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Kill Team Chronos

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Posted 30 October 2011 - 10:08 PM

So my friends and I have been playing DW for the last 2 months or so and here is a record of their adventures. I could not remember who was who at first so I just called them by their chapter and I am too lazy to go back and fix it. Here goes:


Deathwatch Historical Transmission 1.1.1

Floating in the space high above the world of Cadia was the Litany of Fury, a Blood Ravens battle barge. It had arrived a few weeks early bringing Gabriel Angelos and the first company of Blood Ravens. Now it had moved to supporting role within the larger Imperial Navy. While the Battle Barge did not answer to the navy directly, when requested the crew would provide aid.
Sifting through records and data stood two superhuman men. Sergeant Leonidas of the Ultramarines and Captain Uriel Galaviz of the Deathwatch and Ultramarines. The Inquisition had requested aid in extracting someone off of the main continent on Cadia. It was apparent that it was a powerful Inquisitor Lord that had got himself caught some distance behind enemy lines.

Normally they would just send in a thunderhawk and make the extraction, but the valley in which the Inquisitor was holed up had anti-aircraft guns all along the rim of the valley. It was clear this was going to take a surgical strike, which is why Uriel had called Leonidas here today. Uriel was currently enroute to the Jericho Reach with new Deathwatch Battle Brothers, when the summons came. While veterans of hundreds of wars pervious, they had never worked together before. Uriel feared it might take more time than they had for them to learn to work together as battle brothers should.

The room was large and dark. Standing at the front of the room was Captain Uriel  with Sergeant Leonidas standing beside him. Together they outlined the plan of attack to the battle brothers standing before them. Sgt. Leonidas would take and deep strike his squad into the area where the Inquisitor was hiding out and secure the area. Uriel's kill team would drop pod in further out and take out the AA guns protecting the valley.

The two groups split, with the Ultramarines moving to the far side of the hall. Uriel stood before these new brothers and he could tell they were going to be a fearsome group once they learned to work together. The fury of Sanguinius filled the eyes of Blood Angel, the deep understanding of the Dark Angel and the brutality of the Space Wolves would serve the Watch well.

Uriel's voice boomed out, "Step forward name your leader and prepare to take your oath!"
The Space Wolf and Dark Angel eyed each other for a few seconds and then the Wolf stepped forward, "I Logan, of the chaper of Russ will lead this team into battle"
Then Logan kneeled before Uriel and spoke his oath, "By the weapons granted to me by the Emperor and Chapter I shall lead this team to victory."

Quickly the Dark Angel knelt and spoke in slow measured words, "By the Emperor's Grace I shall crush his enemies and bring glory to his Imperium"
Last the Blood Angel the knelt gracefully, "On the name of the Primarch Sanguinius and the Holy Emperor of Terra, I shall bring to him with sword and bolter the glory they both so rightly deserve."
With that Captain Uriel stepped forward and pinned their oaths to their pauldrons.
From across the hall the chaplin of the Ultramarines could be heard, "We Are Doom, We Are Death, We March For Macragge!" and then in unison his battle brothers replied, "AND THEY SHALL KNOW NO FEAR!" before standing and exiting the room.
Logan led the team down to the armory where they could collect the gear they would need for this mission.

Once in the armory Logan picked out the heavy bolter he would take along with some special ammunition that might come in handy. Also never being too cautious he picked up a grenade launcher and a bag full of krack grenades.
Dark Angles being more practical he grabbed himself a force sword, bolter and bolt pistol; along with a few grenades and a melta bomb for the demolition.
With fury as his constant companion the Son of Sanguinius grabbed himself a jump pack, chain sword and bold pistol to go with his standard grenades. Also realizing the nature of the mission he grabbed a melta bomb as well.
The drop to the planets surface was quick to happen after that. The impact was loud and left a crater in the surface of Cadia. Moving quickly the kill team left the drop site. The Blood Angel quickly moved to higher ground to get the lay of the land. The area was lightly wooded and steep but he could see the first of their targets. He would estimate no more than a 2km away. A quick vox from Logan told him he had been seen, so he descended quickly.

The Blood Angel took the lead and blazed ahead, setting a rigid pace. They marched for about a half hour when Logan voxed for them to take cover. The Blood Angel looked back at him, "I quest for glory and I shall not suffer the heretic to live." At that moment they kill team was swarmed by 4 squads of cultist, all wearing the bright red of the god of blood Khorne.

Logan quickly stepped forward and launched a frag into the cultist, throwing a couple from their feet and killing 2.

The Dark Angel stepped forward and unleashed blots of fire and lightning as he summoned the warp to dispatch his foes. The power arced between foes all around . Afterwards a third of the cultists had fallen. Wit h that he looked over at Logan with a look of smug superiority and said, "Just like beating on an old wolf".
The Blood Angel was not to be out done and quickly jumped into the middle of one of the squads and began shooting and slashing. Though they were ready for his assault and dodged his attacks.

The cultists responded in kind with grenades and guns of their own to little avail.

The battle raged for several more seconds and in the heat of battle one of the cultist managed to find a weak spot in the power armor of the Blood Angel. The corrupted blade had found its home and real pain filled the space marine, though it was soon replaced by rage. That he took out on all those left standing around him. Within a few moment all 5 that once surrounded him were laying on the ground bleeding or dead.

The Librarian of the Dark Angels and the Space Wolf continued to lay down fire and eliminate targets, almost as if it were a competition. Before long the battle had drawn to a close and the space marines victorious. Quickly they applied cement to their armors to seal holes and moved forward with their mission, though it was obvious the Blood Angel was moving slower now.
Upon reaching their first target, a hydra gun emplacement, the kill team took stock of the situation. There were 4 hardened bunkers surrounding the gun, all filled with what appeared to be heavy weapons. Quickly Logan laid out the plan, he and the Dark Angel would distract the group's fire, the Blood Angel would jump in drop the melta pack and jump back out while setting it off.
The battle raged and everything was going better than planned when Logan was struck in the chest with a mult-melta shot nearly taking him off his feet. It left a hole in his armor and his flesh seared. Incensed he laid down an even heavier barrage of heavy bolter fire. This bought the Blood Angel the time he needed as he placed the melta and jumped to safety while blowing the Hydra.

The explosion that followed was a true cacophony of sound, light and damage. Both Logan and the Dark Angel looked at the Blood Angel and agreed it would appear he placed it over the ammo storage. Not wanting to waste any time the kill team moved towards their next target.

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Posted 30 October 2011 - 10:10 PM

Deathwatch Historical Transmission 1.2.1

Logan led his team away from the first hydra battery at a swift speed, all too aware the explosion would bring others. As his team made their way through the upper lightly forested hills, the sounds of a pitched battle reached his ears. Quickly he called a halt to their advancement, he eyed his Dark Angel squad mate and then asked, "Are there any other operations in the area?". He thought to himself, they were too far behind the front lines for a push to be heard.
"Nothing that we were made aware of prior to launch", replied the Dark Angel.
"We are no where near the front lines, we should check out what that fight is. Keep our flanks protected.", replied Logan. He eyed the Dark Angel further and thought he knows more than he lets the rest of us know.
The Blood Angel eyed, "And a chance to bring the fury of the Emperor upon his foes."
"That we will do brother, that we will do", replied Logan.
They made good time through the forest, but they could tell the fight was drawing to a close. Logan gave the sign to moved to a jog, least the fight be done before they arrived. It was not long after they crested a small rise to look down upon a downed thunderhawk, there were two marines standing to the side and one tech marine standing on top. There armor showed them to be of the Storm Warden chapter.There were bodies strewn all about the ground around the thunderhawk. Mostly there were cultists but a few marines strrown about as well. In a matter of seconds the landscape changed drastically. One of the battle brothers firing from behind the thunderhawk, flung his head back as gore filled the air. He crashed to the ground with a loud crash. To the right of the hawk the other marine was in just as bad of shape as a krack grenade had landed by him. Thinking quickly he had tried to pick it up and throw it back, but he was not quick enough. His arm had been blown completely off and blood shot out from a stump where his arm once was. The entire area around him sprayed with gore and he was dead an eye blink later.
The Tech-Marine was the only one left, he stepped back and prepared to make his last stand. Logan looked to his squad mates, "His reslove is admirable."
The Blood Angel looked at Logan, "For the Emperor and our Brothers!", without another word he fired his jetpack and took off headed for the the downed thunderhawk. Logan and the Dark Angel quickly moved off to the west to assess the situation. Angry quickly filled his mind as he looked over the scene. While there were a few score of cultists, mixed among those were the most vile of traitors.

The Dark Angel began to focus his mind and reach into the warp. The Blood Angel landed beside thunderhawk and shouted up to the lone Warden, "Need a little help brother?"
The Warden looked over the side of the thunderhawk, "There are only a couple left, but there is plenty of glory to be had here." To himself he thought Deathwatch wonder why they, what was that vox channel they use so often? Ah yes secundus alpha. He then voxed over to everyone, "Welcome to the Emperor's glory brothers."
At that moment the Dark Angel lashed out with a bolts of lightning from his fingers and with that the head of one of the cultists exploded in a shower of blood and brains and bone. The bolts leaped from cultist to cultist, each one screaming in agony as they were burned alive. At that same moment the ground disappeared from under his feet, gravity apparently had given in to the warp. The Dark Angel looked to his left and could see the the same had happened to Logan. Then in a sudden rush the gravity returned and he was thurst towards the ground at an alarming rate. As he cracked against the ground, caught a glimpse of the Blood Angel slowly come to the ground with jet pack engaged.
Through the vox he could hear Logan screaming at him, "Thus the use of the warp should be reserved for the most dire of situtations, you fool!!"

Logan had rolled to his feet and was staring menacingly at the Dark Angel who simply replied, "The Emperor protects."
"We shall see how well he protects," replied Logan as he shifted his heavy bolter towards the Dark Angel.

Over the vox they heard a cry, "Watch out brothers!!!" as at that moment one of the remaining traitors landed in front of Logan swinging his chainsword. It connected with Logan's helmet and made a vicious screech of metal on metal. Sparks few and the helmet was rent open with the blade making contact with flesh. Blood spewed forth as Logan stumbled backwards.
Had he been listening he could have heard the Dark Angel saying, "Seems like he protects me pretty well." Then he stepped back and prepared to reach into the warp once more.

The Blood Angel dropped in beside Logan and began his attack, attempting to buy his brother some time. The chaos space marine easily parried the blow. His job succeeded as the traitor's attention was turned on to this new threat.
Logan stabilized his footing and fired off a volley from his heavy bolter into the chaos space marine. Though difficult to see through the blood the Emperors hand guided him as shot after shot rang off the armor of this traitor. Stunned momentarily he left an opening that the Blood Angel would not let pass and with a vicious swing of his chainsword he took off the chaos space marine's left arm. What passed for blood spewed forth from the wound and covered the area in gore. Not relenting the Blood Angel then drove his chainsword through the chest of the traitor. As the body collapsed in ruin, he put a bolt in its head.

At that same moment, the tech marine had taken the distraction of the warp show, to put bolt after bolt into another of the traitors. He continued to fire until there was nothing left of the body but a bloody ruin.
The last of the chaos marines jumped in, seemingly bent on killing the tech marine, and brought his sword down onto him. There was a grinding noise but the tech marine felt nothing. He retaliated with his servo arm knocking the marine from the top of the thunderhawk, a sickening thud was made as his armor caved in..

Cursing them as he fell, a warp storm coalesced and swallowed the chaos marine.
Logan turned on the Dark Angel, "You are reckless and that will eventually cause us and this mission great harm."
"I do nothing more than use the knowledge granted to me by the God-Emperor, in his service", replied the Dark Angel in a flat voice.
They looked down into the crash site and seen the Storm Warden pulling the corpses of his battle brothers into a pile, he looked up at them on the ridge, "I must find a way to honor their sacarfice and recover their gene seed. At the moment though communication with the fleet is being jammed. Any ideas?"
"First off what was you and your team doing out here Brother?", asked the Blood Angel.
"Same as you, completing a mission in the name of Terra, Mars, the Omnisiah and the God-Emperor of mankind.", stated the Storm Warden mater of factly.
The Logan nodded, "Let us press on, if you are jammed then there is no way to contact the fleet we can seal away your battle brothers and once we break down the jamming signal we can call for them an extraction."
"Hmm do you think it possible to seal the bodies in thunderhawk to prevent others from defiling bodies?", asked the Blood Angel.

"That is a good idea but it may take as much as an hour, with your aid maybe half an hour. Do you have time to aid me?" asked the tech marine.

"Indeed we can make sure they get their final resting location.", said Logan.

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Posted 30 October 2011 - 10:13 PM

Deathwatch Historical Transmission 1.2.2

Logan got his team together and waved the tech-marine over, "We got your brothers entombed in the crash site for now. Their bodies should be safe for the time being, but we cannot get them out of here till we clear up this signal that is jamming our fleet communication. Help us bring the fury of the Emperor to the traitors and we will get them out of here."
The tech marine paused for a second before nodding, "For the Emperor."
The team traveled swiftly, only pausing long enough for some armor cement to be applied. They were behind the timeline now and the Ultramarines would be waiting on them to remove their targets and provide fire support. Logan organized his team, the Blood Angel on the vanguard to lead the assault, this tech marine and him would watch the flanks and that accursed Dark Angel would protect the rear.

While none of these space marines were overly conversational, the new addition bugged him. This tech marine was more quiet than even the Dark Angel and that was never a good sign. They kept secrets and Logan was not a fan of secrets.

They arrived at their target in just over two standard hours. Logan was not happy, the terrain was steep and rough, it had slowed them down more than he would like to admit.

They all stood at the break line in the trees staring at their second Hydra. The terrain was different, the Hydra had the protection of a chasm on one flank and a mountain on the other. To top everything else off there was a solid 50 meters of open space prior to the chasm. Logan looked back at the others, "Same set up as the last one, they have four pill boxes with heavy weapons with 20-25 cultists guarding. I think we should be able to employ the same tactics." He turned to the Rafen, "Jump in and drop the melta, we three will give you fire support from this side of the chasm."
The Dark Angel spoke up, "They have different weapons than the last site, those look like plasma cannons and storm bolters. I think we are going to have to bring heavy support to give him cover."
"You are to restrain your use of the warp!", growled Logan through clenched teeth and bared fangs.

The Dark Angel stared back at him, "I will not restrain the gifts of the Emperor, I will use them as needed."
"Do what you will Dark Angel but know this if you risk this mission, I will become the instrument of his wrath!", Logan then turned to the others, "Are we ready?"
"Hold one second Logan, I am getting a massive life force reading coming from the chasm up ahead.", injected the Storm Warden.
"We cannot afford another delay Warden, can you tell what it is?", asked Logan.
The Storm Warden continued to look at his auspex and then shook his head, "Not from this range, we have to get closer."
"Bolter Drill Pattern Brothers, be prepared for stiff resistance once we are seen." belted out Logan.

The group formed up and began to move out with Logan in the lead to lay down fire if they were noticed. While not hiding from the enemy they did their best to avoid a direct route. As they closed in the Warden closed ranks with Logan, "I will take it from here, cover me as I get the readings."
"You heard him brothers, assemble a firing line and keep him covered should he be detected", Logan said.
Rafan moved south and Logan moved north and the Dark Angel giving direct cover for the Warden. The Warden crawled to the edge of the chasm and looked over then voxed to his brothers, "I am looking at two maybe three regiments of cultists, maybe a total of five or six thousand. They are all moving south, a few support vehicles with them."

"Isn't that the same direction as those Ultramarines?" asked Rafen.
"Yes, we have got to warn them they have incoming contacts", the Dark Angel said.
The Warden got back to where his brothers were meeting, "Long range vox is still down, though I have narrowed the jamming down a bit. Whatever is blocking communication is coming from the south of us. A little more time and I might be able to get a more accurate location."
"Good keep at it Warden, until the Warden can get through we must keep focused on our objectives. We have got to get this Hydra battery taken out.", said Logan.
"Well we have the plan already, lets execute it and keep moving. That way when these bastards arrive we can flank them and show them the way to their vile gods." suggested Rafen.
The team got into position and then the Dark Angel voxed, "You know we could try and collapse the canyon on top of the traitors. That would at least slow them down, buy our brothers some extra time."

Logan and Rafen looked at him and then over at the tech marine, "Do we have the munitions to bring down the walls Warden?".
The Tech marine stared over at the canyon and then nodded, "We have quite a few krack grenades, I think that if we aim them right it is possible."
"Good you work on that, everyone give him your krack grenades, he may need to make several attempts. The Dark Angel and I will provide the cover fire. Rafen you get in there drop the package and get out." ordered Logan.
"Logan, I know you are not going to like this, but I am going to reach deep into the warp and take control the battlefield.", The Dark Angel continued, "I would temper the pull, if not for the legion of troops marching in the valley. We must end this quickly, else fail the mission entirely."


"You are a risk to yourself and everyone on this kill team. In this case though I happen to agree with you, we must end this as it begins and move on. Those Ultramarines are going to need us if those in the valley are any indication of what is coming for them." agreed Logan.
Logan walked over to the tech marine and handed him his grenade launcher, "Use this, a little more accurate than throwing them."
"Right", replied the Warden.
Rafen checked his pack, fuel levels still good and then he vox'd, "Ready"
The Warden used his auspex and targeted a part of the chasm wall then called over the vox, "Ready!"
"I am set up and ready to lay down the fire line, what about you Dark Angel?", vox'd Logan.
"Beginning to bring the Warp in line, follow my lead Space Wolf", he vox'd back.
Logan smiled under his helmet, "Try and keep up!'
With that Logan let loose with a line of fire over the gun emplacements. The cultists in the fortifications almost all dove to the ground. All but one and he would have if he had not been surrounded by a strange blue glow. With a sudden flash his body was ripped apart with lightning that then arced out to the other cultists. Cries of pain went up through the whole of the fortification as the men were ripped apart by the warp.
Right on time the Storm Warden began blasting krack grenades at the weak points in the opposing wall.

Rafen took a moment to listen to the cries of pain and fear as if it was an orchestra of the doom he would soon bring. With a push of a button the took off and flew towards the Hydra, bolt pistol and chainsword in hand. As he landed he was met by someone none had seen previously. Hiding behind the Hydra was a World Eater, one of the chaos legion. The corrupted space marine brought his axe up and timed his attack precisely as Rafen landed. Rafen quickly blocked the attack, but force of the blow made him lose his footing. The axe from the World Eater came down again and again each time carving a chunk of metal out of the Hydra.

Rafen shot the marine in the chest with his bolt pistol, knocking the legionnaire away from him. This bought him the time to get to his feet and prepare to attack. He glanced down where he had been laying and saw the deep groves in the metal and thought. Maybe I can get this freak to destroy this for me, save my melta bomb for something else.
Soon Rafen brought his sword together with the traitors axe and the dance of death had begun. Rafen ducked the first attack and parried a lighting quick attack from the World Eater. Seeing an opening he launched a furious assault into his opponent. Each blow was met with axe, then with a quick roll to his right the World Eater saw his chance. He knocked Rafen's bolt pistol to the side and brought his axe down deep into his chest. As metal met chainaxe sparks flew and a scream of pain, Rafen's pain, filled the air.
In a deep gruff voice the World Eater laughed, "Music to my ears you patheic corpse worshiper. I wish I could of been there to hear your precious Sanguinius scream when Horus tore him apart!"
Then it was as if something inside of Rafen changed as the pain seared through his body. He dropped his bolt pistol and reached down and grabbed the haft of the axe that was stuck in his chest. Rage filled his eyes as he pulled the blade from his chest. The World Eater slowly took steps backwards as he tried to fend off this new found strength in Rafen. "Sanquinius was most noble, you filthy traitor. You soil his name when you speak it."

Rafen tightened his grip around his chainsword and and began punching the chaos marine in the head. The spikes on the hilt driving dent after dent into the helmet. Finally Rafen drove him backwards with a staggering blow so hard that it caused the World Eater to release his hold on his axe. To Rafen it was almost as if the world had gone red with rage and all he could do was crave the destruction of his enemy.
The World Eater took a step back and Rafen threw his axe down into the chasm. With a snarl he said, "The Emperor protects" and he dived from the top of the Hydra emplacement and drove his sword into the chest of the World Eater; who then buckled under the force of the blow. As the light in his eyes went out he spoke one final thing, "Now you approach worship of a true god, welcome brother"
Slowly and methodically Rafen released his chainsword and pulled his combat knife out. Then drove it through the throat of the traitor and with a jerking motion removed his head. Rafen's voice grew dark, "But he does not protect those unworthy."
Rafen sat on top of the corpse, covered in blood, until he was knocked off by a cacophny of sound and energy. He came out of the trance he had entered and remembered the mission at hand. He looked around and the other cultists were still pinned in their pill boxes. He unstrapped the melta bomb and put the charge into place. As he finished up the sound of rockfall filled the air and he thought looks like the Warden completed his task. Now to finish mine.
He set the charge and then using his pack headed back towards his battle brothers. As he flew his mind was filled with thoughts of the red thirst and himself. As he was landing Rafen caught sight of warp storm that had appeared near his brothers.

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Deathwatch Historical Transmission 1.2.3

Rafen landed beside the Storm Warden and shouted, "What in the Emperor's name is going on?".

"The Angel cannot keep control of his power and just about opened a portal to the warp right here." replied the Warden as he looked at his handiwork down in the chasm.

Rafen looked at the tech marine, "Where is this rip now, we should prepare for guests." Then Rafen took a look over the edge, below bodies were mangled and smashed beneath the rocks. A random las gun shot flew past his head, Rafen did not flinch just turned to the Storm Warden, "Nice work."

"The Librarian closed it before it became a full rip, now it is just a swirling mass of energy headed north of here. I thought that Space Wolf was going to rip him to pieces over the whole thing." replied the tech marine.

"But what are we going to do about it? We cannot just leave it rampaging through the country side.", said Rafen.

The Warden looked over at him, "Why not? This whole land is controlled by chaos, worst case scenario chaos destroys chaos. That is a win-win if you ask me."

Rafen cocked his head to the side, "True, and if it accidently does empower them, it will just give us one more target to destroy. One more target to bring glory to the Emperor. I look forward to that."

"There is that, but the Librarian does not think it will last that long. It is feeding off of his connection to the warp, so the further we move away from it the less power it will have. Oh look the two best friends are heading over this way.", the Storm Warden said.

Logan shouted at the Dark Angel as they passed Rafen and the Storm Warden, "You have no control over your power, I will be recommending censure to the Librarium once this mission is finished!"

"You have no understanding of the warp, do not chastise me for its use!", returned the Dark Angel in an equally hostile tone.

"Do not chastise you? We are in the heart of the enemy and you look to bring even more down upon us and you do not want me to chastise you? Learn to use those other weapons you carry." roared Logan.

The Dark Angel pulled his helmet off and stared at the Space Wolf, "I am in control of my power and my weapons. If you do not believe me, ask your battle brother, Araman."

With that he returned his helmet and headed south towards the final target. Logan followed after him, anger seething out of him. He turned back to the Warden and Rafen, "And they wonder why so few trust them."

Logan barked orders without turning back, "Warden, Rafen on me! We still have one more of these damnable Hydra's to destroy."
The Warden and Rafen took off after him, the pace he was setting was grueling even by space marine standards. Rafen turned to the tech marine, "Doesn't it bother you that Logan never calls you by your name? It seems like such disrespect, I would just punch him in the nose if he talked to me like that,"
"I have never told him my name.", replied the Warden.
Rafen was quiet for a moment, "You know you are right, I do not think we ever asked your name. So what are you called among the Wardens?"
"Tech Marine Castiel, Seventh Company, formerly Lightning Squad", said Castiel. 
Rafen paused for a second, "I will still punch him in the nose, ever seen a puppy wimper when you smack the nose? It is hilarious." Rafen smiled, " Wait, formerly?"
"Yes, you saw the rest of my squad at the crash site. I am the lone survivor.", replied Castiel.
Rafen's smile disappeared, "I am sorry brother, we shall avenge them."
"That we shall. May I bring the Emperor's wrath to these heretics!", said Castiel.
"Indeed we shall, well met brother Castiel, well met", Rafen said.
They moved on in silence and Rafen's mind drifted to the red thirst. It was something that all Blood Angels struggled with at some point. The dreams would surely follow soon. The same thoughts just kept running around in his head Has the thirst begun to take me? Is this the beginning of the thirst? How long before I succumb?

As the group neared the next target they broke into a structured formation. Rafen took the lead, Logan covered the left flank, Castiel the right while the Dark Angel brought up the rear. As much as they had bickered on the way here it was time to make war and that is what they were they did best.
From a small ledge they approached the northern side of the site. One of the suns was setting it gave them great cover, even if lookouts were looking for them they would be harder to spot with the sun in their viewing range. Castiel pulled out his auspex and surveyed the site. He was quiet for a moment then, "I can see a full squad of traitor legion, no heavy gun emplacements like the last two."
"You have the most experience on assaults of this type Rafen, what is your thoughts on the situation", asked Logan.
Rafen took his helmet off as he looked down into the valley, "This is a good position to start the assault from, we have high ground and surprise. All of them will be within your arc of fire Logan, with a little support fire for Castiel here you should be able to send them to the hell they worship so well."
Logan took a deep breath, "I do not like this, smells of a trap.", he paused for a second, "Well if I am to be laying down cover fire what will you be doing?"
"Well I do not expect them to cower life the cowards of the guard. They will stand and fight, so the Librarian and I will head down and pincer them from the east." replied Rafen.
Logan nodded, "Good let his over use of the warp threaten someone else for once."
The Dark Angel Librarian just stared at Logan before speaking, "Yes it will be good to get away from this ignorant wolf."
"It is good that ferocity is the hallmark of the Lion, for surely wisdom is not", retorted Logan.
With that parting jab the squad split in half and moved into position for the assault. As they left Logan stripped down his weapon and started changing out the ammo. "Not getting tired on us yet are you techie?"
Castiel looked visibly irked at the comment and said, "Castiel"
"What?", replied Logan.
"Castiel, that is my name. You have not yet earned the honor or friendship that name would inspire" said tech marine.
"Very well, you are not getting tired are you CAS-TI-EL", Logan said.
"Remember it!" said Castiel.
Castiel looked about and then pointed to the distance, "There that was the signal they are in place on the ridge. They just await you to begin."
"Good, you take the position over there", Logan pointed, "Concentrate on taking out one target at a time."
"In place", called Castiel.
With that Logan opened up and the fire came raining down on the unsuspecting minions of chaos. They were taken off guard and two even dropped to a knee looking for the source of the attack. They began to return fire when Castiel started picking out targets to hit. His first burst of fire was a little off and did little more than dent the hydra.

Once the attention was fully focused on the attack coming from the north ridge, Rafen opened fire with his bolt pistol. The Librarian supported him with bolter fire as well. The minion of chaos broke into two groups, with two chaos marines focused on the north ridge and the other three the east ridge. 

Castiel paused in his firing and voxed to the whole group, "Be alert they are carrying storm weapons, they hit you it is going to hurt."

Almost as if in unison the other three said, "Acknowledged"
At that the air became dense with the sound of fire. It was so lound it was hard for Castiel to concentrate. He repeatedly missed his shots due the distraction. The others were not doing much better either. He tried to calm himself, it was unlike himself to miss like this. Using his built in magnifier he looked at the chaos minions closer. Then he understood, these were not normal traitor marines they were Noise marines. Worse of all they were from the legion who dared call themselves Children of the Emperor. There were blasphemy unbound here and with a grit of determination Castiel drove the distraction from his mind.
In the mean time Logan with his Librianian support were falling back as the other three marines made their way towards their ridge. The Dark Angel focused his fire on the lead chaos and drove several shots into his chest plate. He stumbled slightly which gave Rafen his opening and he quickly put three rounds into the skull of that marine, exploding his head.
From the north ridge Castiel could see the first of the chaos marines fall, his heart rose in his chest and he focused even more timing each shot with Logans rounds. He saw one of the marines had stopped and looked to be looking at a device on his forearm.
At the same moment the Librarian let loose with bolts of lightning from his hand and seared one of the remaining marines. At the same time it was as if a purple haze covered the area and gravity abandoned him. Before he could react he was crashing back to the ground and his arm had gone numb as he desperately tried to hold on to his bolter. 

Then his psyiscience flared up and he noticed a breach in the warp, something was coming through. He yelled out,"Rafen watch out something is breaching the warp!"

Rafen turned in time to see the figure of a woman, yet it was not a woman, appear. While she had the general figure of a female she also possessed large crab like claws. As she came forward she laughed out loud, "Oh look some nice boys to play with."
On the north ridge Logan cursed loudly as he saw what was going on, "By the Emperor, that fool has summoned a daemonette. Changing like of fire Castiel. I must support them while they deal with that beast." With that he turned his arc of fire and several bolts caught the chaos marines unprepared.
"I see that Logan, I will keep the other two busy." replied Castiel. 
The marine that had been activating something on his forearm still seemed distracted. Castiel took the opportunity and laid a line of shots into him. The shots landed on target. Soon the right arm of the chaos marine was blown all the way off and his chest was opened by several bolts. He came crashing to the ground.
The purple haze disapated around Rafen and the Dark Angel. Rafen launched into an attack and it was met with a laugh. He swung his chainsword in a wide arc, the daemonette took a step back and the blade passed in front of her. She ducked under his next blow and then she closed on him and raked him across the chest. Quickly she leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "The pain is so intoxicating isn't it?"
Rafen slammed the hilt of his chainsword into her face and yelled, "FOUL DAEMON! Prepare to be slain in the name of the Emperor!" Then he charged her attacking viciously. She danced around his blade time and again, always just out of reach. 

From the north ridge Castiel and Logan were taking it all in. Logan kept the chaos marines some what at bay with his heavy bolter and Castiel continued to work on driving down individual targets. The daemonette was making Rafen look patheic as he attacked wildly and she just danced around him. Then in a sudden blur Castiel was flung to the ground, his body making a sickening cruch as he landed on his servo arm. His armor was obviously damaged and riddled with holes. Logan adjusted his arc to buy Castiel some time to regain his footing. In that moment of letting the fire up one of the noise marines got free and unloaded what looked like a full clip into the Libriaian. 

The cover fire had slowed from the north ridge and the Dark Angel was concerned. He was keeping the marines at bay but with Rafen engaged with the daemonette he was not sure how much longer he could hold the line. Then within the blink of an eye a noise marine let go a heavy barrage and he was hit several times. His armor dented and collapsed around him. Internal damage was probable. He took a couple of steps back and fell off the front firing position. Combined with the damage he had taken earlier he was sure he would not be able to go on much further. His only option was to aid Rafen in his fight with the daemonette and then they could both deal with the noise marines. And perhaps Rafen could absorb some rounds as well.
By the time the Dark Angel joined the fight both were bloodied, but it was Rafen that showed signs of tiring. The daemonette just laughed as the two took shot after shot against each other. Time and again she would dodge his attacks and then rake her claws across him. The Libriaian took his shot at that time, again she ducked it quickly and laughed. It did create the opening that Rafen had been looking for however and he took advantage of it. He drove quickly past her defenses and pushed his chainsword into her exposed belly and revved up the teeth. A sickening sound followed as blood poured from the would.
She looked up at him and coughed a wheezing painful cough. Then blood began to pour out of her mouth as she smiled at Rafen. She pulled herself further on to the blade and licked the blood from around her mouth. "It is wonderful, so much pain, the ecstasy. You know you like it Rafen." Rafen did not hesitate, he put his bolt pistol in her mouth, he smiled beneath his helmet. 

"I shall not suffer the heretic to live", said Rafen and he pulled the trigger. Her head exploded into a mist and a moment later she was gone entirely.
On the hill Castiel had regained his footing and had gotten a clear shot at one of the last marines. He launched a trio of shots into the chest of one of the chaos marines. The armor exploded open sending bone and gore everywhere as the corpse hit the ground. Out of the cornner of his eye he saw Rafen take down the daemonette, but he also saw that both of the marines had him lined up as he had stopped moving after making the killing blow.
Castiel wasted no time in targeting the third chaos marine. With his back to the Storm Warden it made easy pickings. His bolts ripped through the back of the armor and then out the front. He collapsed soon after. He was too late though as the other chaos marine let lose a volley into Rafen.

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Deathwatch Historical Transmission 1.2.4

Pain seared through Rafen's body. Bolt after bolt penetrated his power armor and he staggered back and fell to a single knee. The noise came to an end and Rafen's breath came in rugged gasps. He reached up and pulled his helmet off throwing it on the ground a short distance away. Everything seemed to be moving slower, his breaths were hard to come. His mind filled with battles he had fought, time and again defending the Imperium of Man. His mind was swirling with thoughts, These foul traitors will not take from me the glory I have wrought. They shall not foul the purity of humanity. His breath began to become more steady as more thoughts flowed into his head. I shall soak these lands in the blood of those traitors.
With that he stumbled to his feet and looked back at the Dark Angel who kneeled behind him. A sudden rash thought entered his mind, Is he cowering behind me?, he quickly dismissed the thought for no champion of man would do such a thing.

The Dark Angel looked at Rafen, concern filled his eyes, for what he saw in the eyes of the Blood Angel would terrify a normal man. All the Dark Angel could see in Rafen was the rage. The Dark Angel made a note that he would report this to his superiors, Rafen was possibly on a very slippery slope.
Rafen pushed himself to his feet, his breath coming in gasps, "The......Emperor.......Protects!", he turned his head and looked down the ridge at the traitor, as he regained his full height. Then in a blast of his jet packs he let out a battle cry, "AND THEY SHALL KNOW NO FEAR!!!!!!" His helmet spun on the ground where he had thrown it.

He came crashing into the noise marine with a loud thud and driving him meters back into the hydra gun. Rafen attacked him mercilessly. The noise marine was no rookie though and was holding his own. With a block he sent Rafen's bolt pistol flying to the ground.

Rafen's mind raced, Does this fool think that I need a bolt pistol to destroy the foes of man?, he pressed his assault. Now blows were landing on the noise marine. He shouted into the face of the traitor, "You are no child of the Emperor, you are a child of debauchery, a child of filth and now you will die."

Blow after landed as the chainsword ripped through the armor of the traitor. The traitor stumbled and fell to the ground, his armor dented and covered in pock marks. Rafen drew back his chainsword and first drove it into each leg, severing them. "Are you enjoying your pain now?", he roared. As the blood splattered all over him and his face he smiled.
He then separated his foes arms from his torso only leaving squirting stumps. Looking down he saw his bolt pistol was near his feet, in a quick sweep he had it in his hand. He pointed it down at the chaos marine at his feet, "I now return you to the dark gods you call father" and he unloaded an entire clip into the chest of of the traitor. There was little more left than a jelly of intestines. He turned to see his three comrades staring at him.
Everyone stood silent for a moment and the Castiel stepped forward and handed Rafen his helmet, "You dropped this."

"Thanks brother." said Rafen as he took the helmet from the Storm Warden.
Logan broke the silence next, "Let's go brothers, we still have to finish this mission. Those Ultramarines are counting on us. Tech marine get those demolition charges set. Librarian check the west ridge and I will patrol the right. Vox on and be ready for a counter attack."
Everyone set to their tasks, Rafen was left there reflecting on the rage that had filled his soul. He walked to the edge southern ridge and took a deep breath surveying the land. In the distance he could see the compound the Ultramarines had been sent to secure. It was then that he saw the shapes moving through the forest headed for the compound. He looked closer and realized the compound was under siege.

Rafen then voxed to the group, "Logan, Librarian, Castiel you need to see this."
Logan came over the vox, "Castiel finish up what you are doing first, we have got to be ready to move." Logan then made his way down beside Rafen. "What's going on Rafen?"
"Look down into the valley. At the compound." replied Assault Marine.
Logan looked and he saw immediately what Rafen had, massive amounts of firepower was being leveled on the compound. He nodded his head, he had to give those Ultramarines credit they were not selling their lives cheap. The he voxed, "Castiel are you done yet?"
"Just finishing up,", Castiel said as he walked over to the squad. "We will need to get out of here quick, timer is set for 4 minutes."
"Good we need to move quick, we are a couple of hours away from that compound. I am not sure the Ultramarines can hold out that long, they need our help." said Logan.
They all gathered their gear and headed out. As they moved Rafen spoke, "I can get there faster Logan, I can jump in and help buy them some time."
"I have little doubt that your life would cost the arch enemy dearly but it would have little affect. We need to be able to bring concentrated fire down on them to break them." replied Logan.
In the distance behind them they heard the explosion of the hydra going up behind them. The pace was frantic, Logan set it at a full run and for an hour they did run.

As they approached the clearing where the compound was they slowed and took stock of the situation. There was no sounds of a battle raging. Logan took point, "We are going to come hot brothers. I will lay down an arc of fire in front, Rafen cover the right flank, I may regret this but Librarian unleash their hells on them and Castiel give him covering support." They all moved to their positions and burst through the tree line, prepared to bring death to the arch enemy of man.
What they found was more a field of death and destruction. The clearing surrounding the compound was 200 meters and all across the plain lay twisted corpses of the enemy. The Dark Angel spoke up, "Be on guard brothers I am sensing a warp intrusion here."
Rafen spoke up, "There are at least a thousand corpses out here, let us make sure that none are left to live."
"Only in so much as we get to the compound Rafen. The pleasures of the job will have to come later, we need to find the Inquisitor and see if any of our battle brothers still live." interrupted, Logan.
"Are all Space Wolves such sticks in the mud or is that just you?", asked Rafen.
"Keep Moving, we have a time table to keep", said Logan.
Rafen caught the Dark Angel watching him closely, "Is there something I can help you with Librarian?"
"No, nothing at all" replied the Dark Angel.
The group moved forward toward the compound. When they arrived they found two of the Ultramarines strung upside down and pinned to the outside of the compound. Rafen quickly jumped up and cut them down. Castiel moved up quickly to have a look over them. They each had a chaos star carved into their chests. Of a greater concern was their gene seed or the fact that they were missing. Castiel looked back at the others, "Their gene seed is missing, this is not good."
"Anyway to tell what took it?" asked Logan.
"I am not an apothecary, Logan. But I can tell by the cuts in the armor that it is not the tool one uses either." replied Castiel.
"Let's keep moving, we may still be able to save the others." said the Dark Angel.
They took up positions and moved through into the compound. The bodies were thick in the halls, at one point the group had to stop to pull a wall of corpses down. They entered the first antechamber and there were bodies strewn all about. In the center of one pile they found another of the Ultramarines, Castiel took a look, "Same deal as the two outside."
The group crossed the room, guns at the ready. As they inspected the plastisteel door baring their way it showed the tale tale signs of plasma weapon damage. The locking mechanism had been damaged beyond repair. Castiel and Rafen pulled the doors open as they moved forward. The halls were crowded with corpses, these ultramarines had sold their lives a very high cost  Logan thought. They were entering into what would have been the shuttle bay. Again a pile of corpses littered the surroundings and among it all they found the body of the chaplin of the Ultramarines. Castiel moved forward, "Again the same".
They wasted no time and moved further into the compound. Finally they reached the armory and what they saw was most horrific. The last stand of the Sergant had been made here. "Castiel can you figure out where that jamming is coming from, we need to evacuate.", asked Logan.
"Yeah it is just beyond those doors." Castiel said as he pointed ahead.

"Go deal with it, get us out of here", said Logan.
Logan walked around the room his eyes kept being drawn back to the center of the room. There lay the Sergant of the Ultramarines, in the maw of a Bloodthirster. Ripped in half yet still fighting at the end, his last blow with the thunder hammer felling the foul beast. Logan looked over to the other two, "Let's get his armor and weapon, we should return them to the Ultramarines." under his breath he said, he died a good death, a death most could only pray to the Emperor for.
"We should get all of their armor and weapons.", said the Dark Angel.
"I agree." Rafen chimed in.
"Very well, if we are doing that lets take the bodies out and burn them as well. They should be purified of the taint they now house.", said Logan, "Now where is that damnable tech marine."
Castiel came out of the back room, "Thunderhawk on the way Logan, we need to get outside".
By the time the Thunderhawk arrived the bodies of the fallen Ultramarines were burning on a pyre. In a pile near Logan was their power armor and weapons. One of the bolters had to be destroyed as it had been tainted, but most of it was coming back with the team. They all boarded the transport. Logan went up front and the Dark Angel was meditating, where Rafen was Castiel did not know. But Castiel stayed at the ramp as the thunderhawk took to the air. He looked down upon a world that had taken his battle brothers, some of the greatest warriors of the Ultramarines and  the lives of countless guardsmen more. He looked off to the west and could see the spot where his thunderhawk had went down, a team was there. Their gene seed would be passed on that brought him some relief.
He rubbed the emblam on his shoulder and then looked back out among the mountains. He saw the valley and the second platform they had destroyed. The debris had been removed and there were troops streaming through. Castiel watched for a few moment and then something caught his eye. He looked back towards the compound and saw fresh figures doting the grounds around the building. Looking back and forth between the two sites it made sense, those regiments had been headed to the compound to finish off the Ultramarines, though something else had gotten there first. He took a deep breath and started to walk away from the edge of the ramp. Dark thoughts creeping into his mind as the ramp came up, who could he tell what he had learned in the communication chamber?


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Deathwatch Historical Transmission 2.1.1

The four battle brothers stepped off the back of the thunderhawk, all were battered. A heavy silence had hung over the four on their trip back, none wished to speak about it but it was undeniable. Their squabbles had cost  their battle brothers greatly. If they had just finished with their mission quicker, they could have been there. Each one picked up a set of armor and weapon as they left the thunderhawk.

They were  greeted by Sargent Galaviz he spoke lightly, "Brothers, welcome back. Not all returned but the glory of the Emperor and righteous battle were met."

Logan looked at the Sargent, "Aye, the enemy paid a high price for the lives it bought."

"You will have a chance to avenge their loss that I promise you, but for now there is little time to rest. The 'Thunder's Call' arrived a few hours ago, it will be taking us to your post. Storm Warden I appreciate your assistance in the mission. I have already sent a message to your Chapter Master McClair and he has a response waiting with the astropath. You should go quickly now. The rest of you with me, we embark within the hour." said Sergeant Galaviz.

Castiel put the Ultramarine armor into the hands of a waiting tech priest, "Guard this well and make sure it is returned to the chapter." then he turned to the other three, "It was an honor to fight with such space marines as you Rafen of the Blood Angels and Calibros of the Dark Angels. Even you Logan are not too bad, regardless what Calibros says." He smiled and then turned off down a side passageway.

The other three turned in the armor they carried and then followed Sergeant Galaviz. As they walked down the corridor Rafen looked out the port and saw the Thunder's Call at dock. Looking back forward to the Sergeant he said, "I thought she would be bigger, pack more of a punch."
"Don't let the ships size fool you Blood Angel, not everything is as it seems on the surface. To underestimate a foe could mean your death.", replied Galaviz.
Rafen shot back in fierce defiance, "I do not underestimate my foes!"
Galaviz stopped moving forward and turned to meet Rafen's gaze, "You are all accomplished warriors or you would not have been asked to take a vigil. Your skill is not in question. We do not operate in companies nor do we operate multiple squads on most missions. You will be most precise tool in the Emperor's military. You will walk where others do not and see things that even Chapter Masters dare not think about. Not being able to keep your temper in check will not only get you killed brother, but your entire squad."
With that Galaviz turned and continued walking down the corridor. The rest followed in silence, Rafen thought back to the thirst that had taken him. Had his squad really done their best? He was sure that Calibros had hidden from the fight. If that were the case then their life should be forfeit. He would withhold judgment for the moment though.
The flight to the Jericho sector was four galactic months long. In that time each of the three space marines did their own separate training. Though Logan looked in on Calibros from time to time just to make sure the fool did not blow the ship up with his foul sorcery. On these trips he always carried his bolter, just in case he needed to intervene and save the ship. 

Calibros for his part paid no mind to the Space Wolf, though he was always aware of his watchful glare. He regarded him as a fool who refused to understand the forces that ebbed and flowed around each of them.
Rafen went near neither of them, he settled himself into a routine of meditation and weapons training. His thoughts focused solely on driving away the dreams that he knew was soon to start. 

Though on the day of their arrival all three stood on deck in silence to get a visual on their new posting. What they seen would of made a lesser man gasp in awe, but the three marines merely nodded their heads. This was no regular posting, this was a citadel of immense power, bristling with gun ports at all angles. Calibros smiled at the walls and thought back to the Rock, this might just be a match for the Dark Angels fortress monastery. Logan smile grew as he counted the gun ports from port to stern, now this was fire power. Rafen looked it over and did not smile just nodded, this place was death incarnate.
They disembarked from Thunders Call and were met on deck by a hulking marine wearing a surcoat. His rank and chapter were immediately recognized by Calibros. Looking them over the figure gave a little wry smile at the sight of Calibros unease. He then spoke in a deep baritone, "Welcome to Watch Fortress Erioch brothers, your vigil is just beginning may you bring much honor and glory to the Emperor."
It was Logan that stepped forward first, "Thank you brother! This is quite the impressive fortress."
"Yes, yes it is.", said the robed figure looking around., "Well now pleasantries have been dealt with, you three have your room assignments. Normally you would all be assigned different existing squads upon your arrival. Seeing how as you have all fought together before however; we have decided to form a new squad. Your squad will be known as Chronos."
Logan burst forward with an exasperated look on his face, "WAIT A MOMENT!! YOU ARE TELLING ME I HAVE TO WORK WITH THIS RECKLESS..."
The Captain stared him down with a very icy stare, a stare that made even the boisterous Logan quiet down, "Your concerns are well noted Space Wolf, rest assured your concerns are being looked into."
"I have done nothing wrong, question me all you like...", started Calibros before he was interrupted by the Captain, "Enough from the both of you"
"Chronos you are dismissed, report to your rooms. Your final squad brother will be here within a few days. At that time we will reconvene, things are moving quickly be prepared." said the Captain.
As they left the room the Captain grabbed Calibros by the shoulder, "Walk with me brother, we have much to discuss." With that he turned and went off down a side tunnel with Calibros at his heel.
The week passed with little fanfare, what time spent not training was spent exploring the fortress. All three battle brothers wanted to make sure they were ready if an attack did come. On the seventh day they were called to the briefing room. They all arrived on time, today they would meet their final squad mate, all that was known was that he was a tech marine.
Rafen and Logan walked into the room talking. "I am not saying techies are not useful, after all the one on Cadia was played a vital role. I am saying that having someone to treat wounds and harvest gene seed is more important.", said Rafen.
Logan roared with laughter, "Ridiculous! Just reach in and rip the gene seed out. Having a tank on your side giving you covering fire is more strategically valuable. As for treating wounds, we are warriors and we will always have wounds."
All the chatter stopped as they entered the briefing room and saw the tech marine sitting at one of the tables. He wore the black of the Deathwatch but his right pauldron caught all of their eyes. It was blue with the lightning on the shield, Storm Warden. It was Calibros that spoke up first, "What you could not get enough of Logan's irresistible charm?"

Logan glared at Calibros for a brief second; then turning back to the tech marine he said, "Caledor, Caladin, no no that was not right, help me with that name again?" His face plastered in a grin.

"Castiel", replied the Storm Warden in a flat voice.

It was at that time that the Captain that had greeted them walked into the room and all eyes focused on him. "Be seated brothers, I know you have not been here long but your first mission has become urgent."

"What could be so urgent Captain, the techie has barely had time to see the place.", said Logan.

Without missing a beat Castiel turned to Logan and said, "I am here to fight, not sit idle."

Logan looked properly chastised and sat sulking at that end of the table. The retort brought a grim smile to Calibros's face, but before more could be said the Captain continued, "The world of Castobel is under assault by the great devourer. Castobel has been an integral part of the Orpheus salient. They welcomed the return of the Imperium with open arms. They have contributed millions of soldiers to the campaign and an almost untold level of supplies."

"I did not think we took an active role in the Crusade, Captain." stated Castiel, "At least that is what I was led to believe."

"There are times that our purposes cross, this is one such time Castiel.", said the Captain. He took a steadying breath before continuing, "There are, were five hives on Castobel. Two of the hives have fallen almost without a fight. Somehow the tyranids have breached the walls and no one knew. We must assume that the tyranids have found a way to infiltrate the hives. Most likely they have a brood of gene stealers in each hive. The main hive on Castobel, the one for which the planet is named, is the next in the path of the swarm. With Chronos we have five active unassigned squads here at the fortress. We are assigning all of you to Castobel for the moment."

"That is a huge presence, won't that send our prey to ground?" asked Castiel.

Logan looked over at him, "If your prey goes to ground, destroy the ground that protects him."

The Captain held up his hand to get silence and then continued, "Once you arrive on planet you will have approximately 72 hours to find out if there are infiltrators and destroy them. Squad Xerian is in control of overall Deathwatch movements, if you find anything send word to them and they will cordinate resources."

The Captain walked back and forth across the front of the room staring at each one, "Prepare yourselves marines, your vigil has begun and we shall bring an end to this long night. Who among you will stand as champion of this squad?"

Without hesitation Rafen stepped forward, "I have fought these beast before among the space hulks. I shall lead us to victory."

"So be it champion, step forward and declare your oath.", rumbled the voice of the Captain.

Rafen stepped forward before dropping to a knee, "I shall bring the light of the Emperor to the people of Castobel and his fury to his enemy."

Castiel stepped forward next, "The Omnisiah leads the machine spirits, as the Emperor leads man, I shall bring forth their wrath upon the enemy."

Calibros knelt where he stood, "The light of the Emperor shall guide my talents and my blade."

Lastly Logan dropped to his knee, "My fury shall guide my weapon as it destroys the foe of man, in the Emperor's name."

With that the Captain went to each and attached a purity seal to their pauldrons speaking the words, "The Emperor protects and shines a light into the darkness. Get your gear, the Thunders Call leaves within the hour."

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Deathwatch Historical Transmission 2.1.2

The stormbird shook violently as it came set down in the landing zone. The bird had been designed for regular men, so it was a cramped fit for the space marines on board. When the rear hatch opened, all four members of the Chronos Squad hurried out. The night covered their landing and they were lost among the thousands upon thousands of Imperial Guard landing.

Soon after landing they were met by a lean bearded man wearing the uniform of the Adeptus Aribites he walked up to them and bent a knee, "My lords, welcome to Castobel. We appreciate you coming, my name is Captain Taronus."

Rafen stepped forward, "Well met Captain. Stand and take us to your chimera, we have much to do and time is of the essence."

"Yes milord.", He stood and started walking away from the center of the landing zone. Soon he had to start a slow job to keep up with the giants that he was among.

"Once I heard that we were to be honored with your presence I had my lead Chimera modified to better suit your needs.", said Captain Taronus.

Castiel turned to him as they walked, "Your attention to detail is much appreciated Captain."

The Captain glowed with the compliment and then they were at the Chimera. True to his word the vehicle had been modified and the four were able to sit comfortable. Taronus radioed the driver and the Chimera headed off into the city. "Is there anywhere in particular that you are looking to go milord's?" asked the Captain.

Calibros turned to him, "We are just here to assess the defenses and fortify them, Captain."

"I think we are going to head into the under hive first, make sure that all is secure there. Has there been anything out of place lately? Anyone acting strange?", Logan asked. He intentionally did not speak of the fears that a gene stealer cult had infiltrated the city.

The Captain thought for a few minutes and the replied, "No one off the top of my head."

"Not a single thing, a single person, nothing? Think! This is your planet we are talking about here," growled Rafen.

The Captain was taken aback at the sudden out burst, "mi-mi Lord I am sorry if I have angered you, but I can think of nothing that anyone is doing out of the ordinary." He paused then continued, "Well the only exception is one of the street gangs in the under hive has gotten a lot more passive in the last few weeks."

"What do you mean Captain?", asked Castiel.

"Well, normally the Glodian Sharks fiercely defend their territory from other gangs and openly try to expand. In the last few weeks though it has been different. They have let slights go un-avenged. Several other local gangs were on the brink of destruction a few months back, now they are rebuilding and regaining territory. So the Sharks might be a place to start looking into things.", Replied Taronus.

"Thank you Captain, that is where we shall begin." Said Logan.

Rafen stared at Logan for a quick second, "Drop us a few kilo's out side of their area and we will make our way."

"Of Course my lords, there is an access tunnel not far from here. We use it when we make raids into the area. It might be a tight fit for you milord's." said Taronus.

"We will manage Captain." said Logan.

An hour later and they were unloading from the Chimera. The area was desolate, the habs had been emptied out and no signs of life were around. Castiel had his auspex out and reported, "Nothing on scanner Rafen, the hole appears to be safe"

The Captain turned to them and said, "Good Hunting milord's. If you need me our my men we will be at you call."

"Thank you Captain, stand ready just in case." said Rafen.

"I know with you here that Castobel can survive this coming tide." sad the Captain as the door to the chimera sealed.

"Castiel you take lead with your auspex searching for life, Calibros you back him up. Logan and I are going to take a quick look around here.", ordered Rafen.

"Aye brother." said Castiel and with that he and Calibros dropped into the tunnels below.

"I sense something more is going on Brother, what is it?", asked Logan.

"You over step your bounds Logan, you are not leading this mission." said Rafen in a stern voice.

"What are you talking about? With answering the Captain?" asked Logan.

"Yes, exactly that is exactly what I am speaking of, you step out of line." said Rafen.

Logan got a big smile and then said, "When it comes to slaying our foes you know them best and I will follow your lead. When talking is our best option, I am a little better than you brother." With that he slapped his shoulder and dropped down into the underground cavern.

Rafen dropped down into the tunnel and said, "Castiel, what is our situation?"
"The auspex found no signs of life in the immediate tunnels. I did however find some interesting claw markings in one of the tunnels.", replied Castiel.
"Claw marks? Which way?", asked Rafen.
"Toward that gang the Captain was talking about. The tunnel will be a tight fit though, we will have to go single file.", said Castiel
Rafen looked at the tunnels, "Alright form up on me I have point. Calibros you back me. Logan you protect the rear, Castiel you back him if need be. What does our time look like Castiel?"
"We are at 64 hours until the swarm arrives at the wall.", replied Castiel.
"Right, form up and move out. Keep your guard up, a place like this would be a perfect ambush set up.", said Rafen.
They traveled down the tunnels quickly, after two kilometers or so Rafen still had found no signs of what Castiel had seen. As far as he could tell there were no signs of the xenos. A kilometer further in something caught his eye and he stopped the team and studied it before saying, "Is this what you saw before Castiel?" The whole of the team moved to allow Castiel to get up to the site Rafen was speaking of.
"Yes, but this is a much heavier mark than what I caught on the auspex at the beginning of the tunnel. Claws are bigger as well, could the tyranids be using this tunnel to get to the surface?"
Rafen thought for a moment, "It is possible, but what would be their purpose. Our reports would indicate they have not been active on Castobel long enough to be making a move on the upper spire yet. Sight seeing is over lets move!"
Another hour passed, then two before they finally came to the end of the tunnel. It opened into an open street. The street ran right into a large wall blocking any further movement. 

Without prompting Castiel spoke up, "I have 12 life signs atop the wall, all human." 
"They appear to almost be in a comatose state from here, what about their vital signs?", asked Rafen.
Castiel adjusted the auspex, "Slightly lower than a normal but nothing suggesting anything abnormal."
"Well the good Captain did tell us that they had become quite passive as of recent, could they be drugged?", asked Calibros.
"It is not impossible, but why drug your outer guards?", replied Castiel.
"They could hardly protect you in a stupor such as that, what good would they be?", asked Logan.
"They are subduing the warriors long enough to build up their strength. There is something much more cunning than the normal tyranid at work here.", replied Rafen, "Let's get close to the wall, it looks to block off this whole area. We will have to cut our way in."
They crossed the open street quickly and quietly. Before long they were outside of the wall.
"Might I suggest using my power sword over your chainsword brother?", asked Calibros.
"Of course I was going to suggest that, I am no fool brother my chainsword would draw unwanted attention to us.", responded Rafen bitterly.
With that Calibros stepped up to the wall and channeled his power into his sword. He took a few quick swipes with it and then a space marine sized doorway was ready. Together Calibros and Castiel opened the passageway up and the four battle brothers moved inside.
They looked around and realized they were in someone's home, a small hab and the area was cramped. Rafen looked back at the hole in the wall and looked over at Castiel, "Can you repair that hole?"
"Yes, it is not a huge deal but it will take time." said Castiel with a hint of caution in his voice.
"Don't question me Castiel just get it done. We do not need to leave any trace of our passing that would alert them that we are on to them.", said Rafen, "Besides we will need to take some time to study our surroundings." Then with a motion he sent Logan off to the left and Calibros to the right. "Report back anything you find, I am going out front to see if anything catches my eye on the street."
An hour later the group reconvened in the hab, Rafen looked to the others, "What did you find?"
Calibros spoke first, "They are all moving around in a guarded manner. They are protecting something."
"I agree brother, they seemed to be moving without a will of their own. I say we bring the might of the Emperor to them.", agreed Logan.
Rafen shook his head, "Hold fast brother, the light of the Emperor will come soon enough. One thing that caught my attention most was how everyone seems to avoid the large building to the west. If we storm them now the head of the cult will disappear and we will not be able to get to them. At least as for now I think we havea  good idea of their location."
Both Calibros and Logan stared at Rafen for a moment before reluctently nodding. Logan asked, "So you have a plan then brother?"
"I do.", said Rafen. He looked back towards Castiel as he finished up his work. "We will work our way through the habs, same way we cut into here."
"Repairing those walls as we go will take much longer than we have, brother.", said Castiel.
"I am not concerned so much beyond the first wall here. I just wanted our entrance covered and not to leave an exit for our enemy to escape through.", replied Rafen.
Castiel's visibly became less tense at that, "That is well thought out brother."
Rafen simply nodded and then looked to Calibros, "Get your sword out and start making us a path through to that building they are all avoiding brother and be ready xenos have no belief in an honorable fight."
Several more hours passed as they cut their way through the habitats of the under hive. Rafen looked over to Castiel, "How much time do we have before the swarm arrives at the gate?"
"If the estimates were correct just under 61 hours.", replied Castiel.
"This is taking longer than I had anticipated.", said Rafen. Rafen looked out the window and watched for a while as the team worked to get them through. He checked his bolter and made sure the machine spirits were happy, he would need them soon.
Later Castiel came over the vox, "We are into the last hab brother."
Rafen snapped the clip into place and marched down the hallway that his team had created by cutting through all the habs. As he passed his squad he barked out orders, "I have point, Logan you have overwatch duties on me, Librarian you are to support both the rear and the front." He then stopped and took a deep breath, "Castiel you have the rear, keep alert they will not hesitate to attack from the there."
As they made their way through the hab Rafen held the team up, "Did you hear that?" 

"Yes there is something moving above us.", said Calibros. The other two strained but neither could hear what their brothers heard. 

A couple of moments passed and then the group moved forward. They passed through the old kitchen area and then found a set of stairs. Rafen motioned and Calibros came forward and Rafen whispered, "Whatever is making that noise is up those stairs. I will take point, Calibros I want your sword beside me. Logan take the overwatch of the room and keep your eyes peeled down the stairway and support Castiel."
Rafen slowed moved up the stairs with Calibros right on his heels. When they reached the top of the stairs Rafen wasted no time. He kicked in the door and then stormed into the room, a moment later Calibros was at his side. Logan took a position a couple of steps inside the door, while Castiel took up a defensive position at the top of the stairs. Rafen stormed around the room but nothing was there and the frustration was clear in his posture.
"I know I heard something up here!", snapped Rafen.
Calibros was off to the side, "Rafen come check this out."
Rafen walked over to where Calibros stood and immeadiately noticed what he had found, a tunnel. "Looks like this is the way they are getting into the hab.", said Calibros.

"Agreed, they must have heard us coming and retreated out of this tunnel.", said Rafen.
Rafen went to put his chainsword away and turned back to Logan, "Looks like we are clear brothers." At that moment the roof exploded and creatures fell down around them. There were five of the beasts around him and Calibros. He quickly surveyed the field and could see that three more were moving moving towards Logan and Castiel. Then he had no more time and the fight was on.
Rafen's back roared with pain as the claws of the beasts ripped down it. He was able to duck the next blow and then more a few glanced off of his armor. He took that moment to look for a weakness and attack. His first attack went wide and his second strike was stopped so suddenly it through his bolt shot off. He stepped back and into another of the creatures, this one was bigger than the first.
Meanwhile Calibros also had his hands full with two of his own. The first attack was able to graze him but made no lasting damage. He was able to parry the next attack, but he was amazed by their speed. He concentrated and powered up his sword and lashed out. His attack struck home and he drove the blade into the beasts chest. Gore tore from the wound as Calibros drew his sword back. 
Logan was surrounded and his foes moved in on him, he voxed "Castiel I could use a little help here"
"Just as soon as I dispatch these headed up the stairs.", said Castiel.
Rafen thought to himself that they must be getting close to a vital spot if they were throwing this many against them. With that he pressed his atack but his shot went wide again while the gene stealer ducked his two sword attacks. He could feel the blood from his wounds leaking down his chest.
Logan had taken a few hits but his armor was holding up to the attacks. He stepped back to give himself room, before he released the wrath of the Emperor held within his heavy bolter. The stealer ducked and weaved but was unable to dodge all of the bolts and soon they were ripping through its flesh. While out in the hallway Castiel had his hands full with a stealer that had gotten up close and personal. Several attacks and found their way home; he knew he was weaking and was unable to deliver a strong enough blow.
Calibros had traded several blows with the stealer left in front of him and it was clear now that he had the upper hand. With a strength he was surprised to find he forced the warp into his blade and struck a killing blow and it was then that the wall began to weep blood from their pores.
"The hive mind weeps for her children brothers, press the attack brothers!", yelled out Calibros.
At that moment Rafen was able to parry one of the lightning quick attacks and then find an opening to counter attack the beat he was fighting. His blow struck true and with one swift motion he removed the head of the gene stealer he was fighting. On instinct alone he spun around and struck out at the last remaining stealer around him. Again it was as if the Emperior was guiding his blade and he cut through the beasts arm and into his chest. As the moment ended the beast was in two pieces, though Rafen had a dozen small bleeding wounds to show from the fight.
Both Calibros and Rafen turned in time to see one of the remaining gene stealers ripped to to shreds in a hail of bolter fire. Rafen let out an enraged war cry and charaged in swinging wildly. The genestealer so pre-occupied with dodging incoming bolter rounds that it had no time to react to Rafen; who managed to land a solid blow with his chainsword. One of its limbs clattered to the floor and ichor poured from the stump. The gene stealer seemed confused looking from its missing arm to back to Rafen and back to the stump. In that split second Logan saw an opening and fired six rounds into the body of the beast, gaping holes appeared and the floor became slick with the ichor.

The over the vox a voice could be heard, "Omnissiah, I have failed you; but I shall not go into the darkness alone this day."

Logan turned and could see that Castiel had been overwhelmed and was mere moments from his distruction. Moving without thought Logan reached out with his arm and grabbed Castiel by the shoulder. He then pulled as hard as he could, all the time his left arm supporting his giant heavy bolter and pointing it at the door. Castiel rushed past him, almost tripping for the force of Logan's throw. As Castiel brushed past him Logan said, "Job is not done yet brother, no dying allowed.", then the gene stealer rushed to the door intent on blood. Castiel started to raise his weapon but never got the chance to fire it; as Logan was already releasing another stream of bolts at the first sight of the beast. The air crackled with two large burst of fire from Logan's Heavy bolter and then all that was left was a splatter and a hole.

Before anything more could be done Rafen said, "We must move now, no doubt we have woken the locals and they will be coming to check out the noise and find the carnage."

Logan looked at him, "I say we wait for them and introduce them to the Emperor."

For the second time in the mission Rafen shook his head shootind down Logan's idea, "If we had a week and more bolts I would say that is the course of action, but we are down in time. Castiel what is our time looking like now?"

"We are down to 54 hours brother, but that is too full contact with the swarm. I am sure that other elements will come into contact sooner trying to get a feel for the defenses." replied Castiel.

Rafen looked pointedly at Logan, "I do not think we could kill them all in 54 hours, but make no mistake we shall make sure all threats are neutralized before we leave Castobel. Qucikly through the gene stealers tunnel that will lead us closer to their layer."

They moved through the tunnel at a full run, trying to put as much space between themselves and the habs as possible. Before long though they emerged from the tunnels and were on a ledge over looking a grand estate. There was a giant manner house to the west, straight out before them was some sort of forest grown into a pattern and in the far distance they could see a stadium of some sort.

Rafen looked to the others, "Lets head west and check out that mansion to start with before moving on."

The others nodded and headed towards the old mansion.

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Deathwatch Historical Transmission 2.3.1

Calibros stepped forward through the last row of the maze, cutting the last bit of growth from in front of him. Before him was a vast field of rockcrete that surrounded the old stadium. His first instinct took him to looking for cover and defensive positions. There were none, nothing close enough to use in the assault anyway. 

Rafen stepped up behind him, "This seems like a bad position to be in doesn't it?" 

"Great place for a heroic last stand though.", contributed Logan as he stepped out into the open.
"What does the auspex say Castiel?", asked Rafen.
Castiel looked down and then answered, "Nothing definite, just a large life mass moving on the inside of the stadium there."
"They could be hiding one of their Carnifex in there." said Rafen.
Castiel turned to him, "Unlikely, it is moving all wrong to be just one creature."
"Do you ever have good news Castiel?", asked Logan.
Castiel just stared back at the Space Wolf before speaking, "It is simply the facts Logan, it is neither good nor bad. Regardless if there is one or a thousand; they are an abomination in the eyes of the Emperor and Ominssiah and must be destroyed."
Logan laughed out loud and said, "I really need to take you to the lodge and get you drunk Castiel."
"I am fairly certain that is quite impossible Logan, our enhanced kidney's filter all such toxins.", said Castiel.
If possible the grin on Logan's face grew, "You have never went drinking with a Space Wolf!"
"While that is true, I don't see how that really...", started Castiel before Rafen interrupted him, "You two can finish this conversation later we have work to do now."
Rafen looked out over the target and started analyzing its weak points. There were large weight bearing columns of carved stone surrounding the outside. Sitting atop each of them was small statue of different saints of the Imperium. At the main entrance there stood two statues of space marines set in combat, their swords creating the archway into the stadium itself. Other entrances could be seen each of the door frames were covered in intricate scrollwork and carvings.
"I wonder what events this was used for? It looks like it could hold many secrets", asked Calibros.
Castiel answered, "Not so many really, before the long night fell across the Jericho Reach this was the recruiting world for the Heralds of Vengeance. This place would appear to be one of their training grounds for new aspirants."
"And you know that how?", asked Calibros.
"The pauldrons on the statues have the mark of the Heralds of Vengeance, the winged horn crossed by a sword.", answered Castiel.
"Keep focused brothers, we need to move quickly.", said Rafen.
"We could just blow out those weight bearing columns and collapse the stadium down on whatever is inside there.", said Castiel.
Rafen shook his head, "Bring too much notice to our current position."
"Well Delta Squad is on their way in and we can always call on Captain Taronus for support.", suggest Castiel.
"No, the captain is out of the question, he may be comprised we do not know for sure.", said Rafen.
Logan then interjected, "And we do not want Delta squad, stealing our glory."
"So I guess that means we complete this ourselves, prepare for the assault.", said Rafen
Logan and Castiel set up about 60 meters outside of one of the side entrances. While Rafen and Calibros moved closer and took refuge behind two of the giant load bearing colums right outside of the smaller entrance. Rafen looked down the tunnel and voxed, "Looks like the entrance into the inside is blocked by some kind of wall, I am going to try to blow it open. Be ready for them to react quickly." With that he uncorked several grenades and tossed them down the long hallway. The first seeming to do little damage but the second and third cracked the wall and finally the fourth breached it. As it crumbled, a vile smelling green liquid filled the tunnel and washed out at the feet of the marines.
An instant later a scream could be felt emanating from the inside of the stadium. Both Calibros and Rafen grabbed their helmets as the shock wave came over them. Within a secord or two the scream had passed and the two were recovered. Looking on from further out Logan would later swear he saw a golden aura surround the two; he claimed it to be the light of the Emperor that saved the two. None dismissed the claims as it is known the Emperor protects his favored sons.
Rafen turned to look down the tunnel only to see it filled with xenos, more than he imagined would be inside. He knelt to a knee and started firing his bolt pistol into the oncoming mass; while tossing grenades with his free hand. Explosions rocked the tunnel and xenos bodies were flung in a variety of directions. Then overhead a virtual fire storm erupted as Logan opened fore into the mass. Again more bodies were being strewn from side to side causing some of the mass to stumble over their brethern and while it slowed them momentarily it could not stop them.
It was then that Calibros shouted out to Rafen, "There are too many of them!!" He stretched out his hand and the wind picked up around him and lightning shot out from his hand. It arced into the ceiling cracking the walls. Then with determination in his eyes Calibros reached deeper inside and more light poured from him and the wind swirling around him increased in intensity. The force became so intense that it was as if the entire world was being torn asunder. Soon the structure began to give way and the lightning arced from the ceiling to the creatures running below. They bodies exploded under his fury, as the tunnel finally came crashing down and blocking the assault further.
A few minutes passed while Calibros and Rafen cleaned up the few xenos that made it through the collapse. Rafen commented as he ran his chainsword through the last one, "There should not have been guants down here. Gene stealers and even the Lictor are fine but gaunts are front line troops, there is more to this place than we originally thought."
Calibros and him arrived back at Logan and Castiel, "We should wait find somewhere more defensible and wait on Delta Squad to arrive."
"I do not think we will have to much time." said Castiel.
Rafen face became puzzled at the comment and he said, "Why do you say that Castiel?" 
Castiel pointed past Rafen's shoulder and answered, "Their friends are on the way for a visit and they do not look happy."
Rafen looked back over his shoulder and set his jaw and said, "Well I did not really want to wait anyway." 

Calibros looked back over his shoulder as the artificial light of the lower hive became blocked out by a mass of creatures flying straight at their location. The winged beast had talons that would gleamed with menace even in the dark, their eyes were beady and the mouths agape as dove for the space marines. Before they could get much closer the roar of Logan's heavy bolter filled the air with a cacophony of sound and light.  The flying creatures starting to fall from the sky by the dozens as the roar blocked out almost all else. Not to be out done the rest of the group readied their bolters and starting firing into the oncoming mass. More and more of the creatures fell to the ground, it seemed as if hundreds now littered the ground.
With the suddenness of an unexpected tidal wave Calibros and Rafen, who had moved up to take point, were swallowed. Those turn of events did not stop Logan who was like a man possessed, shell after shell massed into the horde and exploded. The bodies littering the ground were now beginning to cluster into piles. Castiel never let up either sending rounds into the left flank, as Logan took the right. The battle raged and sight of their battle brothers had been lost. Then the smell in the air changed and the bright red of a promethium flame lit up an area out front Logan. He consciously directed his fire off to the side, not wanting to risk hitting his battle brother. Shortly there after blue lightning started arcing through the beasts as they flew in circles around the two marines, scratching and biting. 

The battle went on for what felt like days, when in reality less than a minute had passed since the beasts had swarmed Rafen and Calibros. Now the horde was thinning out and the space marines pushed their advantage. Though visibly wounded Rafen would not fall back from the front of the fight. He pressed forward with his chainsword roaring in one hand and his flamer signed the air with the other. Calibros danced among the creatures like an angel among the cloud, but where he left on death lay behind. 

Now it was clear that the horde had thinned out to such a degree, the space marines were no longer just able to swing or shoot and just bring down the enemy. They had to time their shots and plot their attacks. As Logan fired around barrage of shots into the few remaining xenos Castiel came over vox, "It looks like their friends got through the tunnel Calibros; prepare yourself." And just like that the battle was rejoined by the beasts that had clawed their way through the tunnel Calibros had blown down. 
This next phase of the battle lasted minutes, minutes that felt like hours or days. Time just melded into itself and the fight dragged on, neither side getting the upper hand; for while the squad kept killing the gaunts they kept coming. It seemed an endless wave poured from the mouth of that tunnel. Rafen could not help but think that it must be some sort of warp gate that was inside that stadium, that was the only way that they could be reinforcing down here. The barrel of Logan's gun was now a bright red and steam rose from the tip. He had not let up on the firing since the beginning and the bodies at his feet and scattered around the surrounding parking lot were a testament to his destructive power. Calibros's power sword dripped with acidic blood and more than a few bodies lay crumpled at his feet from the use of the warp. 
Rafen called out, "Out of flamer canister!"
Logan called back, "Their tide is turning, they have almost broken to pieces on this wall that we have become."
It was just a few moment later that the last of the horde was taken out by Logan's heavy bolter. At that point Logan dropped to a knee and removed his helm, "That was a good fight brothers! It will go down in the annals of history as a historic stand against the xenos filth."
"Not if we do not get this finished." said Rafen looking back at the stadium, "They must have some sort of warp gate or something in there that is allowing them to summon reinforcements. We must destroy that thing before more can be summoned and these things feast on the underhive."
"Well said brother, let's get this done with." agreed Calibros.
As they approached the stadium each took the time to clean their weapons of any jams or built up firing dust while saying a quiet word to the machine spirits. They then made sure each weapon had a fresh clip and walked down the tunnel leading to the main arena. Once they emerged from the tunnel it all became clearer to Rafen, in the center in what used to be the training grounds was a giant pool of green acid. Rafen recongnized it for what it was, the tyranids had set up a gestation pool here. That was how they had kept sending wave after wave at the brothers. Rafen turned to the others, "Yes this is how they are getting their reinforcements. They come from these pools, we must find a way to remove all the acid." 
While there were a few guants milling around in the green acidic pool that covered the center of the stadium, for the most part the area was empty. Rafen released a krack grenade into the pool and the resulting explosion left a dried spot in the floor of the pool. Then Rafen directed the others in the squad to do the same and throw grenades into the pool. Explosions rattled throughout the arena and the liquid quickly started to disappear. 

In response the guants that were milling around charged forward shooting virolent balls of goo at the team. Behind the guants the pool began to congel together and form into lare masses. The first part to become solid were two giant scathing talons, then followed by the bulk of the monster. Off to its left a second one began to form. As more and more of the beasts became clearly defined the acidic pool continued to shrink. In what was a matter of seconds two large warriors stood before the space marines. 

Not waiting to see if more formed from the acid pool Calibros lashed out with vicious strike of warp energy. The bolts of lightning streaked across the open field striking the large tyranid square. So much power was summoned that it began to peel off on to the lesser creatures and wracked their bodies with energy. The smaller creatures convulsed and let out a scream of agonized pain as they collapsed. The warrior still stood though barely able to keep its footing. The second warrior, who had also felt a bit of the drain off of power, stood strong and appeared to be angry.

Castiel pulled up and took a quick shot with his bolter. The shot hit dead center of the warriors head and caused it to burst and become a flow of gore, as the body collapsed to the ground. Castiel's next few bolts also found their way home blowing the legs out from under the lesser creatures.
The last standing warrior now obviously enraged charged the groups position at the tunnel entrance. Logan, undaunted by the charging beast, stepped forward to meet the warrior mindstride. Logan ducked the first swing easily, but was not as quick the second time and a scythe hit hard against his head. Logan stumbled backwards from the power of the blow. As he regained his footing, Logan laughed out loud. He then charged the warrior shouting, "My turn!!" Lowering his shoulder he connected with a blow to the abdomen, all around the cracking of chiten could be heard. The force of the blow drove the warrior back and bent him over so that he was eye level with Logan. Without a moment of hesitation Logan grabbed a spike on the back of its head. Logan then yanked back hard opening the great maw of the beast and driving his heavy bolter down into its mouth. In response the xenos reared its head backwards pulling Logan into the air as he would not surrender his weapon. Uncerimoniously the lower portion of the warrior blew apart and intestines spilled on to the ground. The body collapsed under Logan, as he kept firing more and more of the warrior came apart as it was ripped from the explosions. 

Logan landed on his feet as the rest of the warrior disentigrated underneath him. With a giant tug he ripped the head of the beast from what was left of its body and held it up for all to see. 

Calibros leaned in to Rafen and asked, "Still doubt my methods, brother?"
Rafen held back a hearty chuckle and replied, "Not with results like that."
Rafen looked over to Castiel, "Call the fleet, the Inquisition needs to get a cleaning team down here right away." Rafen then motioned Calibros and Logan closer and told them, "Start piling the bodies, then we will purify them with fire."
After a half hour of piling bodies and setting several pyres Castiel approached Rafen, "Delta squad is on their way here now. They ran into a small set back in the Glodian Shark territory."
"What happened? We got through there with little incident." asked Rafen. 

"They did not take the path less traveled as we did, nor were the natives as docile. Upon seeing the chimera's coming they went crazy and starting attacking. Once they got back the outer barrier it was clear something more was wrong as bodies had littered the street. Fresh kills all of them. It was as if the people turned on themselves and then onto our brothers. Now the entire Glodian Sharks territory is burning.", replied Castiel.
"It would appear the whole of the gang had been infested by the gene stealers. We should be on guard, there must be a broodlord for this complicated of a plan to work.", said Rafen.
They went back to their work of building piles and setting them a flame. Another half hour passed and the squad came to a halt as they heard the roar of engines. Soon after a line of Chimera's broke the tree line of the forest maze. The lead chimera painted with the symbol of the Inqusition and the Adeptus Arbites painted up on the rest of them. There were 11 in total and moments later they came to a halt in front of the Chronos Squad. 
The back door of the lead chimera dropped to the ground with a heavy bang. A man with a staff in hand, wearing dark robes walked down the back of the loading door. Behind him came a line of Deathwatch space marines. From the second chimera a much smaller figured appeared and walked towards Rafen. Within seconds Rafen clearly recognized Captain Tarsonus. As he approached he bowed his head, "Mi'Lord"
"Captain.", replied Rafen formally.
The man in the robes, walked over and interrupted the two, "My name is Inqusitor Cain, Brother Rafen."
"Inquisitor.", said Rafen.

Cain surveyed the area, at the literally thousands of bodies of the ground before continuing, "Your work is effiecient and well done Brother Rafen."
Rafen replied curtly, "Inquisitor, any Astartes completes the job effieciently and well."
"You are correct Brother Rafen, but good leadership goes a long way as well." said Cain and gave Rafen a knowing look. Rafen remained stoic but inside he swelled with pride.
Cain looked the team over, "You look wounded space marine, Delta squad has an apothocary with them. Go see Brother Ramidalion and then come back to me, we have much to discuss. This mission is not yet over."
Brother Ramidalion had already made his way to the rest of the squad and was talking with them, "This is quite impressive Brothers, you give the terms Angels of Death meaning." His grin was broad. "Also looks like you are keeping those nanobots busy."
Calibros just stared at him and Logan laughed before jesting, "Ah they are lazy I tell you, look at that hole in Rafen's side. It has been there for days, little buggers took a vacation I tell you."
Ramidalion looked them all over and then started packing their wounds with packs, Rafen said, "And these packs will make the nanobots work faster to patch our wounds?"
"No, not really. These are just pain killers. Those nanobots just need time to do their work.", said Ramidalion. 

Rafen asked, "So you are not healing the wounds at all?"
"The body of an astartes has amazing healing powers given time. You will be fine Brother Rafen, unless you would like to request you and your squad taken out of the battle?", smiled Ramidalion.
Rafen growled his answer, "No Brother we shall be fine." and then with venom in his voice, "Thank you for your assistance." Then he marched off to find Inquisitor Cain.
"Any time brother." said Ramidalion with a smile, as he watched the Blood Angel storm off.

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Deathwatch Historical Transmission 2.4.1

Rafen found Inquisitor Cain out away from the main group of arbites and imperial guard that were gathered near the old stadium. He was directing two heavy flamer teams as they suited up. He watched as Rafen approached and then stepped away from the heavy weapons team and said, "Brother Rafen you look upset."
"It is nothing that concerns you Inquisitor. Chronos Squad is ready to deploy to the spire." replied Rafen.
Cain raised an eyebrow knowingly at the Blood Angel, "As you wish Brother. The rhino is over on the main street, I will finish giving instructions here and join you there."
"Very well.", agreed as he headed off to gather the squad.
Logan looked out the back of the storm bird as it flew through the hive, he was restless. The drive out of the underhive had taken hours longer than expected. While they had rooted out the major cells within the underhive, a few smaller cells had remained. The convoy had been forced around areas that were still being secured, time was of the essence and the fights were little more than mop ups. Better to let the Imperial Guard handle that, Inquisitor Cain had said. Logan agreed but did not like leaving a job half completed. As he watched the hive pass below him, he fingered and played with the controls to the assault pack he wore when Calibros broke his line of thought.
"Watch what you are doing there Space Wolf, make a mistakes and you will launch yourself before we get there.", Calibros said.
Logan glared at Calibros and spoke slowly, "I am quite well aware of how this device works Dark Angel, if I were you I would watch my tone."
Calibros just smiled a smug grim smile, "Or what?"
Rafen broke in before the argument could escalate further, "Both of you be damned, play your games elsewhere. We need to be focused, these cross winds will make the assault difficult enough without your banter."
Logan grabbed his heavy bolter from against the wall and then shoved past Rafen. As he passed close to Calibros he stopped and in a low menacing voice said, "I shall not suffer the heretic to live. The core tenet of the Imperium, be a shame if you somehow got caught in the cross fire."
Calibros and Logan stared at each other for a long moment before their gaze broke off and each headed their own ways. Rafen watched from a distance, detached from the situation he wondered how long before their rivalry would cost more than injured pride.
Two hours later...
Rafen stood at the back of the storm bird his hair whipping about his face as he looked out over the spire. They were just five minutes till the drop point, and it would be difficult Rafen knew. The cross winds this high up could blow even a seasoned jumper off course and as he looked back at the rest of Chronos and he knew there were no seasoned jumpers among them. It was up to the Emperor now though and he fastened his helmet into place and prepared for the jump.
Rafen voxed over to the rest of the squad, "Do try and keep up." and with that he leapt from the back of the storm bird and fired his jet packs. He could see his target, floor 3172. If the plans marked it right his target was the main conference room for this chancellor. Rafen glanced back and could see Castiel was on course behind him, Calibros was coming in a little low but that was easily corrected. For a few precious seconds his heart beat skipped as he could not find Logan, then the skipping turned to a groan as he saw the Space Wolf off course and getting further away by the second. 

Then the time was up and Rafen could not worry about the others he was moments away from entry. He pulled out his bolt pistol and fired off several shots near his intended landing zone and then lowered his shoulder and burst through wall and windows. Debris went coated the floor of the room, where Rafen came to a stop weapons at the ready. Castiel came crashing into the room a few moment later, landing hard but on his feet. He took up a defensive position next to Rafen. 

They looked at each other as they waited. Rafen tried to speak over the vox, "Calibros, Logan are you out there?" nothing but a static filled the line. Rafen switched to external speakers, "Castiel is the signal going out?"
"All long range vox transmissions are being blocked by something, hard to tell what at this point. We do have very limited short though, within a couple of meters of each other and we should be fine." replied Castiel. 
Rafen switched back to vox and said, "Secure this room first then hopefully we can link up with the others. We cannot wait too long though, otherwise the beast might escape."
Castiel dropped his pack and began to move around the room. As he secured the room he got an odd signal on his auspex, "Brother we have something moving outside of the building, coming towards the window."
At that both Castiel and Rafen assumed a battle posture and prepared to attack. Moments later an armored hand grabbed a hold of the ledge where the two space marines burst through. Shortly after a second armored hand grasped the ledge and then Calibro's head came into view. Both Castiel and Rafen smiled and moved across the room to help him up.

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Deathwatch Historical Transmission 2.4.2


Logan could not help but curse as he attempted to use his jet pack. He was meant to be on the ground not flying thousands of meters above it. He made a quick jerking motion with the controls, vastly over correcting again. As he tried in vain to keep control he knew that he was not going to land anywhere near the rest of the group. He cursed loudly again, he just wanted his feet to be on solid ground again. He was approaching the side of the spire quickly, he held his breath. Then as he made one last acceleration he was blown a bit further off course. Then with a loud crash he thundered through the wall with boom.

Logan was lying on his stomach in the middle of the room, he was not exactly sure how he got there. He moved quickly to get to his feet and pulled out a bolt pistol, as he scanned the room. He was in some sort of museum. He dropped his jet pack and began setting his heavy bolter. The looked the weapon over and decided it needed a name and he knew the perfect one, Glorious Carnage. He finished fine tuning Glorious Carnage and began to feed bolts from his backpack into the gun when something caught his eye. He walked towards one of the pedestals and grew angrier by the second. When he reached the glass case, he smashed it without thinking for on the pedestal was a Lightning Claw in Space Wolf colors. It was a blasphemy to have it paraded in such a manner. Logan decided then that regardless of this chancellors position, xenos or not, he was going to kill her.

Logan knew basically where he was in relation to where the others were supposed to land, so he started heading that way. He started marching through the hallways with little regard for stealth. He was incensed, how dare they keep a relic of his chapter on show. The lightning claw clinked at his side as he stormed down the hall ways, tinging at his side as if singing a war chant. He was not so angry, at the moment, to not watch his own back. So as he arrived at the first door he in the hall way he turned and kicked it in; Glorious Carnage at the ready.

Inside the room were several peasants, they were begging for their lives and huddled in a corner. All of his savage ferocity wanted to pull the trigger, his muscles ached at restraining himself. Saying nothing he turned from the room and started back down the hallway. He had completed a few paces down the hallway when he heard a scratching sound from the room he had just left. He turned on his heel and walked back to the room, he appeared around the corner. The room was empty, except for a hole in the ceiling above where the peasants had been. He edged closer trying to get a view up into the tunnel.

There was a rattling sound behind him, Logan turned Carnage at the ready. Nothing was there, he was alone. He shook his head, he was not sure if his anger was playing tricks on him or if he was truly alone here. He turned back to the tunnel and was greeted with the leering face of one of the peasants who said, "You are not wanted here." With that he attacked, which surprised Logan for he held no weapon. How could this peasant think he could hurt a space marine with nothing but his fist. Then he felt it, claws had penetrated his armor. He looked at the hands of this peasant and saw that his fingers had elongated into vicious claws.

Logan gave himself fully to the beast within and let out a vicious kick centered in the chest of the thing that stood before him. The thing stumbled back a few steps, Logan lowered Carnage and let loose a full burst of heavy bolter rounds. There was little more than a mist left. He turned with a feral grin on his face to find two more behind him. His grin just widened and they attacked. He dodged the attack of the first beast/peasant and then opened fire again. The first round tore the arm off the creature and the second put a hole the size of a melon in his chest. As he collapsed the remaining rounds caught the beast behind him and tore him to pieces. The feral rage that coursed through his veins felt good and he lapped it up.

Logan stood there taking in the violence and destruction that Carnage had reaped, when the wall on the far side of the room exploded. He whirled bringing Carnage to bear on this new threat. In scant seconds a hulking target could be seen through the dust and dirt floating in the air. Logan lined up his shot, but pulled up short as he seen the red glow of eyes. He then recognized the space marine silhouette and moved his heavy bolter to his shoulder. Moments later Rafen entered the room and the dust cleared to reveal Calibros.

"Looks like you found something to occupy your time with Logan.", said Rafen.

Logan glanced from Rafen to Calibros, "I kept myself busy." Pointing his heavy bolter at Calibros, "You are lucky I recognized you, I almost put a few rounds into you."

"Let's be glad you did not make that mistake.", said Calibros voice filled with ice at the perceived threat.

Logan walked past Calibros and into the hallway, "Mistake? Depends on who you ask which one was the mistake."

Calibros was about to say something when Rafen interrupted, "Damn both of your pride, it is going to get us all killed."

"Are you sacred to give your life Brother?", asked Calibros.

Rafen stopped and stared at Calibros, "I will sell my life dearly when the time comes but I will not squander the gift the Emperor has given. Not for a petty squabble." The moment was uncomfortable and Calibros wilted a little under the heat of the gaze. Rafen continued, "Logan you have point, try not to get into any ambushes this time."

As they got into the tighter corridors Rafen tapped Logan on the shoulder and took point. A few more minutes passed when Castiel came over the vox, "We have movement Rafen."

"Where?", asked Rafen.

"Auspex shows movement left, right and above us.", answered Castiel.

Calibros broke in, "It is like a psychic blanket all around us. My senses are being blinded by something."

"Is that supposed to be something new Dark Angel?", growled Logan.

Castiel jumped in, "We have lots of movement off to the right, Rafen."

Rafen brought the group up short and said, "Castiel let me know when they get close again. I am going to set a krack to go off and stun them. Once it goes off Calibros you and Logan will burst through the wall and destroy them. Castiel you will give them supporting fire and protect the rear."

They all moved into position and Rafen started setting up the krack. Castiel watched closely as Rafen set to work, he was confused though. He thought to himself with the way Rafen had that set up he was pretty sure it would blow the floor out not the wall. He then went back to monitoring the auspex. He put his hand up to signal the rest of the group, "Now!"

Rafen pulled the pin and set the krack off and a half second later Calibros and Logan were bursting through the wall. Only Castiel had been correct and instead of the wall being blown out it was the floor that took the brunt of the assault and gave way. Thus as Calibros and Logan went through the wall their enemies were waiting for them and were not stunned. A moment after the krack went off the ceiling beside Rafen exploded and a gene stealer fell into place beside Rafen, hissing and clinking its teeth.

Castiel watched everything happening via the auspex and thus was not surprised when the walls either side of him opened up and had gene stealers crawling out. Without much effort he gunned down the one to his right before it ever had the chance to threaten him.

Calibros and Logan were not so lucky. They quickly found themselves with a gene stealer in front of and behind them. Both of the cursed their luck and dropped into a battle stance.

Logan brought Carnage around to bare on the filth in front of him, but his target was quicker than he had anticipated and made an attack on the Space Wolf ripping free a piece of the armor on his abdomen. His fingers lost a bit of feeling in them and he looked down to see his blood spilling on the ground. He grinned one of his feral grins beneath his helmet as he fell to a single knee. His arms were trembling, his eyes watered as he looked up at the beast. He mumbled another curse and then felt his other leg give out and found himself sitting on the ground. He focused all of his concentration and managed to pull the trigger to his heavy bolter; Glorious Carnage roared to life. There was little left of the xenos to identify and Logan let out a howl of laughter.

Rafen had entered his own duel with a stealer that had burst through the wall and at him. They both dodged carved and parried one another in a great dance of death neither able to gain a definite upper hand.

The gene stealer dived at Calibros, but the Dark angel easily swatted the blow aside. Again the gene stealer came and with practiced ease Calibros drove the beast back. The xenos started to come at Calibros once more but pulled up at the last second, but not before he had gotten the Librarian to commit to his attack. Calibros felt more than saw the opening he created. He had forgotten the second gene stealer and as he turned to look back he could see the monster closing the ground between them at an alarming pace. Now his second mistake had been made and he could see it all too well. He had taken his eyes off his first target for just that brief second and in that time the gene stealer had stolen in under his attack and landed one of his own, tearing a gash into his armor.

Calibros screamed with equal parts frustration, anger and pain. Then the second one was on him, climbing up and over his back digging its claws through his armor and into his flesh. Calibros heard the pop before he actually felt his arm being ripped from its socket. He jerked violently away from the beast on his back and that motion was the only thing that kept his arm attached. His grip on his force sword loosened and he felt the strength of his arm fail as a whole. It was all in slow motion to him, he felt as those some part of him were in the warp and it was his to command. His focus narrowed and everything became sharp and clear. His sword was tumbling towards the ground, he was confused for it should have still been in his right hand. Taking his new focus he reached out with his left and grabbed the sword from mid air.

He reached around and punched the gene stealer on his back dislodging it. It landed several meters away from him, crashing heavily to the ground. He swung his sword wildly while commanding the warp to power the blade. In that one swift motion he cut the beast from tail bone up through its skull and it fell into two equal pieces before the warrior. Out of the side of his vision he caught movement and whirled around just as the fallen gene steal dived at him. That clean stroke too the head off of the vicious creature. His control of the warp began to slip away and the energy that was powering the blade was being drained quickly as if something else was siphoning it off. As he turned about he saw a gene stealer about to leap upon a fall Logan. He did not think twice, took a step forward and drove his blade into arm of the creature pinning it to the wall.

The gene stealer hissed and turned trying to claw at the sword that held its and itself to the wall. Logan yelled at Calibros, "I do not need your help Dark Angel!" as he fired off another full auto burst from his heavy bolter. The first three shots tore the beast apart as it could not move as it was pinned to the wall. As the hunks of mean came to the ground the other rounds flew true to their next intended target. All Logan could see was the beast ducking Rafen's chainsword when the rounds ripped through its body. It collapsed pinned to the wall by the force of the blasts.

"I saved your life Space Wolf, show some gratitude.", said Calibros.

"I was fine, it is nothing more than a flesh wound.", replied Logan holding his torn flesh together as he stood. "You should look to yourself, I have no need of you."

It was at that point, the first time that Calibros really noticed his arm. It was all but shredded. The muscles were exposed and he could not move it. It was the job of an apothecary not a Librarian to heal wounds. Castiel came over to him and said, "The omnisiah will be able to repair that, just keep it still."

"I prefer to stay flesh and blood.", retorted Calibros.

"Your loss I suppose. Flesh is weak as you can see here.", said Castiel as he walked back away from the group.

Rafen looked at the others, "We do not have much time now, lets get moving. That vile beast has to know we are here now let's not keep her waiting."



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Deathwatch Historical Transmission 2.4.3


Rafen hurried them down the hallway, the enemy obviously knew they were there. They had to strike hard and fast, they had to end this now. The hallway came to an abrupt end and opened into a wide foyer. At the far end was a set of ornate double doors. There were carvings along the sides that showed Space Marines battling over what looked to be a world dominated by forests. In the center of the doors was a visage of the a Space Marine taller than the rest locked in mortal battle with a man who was not quite a marine.

Calibros whispered, "Heresy".

Rafen turned to him, "What? You recognize this?"

"It is nothing. Let us be done with this place.", replied Calibros.

Then with one giant boot Rafen kicked in the door, marring the scene upon the door. Inside sitting behind a giant wooden desk was a middle aged woman, to her either side stood two men in dark jackets. She spoke, "Welcome My Lords, I take it you have enjoyed destroying my residence?"

"Cheaply made, easily destroyed.", replied Rafen over the intercom as he shrugged.

The conversation continued and Logan began to get restless and he voxed over a private channel, "Rafen is this or is this not the person you saw in the vision from the Lictor?" His agitation was apparent in his voice. As he waiting for Rafen to respond he looked down to the lightning claw that hung at his side and decided he no longer cared. This person was responsible for housing relics of his chapter and they would die. It was then he realized that Rafen had begun his reply and Castiel had responded.

"....more information.", offered Castiel

"Time for talking is over.", growled Logan and he burst between Rafen on his left and Calibros on he is right and brought Glorious Carnage to bare on the chancellor sitting at the desk.

This Lady Chancellor never even flinched as Logan broke ranks and dived forward, unleashing bolt after bolt. A smile began to form on her lips and she laughed aloud as each bolt hit an invisible force shield protecting her and her guards. Her smile and laugh was something out of nightmares. Her teeth were jagged and sharp, her tongue like that of a snake. Her laugh abruptly stopped as the last bolt from Carnage shattered the shield.

Calibros voxed, "For once the Space Wolf and I agree." He began to gather the warp around him, anger flaring in his eyes. The moment the shield went down he lashed out with, winds swirled around him as the storm of the warp coursed through his veins. Bolt after bolt of righteous lightning leapt from his finger tips cascading into the three figures on the other side of the room. The two guards were blown back against the wall and pinned there. Calibros refused to let up and funneled more power through himself, the heads of the two guards pinned to the wall exploded and green blood gushed from the stumps.

The Chancellor let lose an ear piercing scream and flung her arms wide and cast off the energy coursing through her. "YOU DARE ATTCK ME! IN MY SANCTUARY! I SHALL DEVOUR YOUR FLESH!" And with that she released her own psychic attack. A wave of energy over came the three of them as they stood there. Calibros was pinned back against the wall and he could feel his connection to the warp being seared. Rafen staggered back dropping to a single knee. The could of energy remained and tortured the three of them, though Logan more than the other two seemed to be affected.

Castiel realized that he had not been seen behind his brothers and for that reason had not been brought under the same assault they were now trying to fend off. Logan was not fairing well, in the brief seconds of the attack his helmet had been split into halves by the ferocity of the attack. Blood now poured from his many wounds and the ground was becoming slick. Then Castiel remembered talking with Calibros about some special ammunition he had requested, witch bane bolts. Castiel steeled himself and charged into the conflagration and up to Calibros who was still pinned to the wall. Castiel grabbed him around the garret and slung him around the corner as he grabbed his bolter, he only hoped that Calibros has loaded those bolts.

Castiel fired off a burst of rounds at the creature that stood on the desk. The creature ducked and weaved but could not dodge all of the attacks and one found its way home in her leg blowing a chunk of flesh free. Castiel could feel a palatable difference in the power of the psychic assault now. The thing jumped forward from her desk, but slipped in her on blood. She fell short of the attack and snarled at Castiel, "I shall feed you personally to the hive mind."

In that instance Logan roared out, "I do not think You will be feeding anyone anywhere!" His face an obvious mask of pain, his helmet had been ripped from his head and blood poured from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth like a waterfall. She turned to him and said, "And what are you going to do my pet? All of your tasty bits are starting to cover the floor." Logan lowered his head as the rage continued to build. Looking at the floor he could see she was right, the ground was coated with his blood. He could feel the wounds in his abdomen reopen. The pink haze that had engulfed him grew darker in intensity and he let out a growl, "FOR.....THE....EMPEROR!" With that the pink haze that had held him exploded away and he was bathed in a glorious golden glow. He brought his heavy bolter around and pulled the trigger.

The carnage that followed was great, the gun seemed to have a life of its own. It was as if the Emperor himself were guiding the weapon, every limb was blown off and as the creature lay on the ground Logan smiled and released another salvo into her. With that the battle ended and all of the marines struggled to their feet.

Calibros stumbled into the room, his weight leaning on his force sword and his right arm still limp at his side. Logan stood tall breathing hard, the floor coated in his blood. Castiel returned to Calibros his bolter and they all looked to Rafen, who responded, "Time to call for extraction our work is done here." and then turned walking down the hall.

Calibros was the last to leave as he played up his injuries, after the others were out of ahead of him he turned back to the mosaic. He made sure the others were not looking and then summoned warp fire and scorched the doorway making it impossible to discern the images.

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Deathwatch Historical Transmission 3.1.1

Rafen led the team through the hallways; he voxed to the team, "Castiel get command on the line, we need a way out of here as soon as possible."

A few moments later Castiel responded, "Contact complete, transport on the way. They will meet us outside the original landing zone."

"I am not putting another jet pack on.", said Logan in a determined voice.

"And here I thought you were a fearless Space Wolf.", Calibros said with a smile.

Logan snarled at him, but before he could snap off a remark Rafen said, "No time for you two to play now, we need to get out of here." As the words completed coming out of his mouth the roar of engines filled the room and a stormbird hovered outside of blown out window.

"Our ride is here brothers, lets head out.", said Rafen as he launched himself off the edge and with a quick burst of his jet pack he landed in the back of the stormbird. He then motioned for the rest of the team to join him. One by one they each made the jump into the back of the stormbird, Rafen grabbing each one and pulling them to safety. The aircraft roared away from the top of the spire eastwards.

Castiel came over the vox, "We have a transmission from Inquisitor Cain. We are to alter course and to the southern wall."

"Any reason given?", asked Calibros.

"Yes.", replied Castiel his voice becoming dark, "The main assault is hitting that wall and the guardsmen may break at any moment."

"Any others groups being dispatched?" asked Calibros.

"All Deathwatch squads are being relocated to that zone to shore up the defenses.", answered Castiel.

They all knew that if all of them were being summoned to that same sector, that things must be dire indeed. The rest of the flight went in silence, all lost in their battle meditations, focused on keeping the pain of their wounds from the forefront of their minds.

A loud call came over the intercom inside of the stormbird, "My lords we are two minutes out from the combat zone."

Rafen looked up at the others and then voxed, "Castiel what news do you have? What news do we have from command?"

"The guardsmen thus far have held, but are now in an orderly retreat.", replied Castiel then a few moments later. They have lost the wall."

Logan said, "Then we simply retake it."

"Simplistic as always Logan." said Calibros, Logan snarled and bared his teeth but before he could respond Calibros interrupted him, "But I do agree with the general sentiment."

Rafen closed his eyes and shook his head in both fighting to control the anger welling up within him, "Both of you focus!"

Then the time was upon them and the back of the stormbird lowered showing them a view of the battlefield. The orderly retreat from the wall had become a full rout and the company that had held that section of the wall was being pursued by a horde of tyranids. Rafen called out, "LOGAN! Lay down a line of suppressing fire, give those guardsmen a some space!"

Logan stepped up to the edge of the tail gate and took position and began to fire a steady stream of bolts. The first line of bolts cut across directly behind the guards men kicking up dust and rockcrete, but the Tyranid horde did not slow. Rafen broke in over vox, "They are a mindless beast Logan the only way to slow them is to kill them."

"In other words actually shoot them.", interjected Calibros.

Logan turned towards him slightly, as he did so the already strong winds kicked up around them making it hard for them to stand. A ball of energy circled around Calibros's hand, bits of lightning arcing from finger to finger. He met Logan's gaze, "Like this brother." He then released the energy upon the horde and bolt after bolt arced through them. His brow broke into a sweat as he fought to control the warp racing through him.

Rafen tossed several grenades into the mass as well, blowing holes in the on coming tide. Castiel launched bolter fire into their midst as well and he was joined by Logan in another burst of death. With their concentrated fire the horde began to thin, the guardsmen seeing the their enemy faltering turned and formed a firing line bringing their considerable fire power to bare. Soon with the help of the Space Marines the guards men were driving the horde back towards the wall.

"Time for clean up duty brothers.", said Rafen with that he engaged his jet pack and launched himself into the air towards the remnants of the horde. The others dropped down from the stormbird via cable and continued their assault. Within a few hours the mop up operation had been completed; all across the southern front the forces of the Deathwatch brought the wall back under Imperial control.


Two weeks later....


Rafen stoop upon the wall overlooking the southern plain, both hands wrapped around the head of a gaunt that had made its way to the top over the bodies of thousands of its own kind. With a quick squeeze its head exploded in his hands and the beast went limp, he tossed the corpse down to the ground. Waiting guardsmen took the corpse and tossed it on the ever growing pile.

Rafen left the wall and then stalked through the courtyard below the wall. He removed his helmet, showing his hair matted to his face as he shouted, "Lieutenant! LIEUTENANT!!" He stalked around the corner of one building and caught sight of familiar figure and started towards him. The figure for his part quickly dropped to one knee.

"Sergeant. Where is Lieutenant Mora?", demanded Rafen. The anger in his voice evident, he could stand no one to abandon their duties.

The Sergeant kept his eyes to the ground as he spoke, "One of them flying beasties got her my lord. First one took her head clean off and a second one dragged her body over the edge to the rest of them beasties."

Rafen simmered down a bit and said, "She served the Emperor well Sergeant but there is little time to waste. Get control of your company and get me a full status report, now."

The Blood Angel walked through the piles of dead bodies, some were almost large enough to be called towers. The Sergeant returned a few moments later and started giving his report. Rafen listened intently and then started giving orders, "Take what is left of the 11th, 17th and 34th; combine them to form a new company at full strength. Once that is complete, they are to relieve your men on the walls. While you wait on them get your heavy flamer teams to start burning the corpses piled against the wall.", Rafen turned and started to walk away and then stopped, "Also get someone down here to burn these corpses before disease sets in."

Rafen put one of his large hands on the sergeants shoulder, "I leave this wall in your capable hands Sergeant, do not let it fall!"

With that Rafen left the courtyard and voxed to the rest of the squad, "Time to pull out, we are sure to be needed elsewhere."

Calibros answered, "I am sure it will not be long before we are back here. These fools will fold at the next hint of oncoming battle." No one responded to the statement for they knew it was true; with the way things were going they would be back and soon.

A couple of hours later their transport landed and the Chronos Kill Team headed back into the command center. The rest of the team headed off to work on battle meditations but Rafen headed straight for the command center. Once there he found and approached Inquisitor Cain. "Inquisitor, I need a word with you.", said Rafen.

"Sure thing Brother Rafen, how may I be of assistance to you?", asked Cain.

"This siege has been going for two weeks with little sign of reinforcements. What is our status? Has the crusade command been contacted?, demanded Rafen.

"Rest assured we are attempting to contact the command fleet fleet. We are not fools brother without reinforcements we will lose this battle." replied Cain in a calm voice.

"And their response?", again Rafen demanded.

"Quiet, absolute quiet. I doubt that our messages are even getting out. The hive fleet has surrounded the planet in the warp and it has made it very difficult to communicate on planet much less through space.", Cain continued all the while remaining calm. 

Rafen shook his head obviously lost in thought then responded, "Yes Brother Calibros has mentioned something about it being increasingly difficult to conjure the warp as of late. He described it as, losing touch with it."

"That is what we are hearing from the astropaths as well, Though we are running short on those as well, they are dying off quickly as we push to bust a hole in the blockade the tyranids have on us.", said Cain and then he continued, "Brother Rafen I understand we are in dire straits, out of 7 Deathwatch kill teams that landed your squad is the only one left fully intact. We have had to combine several teams already to keep them working at full strength."

"I am aware of the mounting losses Inquisitor, but sitting still is going to do nothing but slow our demise.", Rafen said.

Cain stared the giant Rafen in the eyes, "Do not take me for a fool Brother Rafen, I know very well what doing nothing will do. Thus far we have conscripted the lower hive gangs into the PDF and I have sent a personal communiqué to the other two remaining hives for reinforcements. While the gangs are doing well enough, we have heard no word from the remaining hives. I do not know whether they did not get our calls or they are more concerned about themselves. Regardless once this is over I plan to go have a discussion with both hive mayors. Now if you have any additional ideas I would be very open to them?" 

Rafen put his hand to his chin and thought for a moment, "I do have one idea. On the space hulks there was always one beast that served as a relay or link to the main five fleet. If we sever that link then they will be vulnerable. It could buy us the time we need."

"Do you have any idea where this sync beast would be located or what it looks like?", asked Cain.

"They are always different, you can never know what to expect. It should be set up near where they first made land fall though.", replied Rafen.

Cain pulled out some charts and looked them over. He glanced up at Rafen a few minutes later, "Hive Lomaras was the first hive to fall silent. They must have struck there first."

"That is a good place to start looking. Where is it located and long will it take us to get there?", asked Rafen.

"It is about a 17 hour flight in a stormbird, almost directly south of here.", replied Cain as he looked over a map and continued, "But we have very few stormbirds left and not very much fuel either. It is too big of a risk, on foot it is the better part of a month even for a space marine. That is way too long, this hive will fall long before then."

"Do you have a better idea Inquisitor? It may be a risk but it is one we have to take.", Rafen said frustration apparent in his voice.

"I do actually, follow me Brother.", said Cain as he left the command center. Rafen was quick on his heels, interested to see what this plan would entail. They traveled down a back staircase and then boarded an elevator going deeper into the ground.

"Where are we going Inquisitor?", asked Rafen as they walked down a large hallway.

"While you were off hunting down the gene stealer cult I was doing some hunting of my own. I got word that a high ranking family had something's that did not belong to them.", Cain looked over at Brother Rafen as they were walking grim excitement filling his voice.

Rafen looked back at him. "And what you found is going to help us how?", he asked.

"You see the Jericho Reach used to be the Jericho Sector, fully under Imperial control. We lost control over time obviously, there were bigger fights to be had if you will. So while I was investigating this family I found something in their warehouses.", said Cain. 

Cain led Rafen into a large warehouse. Rafen was shocked at what he seen, parked in the center of the room was an entire group of motorcycles. Rafen looked them over he could not believe his eyes, there was a full 30 heavily armed and armored space marine motorcycles.

"Impressive isn't it? They are old but still operational, I have already taken the liberty of sending for some tech priests to get them updated. With these we can send Chronos to Lomaras to take out that synapse creature. Brother Calibros should be especially excited, he was Ravenwing before starting his vigil and if you look to the rear there you will notice most of them have Dark Angel markings", said Cain.

"And what of the family?", asked Rafen cutting off the Inquisitor.

"The ones who were in possession of these?", responded Cain.

Rafen nodded. 

"Executed of course. To hold on to such things and not turn them over as soon as they rejoined the Imperium is a heresy not taken lightly." replied the Inquisitor.

"Good! I will inform the team, when will the bikes be ready to launch?", asked Rafen turning his thoughts back to the mission at hand.

"By morning, maybe sooner.", said Cain and they both left the room. On their way back to the command center Rafen told Cain of the Lightning Claw that Logan found in the high spires. Cain agreed it should be looked into.

The next day...

Cain met the kill team in the warehouse, Castiel had been the first to arrive and was examine the bikes for himself. He looked up as the others approached, "These things are old." The group just stared at him waiting for more, "But the machine god does not make things easily broken. They will get us where we are going."

Calibros looked over the bikes before turning to Cain, "I thought you said that some of them had Dark Angel markings.", he accused.

"I had them all painted last night, wanted them in top condition for this mission. This whole hive is counting on you killing that synapse creature.", answered Cain. He then continued, "With your expertise Calibros I was thinking that you should lead this mission."

"I agree." Calibros said as he smiled at Logan. For his part Logan firmly fastened his helmet into place not making a sound.

With no further delays they got on the bikes and headed off down some forgotten tunnel towards the surface. Three hours later they burst to the surface under the cover of night and headed south. Calibros took the lead, Logan and Rafen took the wings with Castiel bringing up the rear; all pushed their bikes hard through the night. As the sun rose on the horizon Calibros voxed, "We are three days out according to the maps, at their current intervals that means the hive must withstand 12 more attacks."

"I would not worry too much Librarian I am sure those guardsmen will leave us plenty to kill.", said Logan.

They rode on in silence for a great length of time. Castiel broke the silence, "We have a large movement on the auspex about 10 clicks west of here."
"Coming towards us?", inquired Calibros.

"No heading towards Castobel Hive, looks like it will by pass us entirely. From the readings I am getting it is just one large mass. It could be one of those Carnifex beast that assaulted the east wall a couple of weeks back.", replied Castiel.

Rafen responded, "The last one nearly broke through by itself, I am not sure the hive could survive another one. The walls are the only things truly holding the swarm at bay."

"Then we should buy them some time, everyone on me.", said Calibros as he turned his bike west. The rest of the kill team followed suit and were soon heading out across the open plain. Calibros voxed, "I got it in sight, Brother Rafen what is the best way to take this thing out."

"Some of them have heavy armor plates on the front but little in the rear. I can ride past and distract it while you three try to exploit its weakness.", said Rafen.

"Take point then Brother.", said Calibros.

The kill team topped the hill and the giant beast was in full view. Rafen pressed the accelerator all the way down as the rest of the team eased up. Rafen opened fire as he charged out in front and down the hill. The twin linked bolters on the front of his bike roared to life as he strafed the side of the beast. The Carnifex roared, though none of the shots appeared to hit meat. On the hill Calibros and the rest of the team waited and once Rafen had gotten the beast attention they brought their bikes to life and charged down the hill. All of them were laying down on their guns as they did so; bolt after bolt roared from the barrels on their bikes. 

While a couple could be seen finding chinks in the armor plating of the Carnifex, it was obvious to all that little real damage was being done. Calibros came over vox, "Rafen this is not working I do not think our bolters here are strong enough to rip through the armor plating." 

"I never said they were easy to kill Brother. We just have to keep the pressure on it, we are wearing it down.", came the reply from Rafen as he deftly dodged a giant claw that would of ripped him and his bike in to two pieces.

A safe distance away Logan brought his bike to a stop. He watched all three of the remaining bikes swirl around the ponderous creature, several near disasters occurring. He reached into the side bags containers and pulled out his heavy bolter and smiled a cold smile to himself. He knew those small guns on the front would never work against a creature like this, so he started to prep his friend for action.

Calibros could see the attacks were having little affect on the beast other than making it mad and he also knew that it was just a matter of time before someone made a slight mistake. He was not willing to wait for that to happen, he reached down and focused the power of the warp calling it to his hand like he had so many times before. The power was resisting his call, he could feel the presence of the beast blocking him. He pushed harder and for a second almost lost control of his bike as he broke through the barrier. Then the power was gushing through him at a frightening rate, he did his best to focus it on the Carnifex. There was just to much though and soon he was being absorbed in the power leaching from the hole he tore into the warp. He quickly reversed all of his focus and started attempting to seal the rift. The power demanded to be set free, refused to be shackled once more and exploded all around him. It was by the grace of the Emperor alone he was able to maintain control of his bike. 

He came to a stop, he was rattled he had never experienced a blow back that hard. His whole body ached and he was breathing hard. Something had wanted to come through and he knew that if had not sealed the rift when he did there was no telling what would have come out. Calibros reached out to feel the rift, to make sure nothing had made it through. He found himself startled, there was nothing there. He searched around but he could not sense the winds of the warp at all. He would have to do his devotions before his power would return, the Emperor had saved him and would demand a penance in return.
Calibros heard the roar of a heavy bolter and was brought out of his stupor. It was just in time as he had gotten the attention of the Carnifex with his psychic blast and a giant blob of biomass was coming towards him. There was no time to move so Calibros lowered his head to his bike and trusted in the craftsmanship of the tech priests. He cranked his bike and drove right into the oncoming mass, his only hope he knew was to burst through the other side before it could soak into him. He hit the blob going full speed and just as he planned he burst through the other side. The bike was steaming with the acid from the biomass.

Calibros was quickly trying to removed the biomass from anything critical when he looked up in time to see Castiel on a collision course with the giant beast. Calibros voxed, "What are you doing Castiel?"

"Ending this before that carnifex gets lucky and kills all of us.", replied Castiel.

Calibros watched in fascination as Castiel drove his bike right behind the giant creature and then leapt from his bike onto it. His bike feel away crashing into the ground as the servo arm clasped onto the rear section. The grip was like that of iron and held him attached to the rear side. 

Just as the beast was turning to deal with thing attached to his side and back Rafen charged from the front. He leapt from his bike and engaged his jump pack to full. Rafen sped right past the creatures claws as it reached for him. With a few deft dodges Rafen was standing on the head of the beast bolt pistol in one hand and chainsword in the other. The carnifex started swinging at Rafen and trying to dislodge him. Rafen caught one of the lightning quick claws with his chainsword as it came in deflecting it back away and cutting free the tip of the beasts claw. Then began the work of dodging and parrying the beast, all the while firing and cutting into the thick bone plating. 

After a few dire seconds of dodging and cutting Rafen found a weakness and drove his chainsword home. The carnifex let out a wail of pain and then struck before he could get his chainsword free. The claw smashed into his helmet and nearly knocked the Blood Angel cold. Rafen voxed, "Castiel if you are going to do something it should happen soon!" It was then that he heard the explosion and saw a huge chunk of flesh rip from the side of the carnifex. As he was losing his balance he also saw Castiel being slung in a wide arch from the rear side. Then came the sound of a heavy bolter and the head where Rafen was standing was suddenly vaporized. He found himself losing his balance and falling. With one full power blast from his jet pack he was hurdled away from the falling monster and avoided being crushed by the monster.

Fifteen minutes passed before they were all able to regroup. Castiel was doing some minor tweaking to all of the bikes that had suffered damage as Logan arrived. He took his helmet off and let the wind flow through his hair, he had a cold grin on his face when he asked, "Did you see that final shot? Took out the head from 300 meters."

Castiel finished his work and got back on his bike checking over things one last time as Rafen responded, "It was a good shot, thought about being a sniper maybe? First the Lictor and now this."

"Nah, the do not carry the fire....", Logan started.

Calibros interrupted them both, "We do not have time for self indulgent compliments."

"Maybe you don't...", snarled Logan.

Before he could finish though Calibros had taken off south and left the other three sitting there on the hill overlooking the corpse of the carnifex.

"Something is bothering him.", said Castiel.

"Seems like he always does to me. He needs a bit of a reminding.", said Logan.

"No Castiel is right, we should keep an eye on him. He has had numerous occasions where he has lost control of his power. Before you say anything Logan, I am sure it is nothing. We just need to watch.", said Rafen.

The three of them put their helmets back into place and drove off following the path that Calibros set. 


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