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HE Indirect Lizardmen

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#1 Alphabet Jimm

Alphabet Jimm


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Posted 06 October 2011 - 10:00 AM

 Now, I went with this build for the league I play in Thursday night. We've created a format where all that's legal are the Core Set, three deluxe expansions, and the Capital cycle. For this week I decided to go HE with Lizardmen. I want to know if I missed anything in the card pool that would be beneficial. Here's my list.

Units: 23

3 Loremaster of Hoeth
3 Skink Skirmishers
3 Skinks of Sotek
3 Rodrik's Raiders
3 Spawn of Itzl
3 Terradon Rider
3 Carnosaur Rider
2 Kroxigor

Tactic: 12

3 Innovation
3 Born Predators
3 Master of the Earth
3 From Beneath the Waves

Support: 15

3 Contested Village
3 Judgement of Loec
3 Armoury
3 Citadel of Dusk
3 Elven Warship

Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

#2 slick



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Posted 06 October 2011 - 10:30 AM

I think by not including loqtza the lizard hero your missing on a lot.The guy just wins games by dropping him at the most populated lizard zone.Better than kroxigor imoOh would also replace from beneath the waves with more lizard units,saurus warriors.More lizards more firepower to born predators.

#3 BBSB12



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Posted 08 October 2011 - 09:06 AM

This deck made me wonder if Temple of Vaul could be good for such a tournament? You can try to get it at a first turn and put into the quest to get 3 extra cards per turn and play developments and other supports in a kingdom to try to get a lot of units with innovation to the battlefield on a third-turn...Though, I'm not sure how fast such combo would be.

#4 DB.Cooper



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Posted 12 October 2011 - 12:11 AM


I wouldn't play without High Elf Disdain: I don't know your meta/players, but Verena, Troll Vomit, support removals are just three good examples of something you should be aware of.

I'd drop Kroxigor for Loqtza...It's THE lizard. :) It's strong, tough and controls a lot. It's another way to trigger Spawn of Itzl and once (if) your oppo gets rid of him whil in the KZ (is there that you should play it), you'll put the other in the BZ and close the deal in a couple of turns.

I'd play around him a lot, playin' stuff to protect him.

Think about the fact that Lizards are the only units that function while they're a "lot". If you don't have 'em around, their effects are pretty weak (Skinks of Sotek is the only lizard I'd play in ANY deck, 6 of it, if I could :)).

So: pay attention to the cost of your cards and think about the fact that stuff like "born predators" are pretty useless without at least 3 lizards on the table.

You suffer resets more than everyone else.

I'd drop 1x Born Predators, 1x a Fat guy and 1 x armory (to much limited stuff) to put in the 3 disdains, which protect you from resets and the like, as I said before.


Then, think about your "starting" stuff: without innovation, the best you can do is 2 cards and it's not that simple (considering the limited supports, double loyalty and stuff that is pretty useless in QZ or KZ (spawn of itzl).

You need more speed and choices. 

Don't be afraid to go over 50 cards, if you put in stuff that speeds you up or give more resilience in the short run: almost any tournament deck around is 53-55 cards, it's just a matter of the current meta. ;)


I write down and synthetize all my suggestion. Use or ignore any/all of 'em. :)

- Out Kroxigor; put in Loqtza.

- Play High Elf Disdain. Drop 1x Fat guy (terradon), 1x Born Predators and 1x Armoury.

- You can think about Long Winter to recover from a bad starting hand and take back some Devs...With Verena around, you HAVE to develop each turn if you play against empire and, if you don't you should against Rush and other decks. Sometimes the choice can be tough. 

- Improve your speed: Envoy of Averlorn, Bottomless Mine (better than armoury, 'cause you rely on Units and you can trigger it turn 3 without losing additional devs). If Caos is strong and you risk to face a couple of Caos decks, Envoy is totally useless. 

 - Consider that your Loremaster is there to trigger Carnosaurs, that doesn't have any other trigger (outside auto-dealing damage with Loqtza, but it's time, resource consuming, except for particular weird situations). It means that Loremaster is a bad start and it's better as a mid-game trick...So, it's one less card to start. :) That's the reason why I say that you should have more opening stuff. 


You should think about situations and tell if you can get rid of 'em: it's not like playtesting, obviously, but it helps, even with the "starting hand view" on deckbox:

1. How you handle rush? With those expansions I don't see any consistant rush deck, ok...But Orcs are Orcs! And just Core set + some stuff from deluxes can pull out a decent Orc rush/destroy deck. 

2. How can you handle the Caos' unit-control engines?

3. How can you handle Verena decks?


These are the 3 basic questions nowadays. Think about 'em, get all the suggestions from everyone and tweak your deck. :) 

Let us know!



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