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New Chaos

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#1 grille



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Posted 04 November 2011 - 03:38 PM

So anyone already playtested Chaos decks with Inevitable City cards? I was really excited since the first spoilers were posted but after a closely look some cards aren't that powerful as expected. One of them is surely Raiding Camps. That 1 extra loyalty more in comparison to the quests from the last cycle makes the quest slower so a first turn quest isn't likely to get. Also it kinda forces you to play chaos support (non attachment) deckbuilding wise and the no-unit restriction make it something to play around. None the less it's "draw a card" feature and the power itself make it very interesting and having the opponents board clear of units is just what chaos wants anyway considering the great unit control features they got in the past battlepacks.

I also had hope that Khorvak would be great. One of the main drawbacks chaos had when going for corruption was that they were as helpless as the opponent with the many corrupted units because until now you can only restore one unit a turn (except Rat Ogres/Chillwind). Khorvak Grimbreath seems to be the solution and he can be quite the bomb when it get's into midgame and you already have corrupted units or ways to do so directly. At first Skaven came into my mind but since some good cards either require high loyalty or are chaos-only restricted I chose to stay mono chaos in the unit section. At the beginning I had a complete mono chaos deck but Raiding Camp could not replace Burn It Down alone and without Warpstone Excavation and/or Contested Village the starting hands were not good enough. I chose Warpstone over Village because it has synergy with Khorvak and I hope Braying Gor can compensate Village because they can get tokens for Bleeding Wall, generally speed up the deck and can also attack when Khorvak is out.

So here is the first thought of a Chaos deck including some actual cards. Until now I couldn't it play against someone but I guess it's fun to play and after a few games I will see which cards will get a place in chaos decks in the coming weeks.


3 Fledgling Chaos Spawn
3 Warhounds
3 Braying Gor
3 Sorcerer of Tzeentch
3 Savage Forsaken (great when Quest or Khorvak are in play)
3 Khorvak Grimbreath
3 Bloodletter (cheap hammers, supports unitcontrol also great Seductive Delusion target)

3 Seduced by Darkness
3 Burn it Down
3 Plague Bomb
3 Seductive Delusion (synergy with unitcontrol and Bleeding Wall)

3 Raiding Camps

3 Wall of Maggots (mainly cheap loyalty or Raiding Camp trigger)
3 Warpstone Excavation
3 Desecrated Temple
3 The Bleeding Wall
3 Warpstone Meteor (Bleeding Wall/Khorvak synergy)



Interesting other cards I'll try out soon will be: Manfred von Carstein, Unleashing the Spell, Blood Summoning, Screamers of Tzeentch, Festering Nurglings, Den of Inquity, Daemonsword, Warplightning Cannon, Wolves of the North .... yeah quite a lot but some cards really open a lot of deck building possibilities that were not playable before. Sadly there isn't such an impact in the HE battepack and the that Chaos Condition card follows the trend. Wow now it's demons and diseases but why wasn't there at least one disease card in Inevitable City? It could be a Rading Camps trigger but I like Wall of Maggots effect better.




#2 Doc9



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Posted 04 November 2011 - 04:59 PM

Early-mid game.

Play Grimbreath in any zone.

Play blood summoning and corrupt all units already in play to bring out Shaggoth for free.

Pumped Shaggoth and all corrupted units attack and burn anything they hit.

#3 Vitamin T

Vitamin T


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Posted 05 November 2011 - 12:53 AM

Yeah I have blood summoning and daemonsword in my version of this.


It seems to me that the only thing keeping raiding caps slightly in check is that chaos doesnt have the best non attachment supports.

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