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Runewars versus other games, buy or not ?

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#1 Drakkkan



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Posted 20 November 2011 - 06:55 AM

Curently playing in 2-3 people Starcraft, Talisman and Warcraft Adventure game.

I am wondering to buy next game and seems Runewars should be next best option. Altough I am also considering Runebound.

Talisman is very simple and random (altough I like it for easy rules), Warcraft is also very random and Iam missing some deep in it and Starcraft becoming repetitive after 30 games, altough no other complaint about it (best game for now)

Could somebody advice how Runewars stands against these games, or if there are any other game in consideration, you are playing ?


#2 KevinBakon



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Posted 20 November 2011 - 10:57 AM

Runewars is great with 3 people.  It's fun with two, but it does feel like come of the mechanics are best with more players.  For instance, there are cards which allow you to pick a trade alliance with another player.  This is great with 3-4 because other players may get offended that you didn't choose them, so you need to be tactful.  I love it!  

We've been exclusively playing Runewars in my gaming group since May and it isn't showing any signs of going away anytime soon (especially with the new expansion).  It's a great game.  


#3 Curator



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Posted 20 November 2011 - 09:59 PM

I would get Chaos in the Old World.

I have played a ton of sessions and even designed guides and variants for the games you have listed. 
WoW Adventure Game is simple to setup pick up and learn in minutes, especially if you play the MMO.
Talisman requires a longer setup (shuffling all of the decks) but plays itself and again is quick to learn.
Starcraft is pretty easy to learn and Runewars borrows many mechanics from it (orders and card combat system).
However I don't feel Runewars is your cup of tea. I could be wrong so I will provide an explanation.

Runewars takes a good hour and a half to get through the first year of your first game. You have to pretty much flip back and forth through the rules as each season changes what rules you need to focus on.
Spring is for refreshing and setup (moving and taking territory)
Summer plays like the WoW Adventure Game (heroes set out to venture and quest)
Fall is usually the war side of the game as people tend to cut down to their stacking limit for Winter.

Runewars pretty much takes Talisman, WoW, and Starcraft. Then mashes then into one game. To win you have to collect the dragon runes. How you acquire these requires full understanding of the rules. Titles is one way but to learn about titles you need to understand the acquire power order. And then you need to understand that you can only acquire a title if you meet the pre-reqs of the supremacy bonus. Another way to get runes is through questing which mean you need to understand the heroes and what they can do. The last way is with influence bids, which means you need to understand the system for influence and then how ties are broken. Nothing you do in the game's first turn will be self-explanatory. Expect a ton of pausing to read the rules. And this is just to understand the options to win the game. 

I say Chaos is better because the rules can be read page by page as you play. You learn about summoning and moving, then placing cards, then ruination, and finally combat. In that order too!

I recommend watching a few videos on Runewars here http://boardgamegeek...deo-review-full

Then watch Chaos here http://boardgamegeek...old-world-in-hd

In the end both are amazing games but I feel Runewars will scare your group who is used to smaller compact games. Other games to look at are Smallworld, Cosmic Encounter, Dungeon Quest, Super Dungeon Explore.



#4 SolennelBern



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Posted 21 November 2011 - 02:30 AM

Runewars is awesome.  It's not that hard to learn but be prepared to be sit for 3+ hours of epic adventuring and conquering.

It mixes many styles in one game.  You have exploration, questing, army building, conquering, defending, building, ressource managing, diplomacy, treason, trading and 3D mountains!!!!!!! hahaha!

There's many cool mechanics in the game.  The game plays in years and each year has it's 4 seasons in which anything can happen.  Each season card has a primary and a secondary event.  The primary event is resolved first and it's rarely the same, the lands may suffer a famine or you may have good stuff happen to you.  Then, the secondary event is always the same on each season card.  It's where you quest in the summer or can move on rivers and have to feed your troops in winter.  Next step is, each player has 8 order cards in his hands and each season you play one.  It ranges from simply moving your units to friendly or empty territories, conquering enemy territories, building fortresses, recruiting units, harvesting ressources or having a city you control give you stuff.

There's no dice in the game, everything is resolved with Fate cards (combat, diplomacy with neutral units, Hero dueling, etc).  It's a really cool mechanic and it's really simple.  It's based on symbols depending which action you're trying to resolve.

Personally it's my favorite game in my collection.  It offers everything a fantasy fan like: Asymetrical Armies, questing, Heroes, beautiful art on the board tiles and cards, EVERYTHING!!!

It is le jeu! ;)

#5 Spleen



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Posted 23 November 2011 - 03:03 AM

From my point of view Runewars would fit great. From the gameplay it is better then Starcraft because the waiting time between your turns is not that big. But from the strategy point the game is awesome, same as Starcraft :) Only thing which is not really good (which was corrected in the expansion I read) are the possibilities of heroes, the run parallell to the rest of the game and for me this is a little bit strange.

I not played WOW yet so I could not say anything about that. And Talsiman is totally different and not matchable with Runewars I think.

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