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The Lion and the Wolf

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Posted 19 September 2011 - 04:37 AM

[Feel free to point out canon-blunders, as I am fairly new to the concepts of WH40k. I was only recently involved in a DW-group and wanted a fluff piece for my Dark Angel apothecary's background to joining DW. He's not entering an all-Wolf team, and I haven't read up on the recruiting process too much]

"Captain-brother, I was lead to believe that we were only to offer this apothecary a vessel of transport" Brother Radavan stepped out from a shady corner of the mess hall "But now you mean to say that he is to enter the trial?" Save for a few disgruntled whispers in approval of their sergeant's inquiry, the assembled Space Wolves fell silent. They knew little of why their detachment had been summoned to this outpost for review, other than that most - if not all of them - would likely be sent back again. But they also knew who they were, what they had achieved, and what they were capable of. And if this test would truly be a measure of worthiness, it was theirs alone that ought to be tested.

"I am not known to deny a fellow Marine aid when it is called for. But our charge was to bring him to where he belongs, he requested this himself, and this is as far as we can take him on his journey" Brother Radavan's voice sharpened "He knew this from the very moment he set foot on our ship. And he has come to learn a great deal more since, and yet there is so very little we know of him. One cannot help but wonder what other surprises he has in store for us. As far as we know, there are no other of his kind in this sector. Is he to tell us next that he passed through Morkai and is ready for the Cup?"

Captain Olaf stilled the thundering laughter ensuing the sergeant's remark "That is quite enough, brother Radavan. He is not the first wandering brother of the Dark Angels that we encounter, although lonesome apothecaries are few and far between. His motives may be hidden to us, but I find no reason to doubt his intentions". The captain's words did little to ease Radavan's mind, and Olaf had known that they wouldn't even before he had uttered them. There were too many questions concerning this passenger that had no real answers. Too many for comfort. But his men were no strangers to discomfort, the Emperor could tell, and Olaf had not a question in his mind regarding their faith in his command. Only now, the decision had not been his. He admitted to himself that he wished for the chapter whatever honour may lie ahead - as much as any Wolf present in the hall. But, again, the decision had not been his to make.

Olaf turned to look at the inquisitor who so far had said nothing and wasn't giving any impression that she would either. She was the authority on the matter but he was under no illusion that anyone but himself could sort out this situation. He only hoped that Radavan wouldn't render it unmendable.

"Captain?" Radavan asked, having looked not once in the apothecary's direction "We gave up space for worthy brothers more than able to face whatever adversaries we may encounter here. Had we known that a stray pup was to take their place, his part in the trial could have been settled before departure".


For every time time his mouth had put Radavan in trouble, the sergeant's experience and skill always were more than enough to match the bill. Around the mess hall, Space Wolves were grinning at this blatant taunt. The apothecary replied with one swift move.

In the flash of an instant, bolters were drawn and the Wolves poised to attack. Only Olaf and the inquisitor did not move. At the center of their full attention stood the Dark Angel with his bolter drawn. Radavan swirled around only to find that Gideon was pointing the gun at him with the handle first. "From were I stand, Wolf, you take the words of your captain-brother far too lightly. I am a Dark Angel, and since it is not our custom to settle challenges with penal regiment rules the lot of you can stand down" he paused, taking a step forward "I applaude your quick response, but leave it to others to reflect on your assessment of the situation". Gideon slowly walked up to Radavan, further extending his bolter in an invitation. "Don't be shy, brother Radavan, I merely want you to inspect my weapon of choice before the duel. For a duel there will be, and if you best me my seat in the trial shall be forfeit"

The inquisitor smiled. It was always interesting to recruit Space Wolves and Dark Angels for the Watch, she shought, and this time she was most certainly not going to be disappointed. "Very well, then" she said "Let us step outside and have this quarrel settled before I tell you why Ordo Xenos has summoned you. All of you...".

As the group left the mess hall, Olaf could not decide whether or not the single Dark Angel amongst this number of his own was a comforting thought, trial-worthy or not.

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