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Antagonistic Chaos Paladin by CruelGM: Mermeidus Doom Chant, Chosen of Slaanesh

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Posted 11 November 2011 - 08:58 AM

 1.You will need Black Crusade Core book to understand how the Character works

2.If Weapons Stats mustnt be published, I will remove them

3.I have not registered her stats, so you can feel free to use her in your games. Its a nasty enemy for a single SM, but a match for 2 or 3. Yes, Killing Strike, but she has 4 Infamy Points to burn.






The being now known as Mermeidus Doom Chant was originally known as Meredith DeVayne, a noble lady from DeVayne dinasty. Born in Carmyn, a Paradise World behind the Iron Collar. Breed to be the perfect wife for an influent man, she used her spare time to listen the newest simphonies and vanguard paintings. She even learned how to play the instruments that captivated her, mastered the brushes and excellenced at dance. It is said that she became absorbed by the waves of polivibrations of the instruments and the iridiscent colours of "The Nassare sunshine".

The years passed on, and her parents finally founded a proper husband. The unhappy just married couple started a pleasure voyage to De Angelis cluster, but, by the way, the vessel was assaulted by a Slaanesh warband. The passengers, knowing their final near, panicked. But 6 passengers, Meredith and the music band, who were frenetically playing their instruments, with Meredith in charge of the tetrachelo, painted in the blood of its previous owner, death by shrapnel. "Only in the edge of death can the most moving music be made" its said that she spitted to the Warlord when he entered in the theatre of the burning ship.

After that, Meredith fell under Slaanesh adoration, searching for new sounds, new colours, new sensations, in exchange of her stolen live as purely decoration in the Imperium

And she was further known as Mermeidus Doom Chant

Mermeidus Doom Chant (Space Marine Chosen, 25.000 xp, Slaanesh Aligned)

WS          BS         S          T          Ag          Int          Per          WP          Fel

42           62      (10)40  (7)37      69          38        (9)72         41           50

Movement: 16/32/48/96                                                     Wounds: 20

Infamy: 44; 4 Infamy Points

Skills: Athletics, Acrobatics+30, Awareness+30, Common Lore (War) Dodge+30, Forbidden Lore (Astartes, Horus Heresy and Long War), Intimidation, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigation(Surface), Operate (Surface), Parry, Scholastic Lore (Legends), Stealth.

Talents: Ambidextrous, Bulging Biceps, Crack Shot,  Disarm, Eye of Vengeance, Fearless, Hard Target, Heightened Senses (All), Hip Shooting, Legion Weapon Training, Lighting Reflexes,  Marksman, Mighty Shot, Nerves of Steel, Pretenatural Speed, Quick Draw, Quick Reload, Resistance (Heat, Cold, Poisons) Sharpshooter, Step Aside, Storm of Iron, Technical Knock, Unarmed Warrior

Traits: Anfibious, Cold Killer, One Thousand and One Senses, Mark of Slaanesh, Unnatural Strenght (4), Unnatural Thoughnes (4)


Noise Marine Blastmaster fused with right arm

-Explosive Crescendo: Heavy  250m  S/-/-   3d10+10   Pen 8  Blast(4) Devastating (2)

-Hail of Doom Basic 150m S/2/- 1d10+12    Pen 6    Devastating(1) Storm

Doom Siren Basic 30m S/-/- 1d10+12 Pen 9    Spray

Force Sword 1d10+6 Pen6 Balanced Power Field

Armour: Power Armour with Refractory coating. Enhanced Ceramite Plating, Bio-monitor and inyectors, Sustainable Power Source: Enabled. Armour History: Pristine Condition (+1 AP if the armour is clean, -3 Iniciative if not) 

Gear: 6 doses of Rose 



1. The Character has had many tweaks during its creation, because I wasn't sure at first of its personality. Because of the ammount of changes, maths with Characteristics may not be right.

2. I have modified Mark of Slaanesh with this character, as Noise Marines look horribly and what Mermeidus wanted when she started adoring Slaanesh were new sensations, not a charming presence

3. Virtue: Grace(modified losing WS instead of BS); Failing:Hubris;  Motivation:Perfection (perfect senses, of course)












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