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Game Report II (transfer)

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Posted 21 November 2008 - 10:30 PM

I just couldn't let this go to waste when the old forums would be retired. So, here's the repost of my game report. Please note that, yes, I now know that you can't play more than one Executive Order per turn. We didn't know back then, so tough game for the cylon.



Admiral Saul Tigh (me), President Laura Roslin, Starbuck, Boomer

We originally started with three players since Starbuck was stuck in a galactic traffic jam. The initial Cyclon threat did not pose a threat. We dispatched with them rather quickly, nobody showing any signs of traitorship.
Starbuck arrives, and fittingly a Rescue Mission Crisis card is being played. The cylon is quiet, but nonetheless our resources are dwindling. Not fast, not brutally, but steadily. Galactica is on a good way. We jump, dispose of some more cyclons and near the sleeper agent phase. Even though the president does not tap into the Quorum, the Admiral does not declare martial law - even though a crisis card would allow for it.

Then, suddenly, trouble starts to break out. First one cyclon base star appears, launching a number of raiders, then a second one joins in. Within an instant, the board is full of raiders (~10) and civilian (~7) ships. Alert vipers are scrambled, Starbuck and Boomer join the fray. While the president shouts Executive Orders, the admiral establishes communications with the fleet, to move the civilian ships away from the approaching raiders. The situation is dire - but the jump preperations have move the FTL-drive to -3, and the next jump will initiate the sleeper agent phase.

Luck, however, seems to be on the toaster's side as the basestars open fire and hit the FTL drive. Raiders are approaching and threatening the civilian ships. Luckily, Starbuck and Boomer are out there... but what is this? Suddenly, Boomer decides she'd rather break and move away! Frakkin Toaster! We KNEW it! From the smirk on the player's face, everything was clear.

Now that the factions are open, the remaining humans consolidate and continue to assign each other Executive Actions. Starbuck is ordered by the admiral to RTB and repair the FTL drive. She does so, and within the last second the fleet jumps, losing no civilian ships. Through some Strategic Planning by the admiral, no human resources are lost either.

It gets interesting now. More loyalty cards are dealt. Will the sympathizer join the cylons? No, he won't. Admiral Tigh has chosen a planet quite far away, reducing the fuel into the red zone. Badly enough, Boomer catches the Sympathizer card, sending her to the brig (if her own card wouldn't tell it anyways). So, wait - we know Boomer is a cylon but she's now a sympathizer to the human race? Well, from the way she desperatly tries to send out our Raiders into deep space to knock them out, I wouldn't count on it. Since we can't shove her out of the airlock, the best we can do is to keep her in the brig.

Galactica fights to stumble on. With a more or less open cylon on the board, paranoia has faded. That does not mean, that the situaion has eased - Boomer is actively sabotaging us. We need to counter her frakking skill cards at every crisis card. Admiral and president decide more often than not to just let a crisis reduce a high resource in order to save up valuable skill cards for more dire situations.

Endgame closes on us. We are at distance eight, only one jump towards the earth. Galactica is running extremely low on fuel - only 1(!) resource left. But lo! The jump preparations are almost complete. The track is at -3, and there is enough population to easily win the game. Already feeling victory, Boomer sends herself to the resurrection ship and starts to dish out cold cylon vengeance. Two cylon basestars pop up, launching the raiders like there was no tomorrow! The admiral orders the last nuke to be launched, Planning Strategically and taking out a basestar and three smaller ships. But then - a power outage! The jump preperation as to start almost anew, AND Galactica takes severe hits from the cylon fleet.

Humans are sweating. The cylons are... oiling? Both parties may win. The humans must only survive long enough to make this final jump, while the cylons have only so much rounds to reduce the last drop of fuel. Raiders close in. Starbuck is bound onboard Galactica to repair the FTL-drive, while the admiral orders Vipers to intercept. Laura Roslin is throwing Executive Orders which are answered with more by the other human players.

("Can you even do this?" - "Of course, you frakking toaster. You keep destroying our Raptors? Well, we gonna pump up our actions with multiple Executive Orders!" - "Frak you!")

Then... the jump is near - but in a last ditch effort, one raider pushes through and descents upon a civilian ship. If this is the fuel tanker that needs to resupply Galactica, the entire human race will be left stranded and for the cylons to destroy.

Boomer chooses one of three ships. She reveals it...

...it has no resources on its back. The humans rejoice, laugh into her face while she sits there, cursing. FTL drive repaired, the admiral personally punches in the jump-key. Galactica jumps. The game is over.


This was the most exciting game I've played so far. I had never thought that four players would be as enjoyable as five or six, but it definitly was. The main kicker in this game was the close finish. One slight tilt of fate's scales or one bad decision by the humans would have resulted in cylon victory.


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