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Thank You FFG

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#1 Rogue Kiwi

Rogue Kiwi


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Posted 23 October 2011 - 05:49 PM


Just wanted to say Congrats on getting the license i am excited to see what you do with it, especially this game.

The first time i saw Wings of War i thought "this would be cool with Xwings and Ties" i even did my own conversion from wings of war with home made maneuver cards.

I really like the pilot/maneuvers disc that is a great addition to the game as it eliminates the need for a full set of cards per craft and also provides options for new maneuvers.

I am hoping to see proton torpedoes even if just for bombing missions (i did add missiles to my version but they were complicated)

Please include the following in the box set

at least

2 tie fighters

1 X wing

additional card ships maybe another x wing and pair of tie fighters ( 2 players is fun but 4 is really fun and we found with wings of war that 4 players was a good way to teach new players

I would live the box to include other fighter types in card version and i don't think this would detract from sales when they are released later as models.

Missions with targets: Escort the vonvoy with a large template representing civillian ship to be guarded.

Also Missions for different scale engagements ( I understand that it will not be common for there to be a game big enough for a full x wing squadron(12 Ships) or tie fighter wing (72 ships) but flights or approx half a squadron are more managable)

Generic and named pilots (not every X wing should be piloted by Luke Skywalker or a member of Red/Rogue Squadron)

I don't feel the need for large ships like the falcon or slave one and would rather you avoided them although i understand there may be pressuse include them.

Ships at the top of my list to include are OT ships

Y-Wing (single and 2 seat), Tie Intercepter, A-wing, B-wing, Tie Bomber, not sure about the tie Advanced perhaps save that for vaders personal when he is released as a personality.

Well thats my rant thanks for humoring me and thanks for making this game a reality.


#2 Budgernaut


    The Uncanny One

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Posted 24 October 2011 - 07:40 AM

Rogue Kiwi said:

I don't feel the need for large ships like the falcon or slave one and would rather you avoided them although i understand there may be pressuse include them.

You better believe there's pressure to include ships like that! Seriously, dogfights between snub fighters are great, but there is a lot of opportunity when you include light freighters. Think of the four TIE fighters trying to take on the Millennium Falcon as it escaped from the Death Star. That will be so epic to reproduce! And what would happen if you flipped that scenario on its head and had a couple X-wings trying to take on the Slave I! There is more to being a starfighter pilot than shooting down other starfighters. One way to expand their roles in the game is through missions (esp. bombing and escort missions), but another is to include other craft that aren't traditional starfighters. My one hope is that the Slave I and Millennium Falcon are balanced. I really want to see them in the game, but I don't want to see them in every single squad. It'll be good to have variety in opponents and that means keeping a good balance between ships so that everyone isn't choosing the same ships all the time.

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#3 Sluggonics



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Posted 25 October 2011 - 11:07 AM

 The Falcon and Slave I seem like they would be good ships to include in specific scenarios.  Otherwise, you'll probably see them in every game, just because, who wouldn't want to play the Falcon or Slave I?

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