

Zarkov N said:

  Unless you count the bionik arm with a face-eater squig in a cage. 

That one was always my favorite!

#9 BlackSpike



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Posted 29 November 2011 - 03:17 PM

The Mek-Boyz from the Kult of Speed can set you up with lo-rider suspension, kustom rims, streamlined fairings (red, of course!), air-intake skoops and fluffy dice!

#10 BlackSpike



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Posted 02 December 2011 - 01:40 PM

BlackSpike said:

The Mek-Boyz from the Kult of Speed can set you up with lo-rider suspension, kustom rims, streamlined fairings (red, of course!), air-intake skoops and fluffy dice!

These are, of course, personal upgrades, They can take a look at your vehicle, too!

#11 N0-1_H3r3


    Former Contributing Freelance Writer

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Posted 04 December 2011 - 06:25 AM

BlackSpike said:

The Mek-Boyz from the Kult of Speed can set you up with lo-rider suspension, kustom rims, streamlined fairings (red, of course!), air-intake skoops and fluffy dice!

The Fluffy Dice are something of a no-go option - if they're hanging down from the Ork's helmet, they're liable to distract the Ork... at which point, he may attempt to knock them away, and failing that hit them with an axe or shoot them off.

More Ork fatalities come from fuzzy dice implants than from vehicle collisions.

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#12 Raganui



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Posted 05 December 2011 - 05:45 PM

You all have made me proud with these responses.  They amazing idea.

#13 WeedyGrot



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Posted 03 November 2013 - 05:15 PM

I haven't done done the conversions yet but here is a list of all the Orky cybernetics of yore. I'll probably work my way through these and eventually convert most of them.

From WD 129


The boundless surgical expertise of the Painboyz is such that they are undeterred by wounds no matter how severe they are. As long as the patient isn't (quite) dead, the Painboyz will do their utmost to save him. In fact, there is possibly a greater range of bionic parts known among the Orks than any other race. Kustom bioniks are made especially for Painboyz by Mekaniaks who work in close co-operation with them. Mekaniaks will be on hand during surgery when the part is being fitted, making minor modifications to the device as thc Painboy rivets, bolts or grafts it on to the patient.

Orks are indeed lucky to have exceptionally robust and resilient bodies. They do not die easily, as they are very resistant to diseases, poisons and superficial wounds. Almost any kind of bionic device can be successfully rivetted or bolted on to an Ork's body. Every replacement part is specially crafted to fit the patient but however bizarre and individual the design, Painboy Kustom Bioniks all belong to one of the categories listed below.


These are applied to Orks who have lost hands or suffered severe hand wounds. The hand is replaced by a close combat weapon made especially by a Mekaniak and fitted directly onto the stump by bolts or rivets. Kustom hands are very popular among the patients since they restore and occasionally enhance former fighting ability.


Applied to patients who have suffered severe arm wounds. Arms can incorporate kustom kombat weapons in the same way as kustom hand replacements, but a greater range of other options is possible, such as telescopic arms, arms fitted with grappling hooks or even with cages containing ferocious face-eater squigs which can be unleashed against opponents in close combat.


Applied to Orks who have suffered severe leg wounds. The patient is restored to full mobility, and may find that he is far more mobile than he ever believed possible as a result of a particularly imaginative kustom job.


Orks who have suffered severe head wounds can benefit from a rebuilt cranium. The patient is never quite the same again, but may have acquired enhanced abilities together with the iron, steel or tungsten skull plates which have been bolted or rivetted in place. Enhanced intellect however, hardly ever results from such restorative surgery.


Generally only applied to Orks who have suffered really severe damage. If the patient seems unlikely to survive through normal methods, the Painboy will feel justified in attempting to restore him with one of his latest experimental devices, almost total rebuild or drastic transplant surgery. The incredible resilience of the Ork physique means that some of these life-saving attempts are actually successful. A big surprise to all involved, most especially for the patient when he wakes up and finds out what the Doc has done for him.


The Ork's hand is replaced by a close combat weapon. These are usually ordinary Ork weapons straight from the Painboy's stockpile but for a few teeth more the 'kustomer' can choose to have a kustomised weapon modified by Mekaniaks and fitted on to his arm by the Painboy.

Often both the Painboy and the Mek will work together during the operation to fit one of these de luxe bionik bitz. Kustom hands are very popular with Orks who have suffered hand wounds which prevent them from using weapons properly, and frequently prove exceptionally useful to the patient in close combat.

Modified Weapons. This is a weapon which has been modified by a mekaniak to 'improve' its performance in some way.


Kustom arms are a full arm and hand replacement. The entire device may have special features built into it by Mekaniaks according to the specifications of the patient or the Doc. Again, these are popular with the patients since they often result in enhanced close combat fighting ability.

Telescopic Arm. This is simply an extensible bionic arm with a gripping hand mounted on the end. It extends the Ork's reach which is especially useful in close combat. The hand can be used to grip any close combat weapon and functions like a normal hand.

Magnetic Arm. This is a bionic arm with a powerful magnet mounted on the end instead of a hand. The Ork can use it to hold metal weapons just like a normal hand, but also to hold on to enemies wearing power armour or Terminator armour. The Ork can hold onto any model wearing one of these types of armour in close combat, which cannot easily dodge or avoid blows.

Squig Attack Arm. This arm ends in a cage containing a dangerous carnivorous squig, such as a face-eater. The arm has a catch and release mechanism, allowing the Ork to release the squig as he thrusts the arm into the face of an opponent, with drastic results. Orks can choose to put a different kind of squig in the cage instead of a face-eater. Other squigs favoured are the socalled 'spiky' and 'stink' squigs. The spiky squig is covered with spines which it can shoot into the face of the Ork's opponent. Alternatively the cage can contain a small version of the bloated 'stink squig'. This resembles a puffball with eyes, which lets out a blast of vile and pungent gas when agitated, all the Ork has to do is shake the cage.

Grapple Arm. Arm with a spring-operated grappling-hook catapult. This can be used once in battle to grip a model or latch on to a vehicle.

Spike Arm. This appears to be an 'ordinary' bionik arm, but concealed along its entire length are a series of retractable spikes or blades. The arm can be used to grip an opponent in close combat and the spikes will be released impaling the victim. A quick outward movement of the arm will then fling the body to the ground. Spike arms are particularly effective when fitted in pairs.

Grenade Thrower Arm. This arm is a single shot grenade launcher capable of launching a stikkbomb a lot further than a normal arm. Most are spring operated, but others are tubular and function in a similar way to auxiliary grenade launchers.

Extra Bionik Arms. These are 'ordinary' bionik arms which attempt to replicate the original flesh and blood arm. They function in the same way as a real arm, and allow the Ork to use any weapon he could normally have used with a real one. The great advantage of bionik arms is that two can be fitted to replace one severed arm, which means that the Ork can actually gain arms, allowing him to use more weapons at once.

Bionik Arm with Kustom Kombat Weapon. This is a bionik arm as described above which substitutes a kustom kombat weapon instead of a replica hand. Such arms can be grafted on to the patient in addition to a pair of existing arms by fixing two bionik arms in place of one severed arm as described above. Kustom kombat weapon arms can be fitted in combination with ordinary bionik arms in this way.


Kustom legs can take the form of very powerful bionik legs or something more like a vehicle motive system, having the effect of turning the patient into a living, thinking vehicle. Mekaniaks working together with the Painboyz have a chance to really excel themselves with these devices. Most patients are truly delighted to be restored to full fighting ability after crippling wounds which would normally have kept them out of any future battles. This is something no true Ork could bear to think about, so kustom legs will be accepted by the patient, however experimental or unlikely the design may be.

Pair of Special Jumping Legs. These are spring powered legs which allow the Ork to move by leaps and bounds.

Peg Leg. This is the simplest, crudest and cheapest leg replacement and usually only occurs when the patient has no teeth to spend on something better or the Painboy has run out of bionik parts, which is why Freebooterz tend to have them (as well as hooks instead of hands for the same reasons).

De-luxe Booster Leg. This leg is equipped with rocket boosters which operate when the Ork attempts to move fast. These actually help him to leap along in great strides. They are very popular among speed cultists of the Evil Sunz clan.

De-luxe Kicking Leg. This leg is equipped with powerful springs allowing the Ork to give a hefty kick. The impact is quite enough to knock over an opponent, break his bones or dent his armour.

Bionik Leg. This is a 'standard' bionik leg which confers no special combat advantages but replaces the damaged leg enabling the Ork to continue his career of fighting, looting and kicking Gretchin.

Gyro Stabilised Monowheel. The Ork moves by means of a single, gyroscopically stabilised wheel. An advantage is the ability of the wheel to move on completely vertical surfaces. The Ork can turn as normal simply by swiveling his body and waving his arms about to keep his balance. A single wheel can be turned on the spot in this way.

Pair of Suction Feet. Suction feet have powerful suction pads which allow the Ork to walk on vertical and inverted surfaces just as easily as on level ground. They are great for scaling walls and moving about inside gigantic space hulks.

Pair of Telescopic Legs. These allow the Ork to move faster and can extend to about 10 feet allowing him to see and shoot over high obstacles. They are also an asset in climbing high, even vertical obstacles, since the Ork can extend the legs, grip with his hands, then retract the legs and swing himself onto the roof of the building, over the wall, or crest of the slope and so on. The effect is like having the advantages of long legs, stilts and a ladder all at once.

Pair of Jet-Powered Legs. The Ork's legs are fitted with jets enabling him to move in a similar way as if equipped with a jump-pack. Unfortunately inherent design faults mean that the legs are almost as inaccurate as the Stormboyz' jump packs. Very few Orks are willing to have this 'improvement', due to an innate fear of flying, but now and again some patients wake up to find that the Doc has fitted some deranged Mekaniak's experimental jumping device, and there is nothing he can do about it.

If the patient is fitted with jet-powered legs then they are the only way he can move about from now on. He cannot walk normally any more. Each move will actually be a short jump in which the Ork hurtles precariously through the air flailing about with his arms in a mixture of terror and exhilaration, desperately trying to keep his balance.

Orks fitted with special jet-powered legs tend not to collide or land on top of things because the jet nozzles have sufficient control to allow the user to avoid vehicles, walls, boulders and such things with sufficient frantik cranking. However, landing on top of an enemy is actually a very effective way of delivering an attack.

Wheels, Tracks or Hover Units. These are vehicle parts fitted to Orks instead of bionik legs, which are very popular with speed cultists. There is considerable variation in design, depending on the extent of the original damage to the Ork. Some Orks appear to have devices resembling roller skates, while others have been converted into living vehicles.


Due to excessive head damage, the Doc had no option but to do a full cranial rebuild on the patient. This will usually include several de-luxe features designed by the Doc in addition to the shiny metal reinforcement plates rivetted to the skull. Any patient lucky enough to receive such bioniks, which are the epitome of the Painboy's art, should be duly grateful to the Doc for saving his life.

There is always a chance that brain surgery will awaken the Ork's dormant psychic abilities. This is only likely to happen on Orks who are not already Weirdboyz and who have been subjected to a cranïal rebuild.

Telescopic Bionik Eye. The rebuilt cranium features a telescopic sight in place of an eye which allows the Ork to aim accurately over long distances.

Targeter Eye. The eye section of the cranium has been replaced by a looted targeter from a Mekaniak's bit-box.

Respirator Mouthpiece. The cranium features a respirator instead of the Ork's nose. The Ork now has some protection against gas and the effects of keeping company with comrades who have eaten too much squig curry and fungus lager on the night before the battle.

Auto-Senses. The cranium features a set of auto-senses which have been wrenched out of a captured space marine helmet (no doubt the rest was sold to a Nob for use as a drinking cup). The Ork cannot be blinded while equipped with auto-senses.

Stainless Steel Skull. The entire head of the patient is clad in steel plates rivetted on to his skull. This is a good remedy for severe head damage which does not require replacement parts such as eyes or brain. It gives an awesome appearance to the individual and great advantages in head-butting contests.

Stainless Steel Mandible and Teeth. These enable the Ork to continue enjoying well cooked squig and old tough fungus for breakfast. Apart from these essential functions, it lends a rather Frightening and awe-inspiring aspect to his visage, but has no effect on his fighting abilities.

Steel Horns. Another decorative skull embellishment which can be fitted at the same time as a cranial rebuild are steel horns. These are screwed directly into the steel plates of the restored cranium, and they only cost a few extra teeth.

Lobotomy. Sometimes the Painboy has no option but to remove some bits of the patient's brain, either because of damage or to get the de-luxe cranial plates to fit. The end result is that the patient is turned into a Madboy.

Periscope. This is a periscope which can be raised on a telescopic tube from the top of the cranium to a considerable height. The Ork can use it for looking over obstacles such as walls, and into high level windows. The Ork can also act as a spotter for artillery, with minimum personal risk, since he can be located further back from the target and still see it clearly. These periscopes are usually fitted with powerful telescope lenses and even cross hairs for aiming and judging distance.

Orks who have benefitted from this kind of cranial surgery are usually equipped with a grenade launcher or similar long ranged heavy weapon by their household, or even the warboss himself, in order to utilise their special abilities.

Explosive Cranium. This is a revenge device which patients who are still conscious with slight head wounds can order from the Doc. Orks with a particular sense of low cunning tend to opt for such surgery. As well as patching up the patient's skull with metal plates, the Doc inserts an explosive device. The trigger mechanism is kept open by the continuous flow of blood into the brain. If the Ork is slain in battle the flow of blood will stop, detonating the device. His cranium will then explode sending out fragments of the metal plates and rivets as shrapnel. In this way the patient gets his own back on the enemy even after death.

Obviously such Orks expect to fall in battle one day, and will endeavour to get into the thick of the fighting, where the enemy can be expected to advance over his dead body if he should fall. Ork kustom decrees that these Orks wear a special back-banner. One obvious reason for this is so that his comrades can keep well clear if he is slain. Consequently Orks with 'bomb-headz' become solitary characters, seeking the worst of the fighting and always being the last to retreat.


Good 'ole Doc has fitted one of his latest experimental prototype bionic bitz, or possibly a matching set of them (if the Ork's lucky).

Fuel Injection Implant. Fuel for Ork vehicles is made from fermented fungus. It is very potent stuff which can be equally effective on the Ork metabolism as in an Ork vehicle engine. In this case, the Painboy has fitted a refillable cylinder of fungus fuel, complete with external tap and valve, into the Ork's body and connected it to his blood supply. The Ork can simply turn the valve to release a steady flow of fungus juice directly into his bloodstream. This speeds up his metabolism.

Fungus Breff. The patient has been fitted with the Doc's latest fungus fermentation vat to aid his digestion. Unfortunately the device is still experimental and produces a lot of fungus gas. The patient burps and grunts frequently, especially after meals. This is no disadvantage in polite Ork society though, indeed, it is regarded as a refined social skill.

In close combat it can be quite effective. Although harmless to other Orkoids, the Ork's breath is noxious to other races.

Iron Mask. The patient has suffered nasty wounds leaving him disfigured even by Ork standards (he probably no longer looks 'hard' and 'brutal' enough for a proper Ork). So the Doc has fitted him with a savage-looking cast-iron face mask, displaying the most archetypal Ork features, perhaps even capturing something of the aspect of an Ork war god.

This is a very impressive piece of surgery, incorporating a good set of stainless steel teeth and the armour plating serves the patient as a helmet. Some versions completely enclose the head, and some are actually converted from spares cannibalised from wrecked runtbotz or tinboyz.

Cyborg Body. Severe injuries required an entire rebuild of the patient's body with cyborg parts. In fact only a few parts of real Ork flesh remain, embedded in the cyborg structure. The effect restores the Ork to fighting fitness and increases his strength and toughness. Naturally the Ork is subject to unpredictable malfunction just as any other item of Ork engineering, including other bionik bitz.

Head Graft (Dual Occupancy Body). This sophisticated and uncannily efficient treatment was discovered by accident following a large explosion in the ammo dump of the Waa-Grodskab tribe, many years ago. Painboyz immediately gathered in the crater, hoping to find some Orks still alive. Unfortunately they were unable to recover enough parts to the casualties to be properly mended. However it was discovered that several decapitated Ork heads still retained a glimmer of life.

It is well known that Ork bodies are very robust but Ork physiology is so remarkable that the brain in a detached head can survive for some time. In a desperate effort to save Ork lives, the Painboyz were forced to experiment, and attached two heads to each of the few bodies which survived reasonably intact. The body was thus 'occupied' by two Ork personalities.

Minor modifications to the central nervous system (involving safety pins and rubber bands), enabled each head to control one half of the body. It was found that the head graft patients could fire a short range weapon with full accuracy in each hand.

The treatment soon became known throughout Orkdom and further 'eksperimentin' on blast-damaged Orks led to techniques of grafting extra arms onto the body at the same time as the head-graft. This meant that a multiple-armed Ork could handle and fire a pair of shoulder-weapons with full accuracy.

Armour Plating. The patient's body is almost entirely covered with steel plates rivetted to his flesh, patching up the holes shot through him.

Steel Teeth. Another cosmetic treatment which probably benefits the Painboy more than the patient since the Doc gets to keep the real teeth and the Ork can't detach or spend the steel ones! Needless to say steel teeth are frequently fitted to Orks who have no real need on the grounds that it was essential for their recovery, or in other words, the Doc thought the patient was a goner so he took the teeth anyway and fitted steel ones just in case he came round after all.

Squig Brain Transplant. This treatment is commonly associated with the so-called 'Bad Docs'. These Orks have let their taste for experimentation get the better of them by, for example, transplanting the brains of squigs into Ork craniums. This treatment is known among many Painboyz, but those who get caught practising it soon get banned from the tribe as Bad Docs.


Brain transplants are often the only way that a mortally wounded Ork can be restored to life, albeit with little mind of his own. In fact the squig-brained individual simply becomes the slow-witted servant of the Painboy. Bad Docs accumulate retinues of such patients who do exactly as their masters bid them, having the mentality of a pet squig. Of course the Docs say that they are 'recovering', until the retinue gets so large and obvious that no Orks dare to visit him again, and he has no option but to wander off as a freebooter and ply his trade elsewhere.

#14 ColonelCrow



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Posted 03 November 2013 - 05:29 PM

Erm, what's the source on these, WeedyGrot?

"Words, words, they're all we have to go on." —Tom Stoppard

#15 WeedyGrot



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Posted 03 November 2013 - 06:03 PM

White Dwarf 129

Though it is Identical to the information contained in 'Ere We Go

Edited by WeedyGrot, 03 November 2013 - 06:09 PM.

#16 Magnus Grendel

Magnus Grendel

    The Empire Needs You!

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Posted 14 November 2013 - 05:25 AM

Also Gorkamorka. The Gyrostabilized Mono-Wheel is a classic orky "innovation".

#17 WeedyGrot



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Posted 14 November 2013 - 06:54 PM

Indeed many (read all) GorkaMorka upgrades were based on the older versions of 40K.

Though in GorkaMorka a monowheel couldn't traverse vertical surfaces as the older version apparently could.

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