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Playing in a tournament this weekend. I would appreciate some help!

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#1 SeanXor



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Posted 13 September 2011 - 03:50 PM


We are having a tournament in my local area this weekend (Indianapolis area if anyone else is close by).   I am going to play a destruction deck, but I am not sure which one to go with.  

I would greatly appreciate your advice about which deck you think would be the best pick for the tournament, and I would also like to your opinions about how I could improve all three of them. 

I am posting a description of how I want the deck to work, and a link to deckbox with the deck list.  Thank you very much for your input and advice! 



This deck is all about Kairos Fateweaver, and getting him out early.  Low cost support and low cost chaos units pump up the resources quickly, and developments get put in the battlefield for when Karios comes out.  Diseases are the main form of defense.  




I suppose this is a fairly standard rush deck.  It is full of low cost units that come out quickly, and then uses tactics like Waaagh and Bash 'em to deliver the fatal damage.  



Dark Elf

This is the deck I enjoy playing the most, but I think it might be weaker than the other two.  It tries to limit the opponent by reducing their hand, and then use their power units against them with soul stealer and seeking new slaves.  The problem is without Shades or a Slave Pen early in the game the deck stalls badly. 



Thanks again!

#2 grille



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Posted 14 September 2011 - 03:59 AM

Considdering Chaos: When playing in tournament environment I wouldn't play without Desecrated Temple or Ungor Raiders. Some development control is really helpful in some matchups and it is good when you know that you only have to put 8 dmg into the zones but not in every game. I would also run Clan Moulders Elite because the opponent usually has to spend the same amount of resources like you to remove him. Even though Morrslieb is fragile against Dwarfes and Empire I think it's great in any deck that uses Sorcerer of Tzeentch and relies on getting a lot of developments. Destruction doesn't have ways to get more than 1 dev into play besides Morrslieb and it can sometimes be game changing even if it is only out for 1 turn.

Burn it Down should also be in it because you'll need support removal (Church of Sigmar, Mining Tunnels, Slave Pen etc.) and you are gonna develop the battlefield anyway because of Savage Gors and Kairos. I'm not so sure of Kairos and Unleashing the Spell fit together that good.

How good is Bash'em? It's unlikely to have that much resources in a rush deck because usually you only push the battlefield and quest zone. I think a more cheaper orcrush deck would be better. 3x Pillage, 3x Waagh, 3x Warpstone Experiments and maybe Troll Vomit or Smash'em should be a better tactic base. Besides Troll Vomit I wouldn't play anything above 3 Resources.

Another good orc variant would be a reanimator deck. I think it's also very good in tournaments because it doesn't have much weaknesses against a particular fraction and good answers against most other decks. A version that went well already is this one:

3 Warpstone Excavation
3 Contested Village
3 Rip Dere 'Eads Off!
3 Spider Riders
3 Chaos/Orc Alliance
3 Clan Moulder's Elite
3 Lobber Crew
3 One Orc's Scrap...
3 Pillage
3 Smash 'Em!
3 Sorcerer of Tzeentch
3 Light of Morrslieb
3 Raise Dead
2 Troll Vomit
3 Wight Lord
3 Grimgor Ironhide
3 Lord of Change


A good sort of unitcontrol + Pillage and Grimgore against decks that rely on massive developments like Kairos or Dwarfes/Empire. Try to rely on building the first turns and then reset the board with Smash'em or Troll Vomit. There are a lot of decks that really suffer from Smash'em. An early Rip onto Lord of Change in kingdom can also lead to an advantage that the opponent cannot recover from.


Dark Elves: when playing card control elements you should focus either on handcards or decking but not both. Offering to Hekarti is also very good because you'll need to manage the cards that your opponent is putting into play. A good base for a DE deck would be: Walking Sacrifice, Burn it Down, Sacrifice to Khaine, Black Horror, Offering to Hekarti, Seasoned Corsairs, Slave Pen and Wight Lord/Blood Dragon Knight. Still plenty of room to adapt it to your style. Shades + Beastlord Rakkarth is also very good and would go good with your already included Bladewind. Withering Hex can also help to held down your opponent low on cards.


It would be cool to hear how it went as it's usually quiet about reports.




#3 slick



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Posted 15 September 2011 - 06:14 AM

I would go with the dark elf standard deck with hekarti and just win games like grille said.Would love to hear your tourney reports

#4 DarkestWay



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Posted 15 September 2011 - 10:38 AM

I would use the destruction epic spell does 8 dmg to any area.

#5 Merenerook



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Posted 15 September 2011 - 10:37 PM

DarkestWay said:

I would use the destruction epic spell does 8 dmg to any area.


Ha ha good one! I agree with Grille.

#6 SeanXor



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Posted 18 September 2011 - 04:42 PM

Thanks for all of your help.  It turned out to be a fairly small tournament, as we only had four people show up.  With so few people, we played a round robin with each match up being best two out of three. 

Based off the suggestions I was given, I made changes to my posted dark elf deck.  I focused oh hand control, instead of deck discarding.  Beastlord Rakkarth and Clan Moulder Elites also added some much needed finishing power to the deck.  Because a couple of people asked, here is what happened at the tournament.   

The first deck I played was an Orc Rush deck and I had two close match ups against it.  Both times, the orcs rushed before I could really get control of the situation.  However, both times I was able to get control of the situation by taking out his weak units with hit point removal and cripple his engine with Withering Hexes.  In the second game, I was saved from the jaws of defeat by Sacrifice to Khaine.  The unexpected Sacrifice  caused his attack to stall, and a Wight Lord the next turn combined with normal hit point reduction taking out the weaker unit cleared out his battlefield.  I won both games, but I won with one zone burning, and another zone one hit point from burning.  

The second deck was a Dwarf Rush Deck.  The deck was almost entirely units with a few tactics thrown in.  Many of the units were not shy about sacrificing themselves for abilities, so that Reclaim the Fallen could bring them all back.  In the first game I got beat, because his deck moved to fast and my deck moved to slow.  

In the second game, I gained control almost immediatly, using hit point reduciton and soul stealing to keep him from building up his zones and I easily won that game.  To finish the best two out of three I got a mercy win, because he suddenly  had to go and forfieted.  

The final match up for me was also the championship game, because my opponent had also beat the other two players so who ever won our match up would be the tournament winner.  

He was playing a Chaos deck that was focused on corruption.  The first turn of the first game I got shades out, so his hand started shrinking quickly.  I also used withering hexes to keep his support cards from helping, so several turns in he was still only drawing one card and collecting three resources.  This was good because my deck stalled a bit, but for the most part I had control and was able to slowly pick him off. 

The second game was reversal of fortune.  He kept slowing me down with corruption, and a warpstone meteor in the quest kept me from getting his hand low.  On one turn he played two Savage Gors, and  I was unable to counter their attacks. 

The final game swung back in my favor, and my deck once again worked like it should. I depleted his hand, so that on his turn all that he had to play with were the cards he drew.  I won the final game and the tournament. 

#7 Philos



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Posted 20 September 2011 - 07:06 PM

Congrats on your win!


SeanXor said:

...and cripple his engine with Withering Hexes.

Hopefully, you didn't play Withering Hex on opponent's Warpstone Excavations. That's what happened in our games a few weeks ago and was really embarassing.

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