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#1 monk



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Posted 11 September 2011 - 06:56 AM

Just played the game for the first time and really enjoyed it! We played a 2 player game for the first mission.

We played 3 times. In the first game we died right at the end. During this we took our time to get used to the rules etc. but it was still really good fun. The second game ended on our 3rd turn!!! We got munched. However, the third time we played we completed the mission. We learned that co-operation really does pay off, so don't go being a hero and trying to make it on your own, it wont work.

I think this has got potential to get some really good expansions out with more characters, including 'boss' figures from the games, more tiles as well as anything from the 3rd xbox game. What about mounted guns/turrets etc. and maps that allow more convoluted levels etc.

looking forward to playing the rest of the missions!

#2 redeye48



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Posted 14 September 2011 - 09:46 AM

I bought my game copy last week and have been playing it solo with two COG's all week long, in the evenings.  Great game, lots of excitement and nail biting outcomes.  I've put together some of my own scenarios with randomly picked Locust and tiles.  Some observations regarding strategy:

1) Stay together and try and move together. If a single COG tries to scout ahead too far to grab additional ammo or try a Rambo move, he can quickly be overcome by swarms of Locust.  Also, try and get most of your COG's into cover. They need the defensive help from those walls.

2) The Lancer's constant ability is a great last ditch attempt at wasting Locust that are not immune to its quick kill effects.

3) Try and keep moving. Use Roadie Run, Explore, or Attack + Move 3 for your active COG and have all your other COG's use the special "follow ability" on their order cards to by-pass massing or stronger Locust.  

4) Teamwork is important. Try and use cards that give your other teammates additional order cards so that they can build their strength back up to respond and withstand Locust attacks.

5) You do not always have a lot of Bolo Grenades handy. Use them if there are a mass of Locust in one area or you need to soften up a stronger Locust. The odds may not always be in your favor that you will be able to seal a Locust entry hole and to waste a grenade on just trying to seal a hole without any Locust being present in the same area is a waste of ammunition, in my opinion. 

6) The Locust AI card "Reinforcements" places an A, B and C Locust at the map tile exit door. Keep an eye on the level of the AI deck to anticipate when this card might come up based upon your nearness to an exit door.  If the card has not come up and there are only 3-5 Locust AI cards left, you better get ready for some bad boys coming your way.

7) It's better to have more ammo than less....sort of a no-brainer. My feeling is that the starting levels of ammo are not quite enough. I would feel better with 3 ammo clips for all weapons and 2 grenades.  Grab for additional ammo if physically possible.  If you make your own scenarios, you can give your COG's as much ammo as you want. I'm still surprised how often I use the overkill ability of  my weapons and still come up short in wasting a stronger Locust.

8) Remember, a Bleeding-Out COG still has an action phase and can move (crawl) one area to move toward fellow COG's or escape into a safer area.

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