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Daemon Disease Deck

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#1 Primus_Magicus



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Posted 06 November 2011 - 10:05 PM


The new horrific favour card made me think of combining daemons in a disease deck. I have played disease decks before, while although very fun, it was way too dependent on the opponents deck (with no enemy units you could do little). This deck will have the same problem I think, but has more attack power so maybe it can destroy 2 zones with force even without enemy units (especially with bloodletters and no units attacking back).

About the deck: well the diseases and beast of rot shoul be clear. Grandfathers Call just in case in mid or late game you need some diseases. I think most games it will be developed though. Horrific favour will return some diseases as well, pink and blue horror boost this ability nicely as well.

Bloodletter and Lord of Change are at first kingdom units to get more resources. Later in the game they should fit nicely in any zone. I put in Lord of change because there are so many cheap cards in the deck, this could speed up things if you can play the top cardof your deck all the time. So getting more hammers in the quest zone wont be as much needed as it might seem at first glance. Have to see how that works while testing. Again very dependant on enemy units to play all those diseases on to work.

Bloodletter will ofcoarse give a nice boost to the combat but also boost Plague Bomb and 2 other diseases as well.

Fledging and Servants of Khorne are early game loyalty symbols and together with both horrors nice sacrifices for when Bloodthirster comes out to play with his friends at the other side of the table. Desecrated temple should work nicely with the cheap cannon fodder units and sacrifices for bloodthirster.

Well I would like to know what you people think:

3 Fledgling Chaos Spawn
3 Bloodboil Fever
3 Curse of the Leper
3 Effulgent Boils
3 Grandfather's Call
3 Horrific Favour
3 Necrotic Spasms
3 Oozing Eye
3 Servants of Khorne
3 Blue Horrors
3 Desecrated Temple
3 Pink Horrors
3 Plague Bomb
3 Bloodletter
3 Beast of Rot
3 Lord of Change
2 Bloodthirster

50 cards, 23 units, 6 tactics, 21 support


Rebels: 4 X, 4 A, 4 B, 2 E, 2 Y, 8 Z95, 4 HWK, 1 YT1300, 1 YT2400, 1 GR75, 1 CR90.

Imperial: 8 Fighter, 2 Adv, 6 Interceptor, 2 Defender, 2 Phantom, 2 Bomber, 1 Firespray, 1 Lambda, 1 VT49.

Scum: ordered: 6 Scyck, 4 Y, 8 Z95, 4 IG2000, 4 Starviper

#2 Reg06



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Posted 05 December 2011 - 04:42 AM


Primus_Magicus said:

I have played disease decks before, while although very fun, it was way too dependent on the opponents deck (with no enemy units you could do little). 


Remember that you can easily play disease cards on your own units. In fact, many of them won't hurt you at all. Take Oozing Eye for instance. Put that on a unit in your Kingdom first turn and you can afford a 3P Beast of Rot in turn two (3R + 1R unit + 1 disease), and you haven't weakened your unit in the Kingdom at all. If your draw is good enough you can potentially burn on turn 2, and win on turn 3, without ever placing a disease on your opponent.

The disease deck is one of my favorites, and it works very well with daemons. A couple of issues I see with this deck though;

- You have big, expensive units like the Bloodthirster and the Lord of Change. You don't actually need their power (Bloodletter and Beast of Rot hit very hard), and the game shouldn't be lasting long enough for you to afford them (because BoR gets pretty cheap). If you had some of the cards made chaos units cheaper I could see this working, but you don't. The Bloodletter does alleviate this somewhat, as it is a phenomenal Kingdom card.

- You don't have enough cheap Kingdom/Quest cards. The horrors and the temple are nice, but you don't actually want to play multiple horrors- you want to save them up in your hand to surprise your opponent with a seemingly endless stream of daemons. This means that 1) your greater daemons won't come out often, and 2) you could be absolutely screwed early game (you only have what, 9 resource gathering cards that you can afford first turn).

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