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Some rules questions from a newer player...

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#1 timrichter9



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Posted 18 January 2009 - 04:49 PM

1.  Is the monster limit influenced in any way by non-token monsters?  (for example, there is a Dark Pharoah environment card that indicates that there are mummies in each streets location, they have the stats of a zombie, but have 2 toughness).  Do those count against the Monster Limit? 

2.   If in Arkham Movement phase you chose to go to a location that has an intervening street  with a monster thereon.  You have chosen to head to the location and to evade the monster in a street area so as to move past it into the location.  You fail at the evade check.  Do you resolve the fight right then, or do you wait until Arkham Encounters phase to fight, having failed the evade check?

3.  If you chose to move into a street area to fight a monster there do you move to that location during Arkham Movement phase, and then resolve the fight during Arkham Encounters, or do you resolve it during Arkham Movement, immediately after you reach that square on the board and indicate you will be fighting it?

4.   As in 3 above, if you move to a location that has a monster (no gate) with the intent to fight the monter(s), do you resolve the fight immeditately after you end in that location (during Arkham Movement), or do you wait for Arkham encounters phase to come along.?

5.  I am pretty strict about the phases, although the players I have played with are not as strict.   I am convinced that the ONLY thing that happens in Arkham Movement is movement, nothing more, nothing less.  For example.... If I move to a location with an active gate, I end my movement there and let the next player do his/her movement.    When Arkham Movement ends, we have Arkham Encounters.   When it comes to me, my "action" during Arkham, or the "encounter" if you will, is to move my investigator piece to the first half of the OW that corresponds to the gate.    Then in OW encounters, I have my encounter in the first half.    Does this all seem AOK??

 I have Dark Pharoah and the base set and I am very satisfied with the AH experience....   We lost with 7 players and Yog as the GOO since 5 gates opened quick and none of us has gate trophies.  We all died DEAD.


Tim RIchter

#2 thorgrim



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Posted 18 January 2009 - 05:42 PM

1. I don't have Dark Pharoah (yet, it should finally arrive this week) to know 100%, But I would say that if it doesn't have a monster token, it isn't counted in the limit. You can't have the encounter that pits you against a vampire not happen just because you are already at monster limit, it is an encounter, or in your case, an environment, so it still happens.

2. Rulebook page 6 & 8: "Each time an investigator attempts to leave a location or street area occupied by one or more monster markers, the investigator must either fight or evade each of the monsters there (see “Evading Monsters” and “Combat” on pages 14 for more information). Likewise, if an investigator ends his movement in a location or street area occupied by one or more monsters, he must fight or evade each such monster. If the investigator fails to evade a monster, the monster immediately deals its combat damage to him (see “Combat” on page 14) and he immediately enters combat with it."

3. See #2

4. Also See #2

5. You are correct in that you do not get sucked into a Gate until the Encounter Phase, but the Movement Phase is not only movement. Combat and picking up clues are also a part of this phase.


Good to hear you are liking the game. Wait until you get Dunwich Horror. it adds a great deal of cool extra stuff to the game, a lot of which can (and I think should) be used even without the Dunwich board.


#3 ColtsFan76


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Posted 19 January 2009 - 11:54 AM

1.  No, there is no way to count them.  It is just an effect in the street that may or may not occur as Investigators pass through without Exhibit Items.  They should have just listed the stats of the Mummy on the card, or better, made them available as tokens.  It is one of the many shortcomings of CotDP.

2-5. All combat with monsters on the board occurs during Phase 2 Movement.  The only combat during other phases is due to Encounter text when "a monster appears."

5. Movement from the first half of the OW to the second half of the OW occurs during Phase 2.  The OW encounter happens during Phase 4.  If you are in teh OW during Phase 3, nothing happens to you.  If you are in Arkham during Phase 4, nothing happens to you.

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