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Games I'd Like to See...

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 09:12 AM

I've felt for several years now that FFG is making the best board games out there, and picking up an re-releasing some great games as well. Naturally, there are some games I'd love to see FFG have a hand in:


Civilizaion -- Not the Sid Meier's game that came out a few years back, but the classic Avalon Hill game. This is one of my favorite games of all time, and it is a shame that nobody has tried to acquire the right to it. FFG could easily market this game, and it has a built in fan community. Like Talisman, this is a classic in gaming circles, and needs to return to print badly.

Age of Renaissance -- Another AH game, and similat to Civilization in many respects. Again, another favorite of mine, and one I wish more people could get ahold of.

Circus Imperium -- You didn't have to be a fan of Renegade Legion to like this game. Heck, it didn't even need to be set in the RL universe. Any game where you race hover chariots being pulled by genetically engineered beasts who like to frenzy and eat the racers, while crashing your chariot into opponent's chariots and walls, this game is uproariously fun. Our gaming group even ran a CI League back in the 90s for several years.

New Stuff

More Arkham Horror type games -- I love the board game as rpg aspect of Arkham Horror, and as I get older I have less time to spend making rpg scenarios and campaigns. I'd love to see more of these storytelling board games, where it is the players against the game. Android is a fun game and all, but is still player vs. player. I think the AH engine could easily be modded to take into effect other genres, and could sell almost as well.

Star Trek -- Hey, there are several different Star Wars games available, but only Star Fleet Battles and the occasional tcg set? Star Trek is still a workable license, has a strong fan base, and needs some gaming love thrown its way. Considering how good FFG has done with BSG, Doom and their other licenses, I feel they could come up with an amazing Star Trek game.

BSG: LCG -- The WizKids BSG ccg was awful, both in game design and flavor text. It felt like a poorly done rip off of other games. Yet, the concept of a BSG card game isn't a bad one, and the LCG format is a great idea. I could see this game being very similar to A Game of Thrones, my favorite ccg/lcg of all time. If FFG were to give the same treatment to BSG, count me in.

Big-Time Wish

I would still love it if FFG was able to acquire the WizKids line of games from Topps. They had some experience with miniatures when they were working with Rakham, and although Mutant Chronicles hasn't lived up to their expectations (at least, not in my area), I could see them taking the WKG stuff and actually making it better. Games like HeroClix could benefit from booster expansion intermixed with several fixed theme sets a year, and MechWarrior could easily be revived, and fill the niche at FFG that AT-43 tried to fill. They could even bring back Mage Knight. The right company could be successful with all these games, and I think FFG is one of the few companies that could succeed. Do I expect it? No, but it would be sweet.

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