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New player looking for help

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#1 Lamme



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Posted 22 September 2011 - 07:05 PM

 Hello everyone!


I've recently looked into this game and I've become very interested of it. (It was either this or AGoT)

My friend introduced me to the game with the core set he bought himself and I was wondering if I need my own core set to start playing or can I for example just buy the Assault on Ulthuan expansion if say, I wanna play with the Dark Elfs?

I noticed that many stores had some of the battle packs for 9.90 and some for 14.90, do you know the reason for this? Are the cheaper ones newer and the more expensive ones older out of print cards or what's up? I was thinking about grabbing a few of these battlepacks at the same time too and I heard that you get cards for every army from them so I guess it doesn't matter which one I should buy or would you recommend some specific packs?

I hope I get some answers, thank you for your time!

#2 tako



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Posted 22 September 2011 - 09:41 PM

Starting off with AOU might not be a good idea as you would be missing neutral support cards, which are important in this game and com in the core set. However, if you are happy with playing elves only and your co-player is ok with sharing his neutral support cards with you, then this is a viable option of course.

As for the battle packs, the first BP Corruption Cycle (and also the Deluxe Expansion AOU) was not yet printed with 3 cards each and contains only 40 cards. After that, FFG changed the format to have every BP include 20 cards with 3 copies each. So the number of cards would account for the difference in price. I would assume that the Corruption Cycle will be re-issued in the 3 copies per card format once the current prints run out, so you might want to wait for that.



#3 Takith



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Posted 22 September 2011 - 09:57 PM

IMO, no you don't need to buy the core set, but you should. The rules are available online, and you can substitute the tokens/capital boards (or use your mate's).

However, there are alot of deck staple cards for Dwarf, Empire, Chaos and Orcs in the core set that you might not want to pass on. Likewise with the Elf expansion.

Bear in mind that with the Core Set, AoU and Corruption Cycle battle packs, there are not 3 of each card in the set. For example in the Core Set, there is only one copy of some of the currently "powerful" cards (Judgement of Verena and Troll Vomit, for example).


Battle Packs - 9.90 ones are generally the Corruption Cycle battle packs, which have fewer cards in (40?). You won't get 3 of each card in these battle packs.

14.90 ones should be the battle packs, which contain 3 of each card.


Aside from the Core set and AoU, March of the Damned is a pretty solid deluxe expansion offering (3 copies of) some very good cards.


Have a look at http://deckbox.org/games/whi/cards . It's up-to-date with all the cards and you can sort by the battle packs (except maybe the last one).


Hope this helps some

EDIT: Beaten to the punch :) Everything Tako says is good too (and I'd forgotten about the neutral supports)

#4 Lamme



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Posted 23 September 2011 - 12:33 AM

 Thanks for the replies guys.

I guess I'll just buy  the core set then, followed by the AoU expansion and some of the newer battle packs with 60 cards in each.

I'll do it as soon as I find a cheap european online store 



#5 Lamme



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Posted 28 September 2011 - 06:35 PM

 Well I just bought the Core set and the Assault on Ulthuan deluxe expansion, looking forward to play the game! I guess I'd buy MotD or another core set next.

Hopefully maelstromgames wont slack with the shipping!

Thanks again.

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