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Anyone in Minneapolis area up for game on 2 October?

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Posted 24 September 2011 - 04:17 AM

I'm in town for the weekend and trying to organize a game on Sunday, starting at 10 AM. Already have 2 players, looking for 2-4 more.

If interested, reply to this thread or send me a private message.

I've got both expansions. I've posted some rules/variations below, but am willing to negotiate that as well.

Any takers?!


1. Dreadnoughts: DN’s roll 2xd10 dice in space battle.

2. Home System Control to WIN: in order to be eligible to win, a player must control all planets of their Home System at whatever point in the game victory conditions are calculated. The player with the highest number of VP’s, and who also controls all planets of their Home System, will be declared the Galactic Emperor and Winner when the end-game condition is reached.

*The Clan of Saar, due to their racial special ability, is exempt from this requirement.*

3. TI3-SE-SotT Strategy Cards: the following TI3-SE-SotT Strategy Cards will be used, with the below options and HR modifications;

(a) All TI3 Shattered Empire SC’s will be used with the below exceptions and HR modifications:

(b) Options - players may choose either “Warfare” or Warfare II” for SC#6

© The appropriate number, based on SW, MW or TLW, of Stage I and Stage II Public Objective (“PO”) cards are displayed per the “Age of Empires” (“AoE”) format. Drawing SC#8 “Bureaucracy” allows a player to remove the “Barring Token” from [1] PO of the appropriate Stage (I or II), making this PO available for claiming.

(d) When executing the primary ability of SC#3 “Assembly II” the executing player receives [2] Action Cards (“AC’s”)

(e) SC#5 “Trade III” will be used to allow “Mercenaries”

4. Pre-Set Maps: pre-set maps will be used, those provided in the source documents on the FFG website will be used as a guideline along with the Shards galaxy tile breakdown (to get some Shards tiles on the board).

5. Clarification: The Universities of Jol-Nar and the Sardakk N’Orr receive (-1) and [+1] die roll modifiers, respectively, to their combat die rolls for all die rolls which inflict casualties; this includes Assault Cannon, Bombardment, PDS fire, PDS counter-fire and ground force invasion or defense.

6. Preliminary and Secret Objective Card Draw: After all set-up is complete, in the order of the Draw Numbers previously received by each Player; each player will, one at a time, draw two Preliminary Objective cards. The Player will choose one, keeping it secret, and then will return the other Preliminary Objective card to the deck. The Preliminary Objective card deck must be reshuffled every time before the next Player draws two Preliminary Objective cards. When a Player achieves the chosen Preliminary Objective, the Player will then draw three Secret Objective cards during the Status Phase, will choose one to keep, and will then return the other two to the Secret Objective deck. If two or more Players qualify for their Preliminary Objectives, the same process will be performed as described above however each Player will follow the step previously outlined, one Player at a time, in Strategy Card order.

7. Tie Breakers and Scoring in the Final Round: in the event of a Time Limit Deadline resulting in a tie in the final count for Victory Points (“VP’s”) where no player reaches either [14] VP’s (The Long War), [12] VP’s (“Mid-War”), or [10] VP’s (Short War), the “Imperium Rex” guidelines on page 14 of the TI3 Base rulebook will be used to determine the Winner / Galactic Emperor. Whichever full Game Turn (“GT”) / Round is the last to be completely finished through the end of the Status Phase will be known as the Final Round for Scoring. The Rules-as-Written (“RAW”) shall be used for claiming VP’s in the status phase; in Strategy Card order during the Status Phase, the first player to reach [14] VP’s (“TLW”), [12] VP’s (“MW”) or [10] VP’s (“SW”) instantly wins the game. There are NO ties at [14] VP’s (“TLW”), [12] VP’s (“MW”) or [10] VP’s (“SW”).

8. Sudden Death Victories: any player who reaches [14] VP’s (for “TLW”), [12] VP’s (“MW”) or [10] VP’s (“SW”) during a Game Round (“GR”) instantly wins the game.


LIST of the TI3-SE Optional Rules In-Play from the TI3-SE Rulebooks:


I. * Leaders (TI3 Base Rules pg’s 34-35)

II. * [10] VP regular game ("Short War" or "SW"), the Mid War [12] VP game, or The Long War {modified} to [14] VP’s (TI3 Base Rules pg 32) may be used – if TLW is used we will play until one player achieves [14] Victory Points (“VP’s”), or, until the agreed upon Time Limit Deadline is reached, or, until one player achieves the “Supremacy!” or “Domination!” Phase II Public Objective card, whichever among any of these comes first

III. * Age of Empire {modified} (TI3 Base Rules pg 33) ** See Also (TI3 FAQ & Errata Version 2.2.1 3/20/2009 pg 1, FFG website) ** – All Players will secretly choose one Stage I and one Stage II PO card to be used during game play, this selection is performed prior to laying out and preparing the Objective Cards. The Objective Cards will be prepared as per the TI3 Base Rules on pg 7, with all six (or seven for “MW,” or eight, for “TLW”) of the random Phase I Public Objective Cards revealed at the start of the game, while four (or five for “MW,” or six, for “TLW”) random Phase II Public Objective cards remain face-down and secret; after the end of Game Turn 3, during item 7) of the Status Phase, all of the four (or five for “MW,” or six, for “TLW”) Phase II Public Objective Cards will then also be revealed so that now all Public Objective Cards, both Phase I & Phase II, are visible to all players.

IV. * Variant Objectives (SE Expansion Rules pg 9) - we will be using ALL {mixed, base + expn} of the new SE Expn Objective Cards, including Special Objectives, with the following exceptions: we will not use, (a) “Imperium Rex” & (b) “Four Ships in Two different other player’s Home Systems, I Win.” The “Supremacy!” and “Domination!” Phase II Public Objective Cards will be used and randomly shuffled into the available Phase II Public Objective Card deck, and one or both may appear in the final Phase II Public Objectives for the game – if each of these are achieved by two different players in the same Status Phase, whichever player possesses the lower numbered Strategy Card at that time wins!
V. * Race-Specific Technologies (SE Expansion Rules pg 9)
VI. * Tactical Retreats (SE Expansion Rules pg 11)
VII. * Custodians of Mecatol Rex (SE Expansion Rules pg 11)
VIII. * Facilities (SE Expansion Rules pg 11)

IX. * Homeworlds {modified, see HR-2 above} (Game Options & Variants Version 1.1, FFG website, pg 2)

X. * Artifacts (SE Expansion Rules pg 9) which includes the use of Special Objective Cards

XI. * Voice of the Council (SE Expansion Rules pg 11)

XII. * Preliminary Objectives (SotT Expansion Rules pg 10)

XIII. * Flagships (SotT Expansion Rules pg 10)

XIV. * Mechanized Units (SotT Expansion Rules pg 11)

XV. * Mercenaries (SotT Expansion Rules pg 20)

XVI. * Political Intrigue (SotT Expansion Rules pg 12)


Bureaucracy SC + Red Tape option and number of POs available:

Standard/short War (10 pt game):
8 Stage Is
5 Stage IIs
first 3 Stage Is open, rest tokenized

Medium War (12 pt game):
9 Stage Is
6 Stage IIs
first 4 Stage Is open, rest tokenized

Long War (14 pt game):
10 Stage Is
7 Stage IIs
first 5 Stage Is open, rest tokenized

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