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Empire Snipe Deck - No Quest, No Verena

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#1 DB.Cooper



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Posted 04 July 2011 - 11:07 AM

Hi folks. :)

Here I am with another esotheric project. :)
Not meant to be my tier 1 deck for the next national league, but a funny playable deck to "entertain" the oppo. :)


The core idea is to have a "unique" empire deck that doesn't play VTHC nor Verena. It's basically a SNIPE deck with some damaging effects and the "classic" Shrine + Pistoliers, forgotten in the newest versions of Empire-Control deck.

It should focus on a huge KZ resource engine (that's the direction where any "modern" deck is going :)) and board control.


Here it is:



3x Knights Panther - one of the strongest pieces of "art" in the empire pool. Powerful.

3x Pistoliers - Finisher, anti-lock

3x Rodrik Raiders - ok

3x Skinks of Sotek - Damage, fast unit

3x Spawn of Itzl - "destroyer" of the deck. Different things work for it.

2x Jade Acolyte - a couple of Gandalfs just to "animate" devs and avoid locks.

3x Wilhelm of the Osternacht - it's an engine itself, moves stuff around to let Celestial Wizard strike.

3x Nimble Spearman - fast unit, free developement

3x Celestial Wizard - shoot man. Shoot. 



3x Contested Village - boost

3x Shrine to Taal - finisher, boost

3x Church of Sigmar - auto-include against Chaos

3x Derricksburg forge - boost



3x Iron Discipline - protect core units

3x Forced March  - movements, feed Celestial wizard or Spawn just in case you want/need to attack another zone.

3x Born Predators - at least a 2 damage dealing tactic, pretty useful against empire, dark elf and rush.

3x Long Winter - autoinclude that's here to get back any "developed" card in time of needs

2x Douse the Flame - somthing like a "tech" to avoid big guys or disallow auto-damaging strategies. Typical case: I wound a little guy with skinks. Turn after, the "boss" comes out...Douse the flame, then attack with Spawn: bye man. :)


TOT: 52


I know it's not and maybe will never be competitive, but I see it as nice idea for casual/thematic play and, maybe open to some future improvements.


What do you think? :)


#2 grille



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Posted 05 July 2011 - 10:51 PM

DB.Cooper said:



The core idea is to have a "unique" empire deck that doesn't play VTHC nor Verena. It's basically a SNIPE deck with some damaging effects and the "classic" Shrine + Pistoliers, forgotten in the newest versions of Empire-Control deck.



I like your approach to destroy things and not move it around because I think moving will not help so much in near future as it did a few months ago. I guess more cards will come that avoid zone dependancy (like Gyrocopter in the last pack). I don't see any flaws in your deck Cooper. The unitcontrol part seems pretty nasty and I wouldn't want to play against your units ^^


I had the same reason to build a empire deck a few days and the result is this:


3 Peasant Militia
3 Warpstone Excavation
3 Contested Village
3 Infiltrate
2 Order in Chaos
3 Call for Reserves
3 Called Back
3 Church of Sigmar
3 Derricksburg Forge
3 Knights Panther
3 Runefang of Solland
3 Sigmar's Blessed
3 Rodrik's Raiders
3 Zealot Hunter
3 Pilgrimage
3 Friedrich Hemmler
3 Volkmar the Grim


It played quite good against Chaos/Orc and basically works against a couple of other matchups. Call for Reserves works good with Zealot Hunter, Rodriks and Sigmar's Blessed. If you would play the new Ambush Tactic where you can play a unit anytime, I can also imagine good uses with Mountain Brigands, Skinks of Sotek or other "enters play" effects. It also allows a good crossfaction implementation (for ex. Cannon Crew). I underestimated Call for Reserves a bit when first looking at it. Otherwise this deck has good control parts even without the legend but when it hits the table all these return to hand effects are going to hurt. Reanimator players won't like Volkmar the Grim. Flames of the Phoenix played by Runefang can also be an option because it can be worth that 3 resources but maybe a bit too combo dependant. I'm not sure about what restricted card to use. Innovation would be good but I already need to develop quest because of Pilgrimage. Maybe the Mining Tunnels + Demolition package can also be good thing. I'll also work to get Iron Discipline into this because it seems necessary against DE.

Thanks again to MOUSE who brought me into right direction in building a Volkmar deck.


#3 DB.Cooper



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Posted 06 July 2011 - 12:21 AM

Hi grille. :)

We'll win the title of "innovators"...too bad we won't win tournaments,  maybe, but noone can say we're cheatin'. :)


A couple of things that came to my mind.


About YOUR deck:

1- Why don't you try to play Innovation? Warpstone is pretty risky right now and Innovation can solve LOTS of problems in harsh times. Or maybe Mining Tunnels + Demolition, but I'm not sure...

2- I'll pull out pilgrimage and runefangs for more "aggro-ish" stuff, maybe the "LIZARDS" package, Nimble spearman or something like that.


About MY deck, just a thing: the "movement" part is not there to take care of "zone specific" effects but to avoid complex setups. With celestial wizards + willhelm + spawn I can shoot to everything I want, in general and I can activate the "1000 resources/1 card per turn" strategy, cause will NEVER allow you to get the game back to your side, 'cause I surely draw 3 cards per turn, at least.


I like movement 'casue can hinder the opponent's planning. :)

Anyway, I'll try to focus more on the "aggro-ish" side in future testing and versions...And I guess, in that case, I will drop willhelm for Friederich and bring in Innovation. 


Let's talk about it. :)

#4 jogo



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Posted 07 July 2011 - 01:47 AM

My take at aggro empire with the current card pool:


3 Iron Discipline
3 Warpstone Excavation
3 Contested Village
3 Helblaster Volley Gun
3 Huntsmen
2 Infiltrate
3 Surrender!
3 Called Back
3 Chain Lightning
3 Derricksburg Forge
3 Jade Acolyte
3 Nimble Spearman
3 Pistoliers
3 Shrine to Taal
3 Skinks of Sotek
3 Rodrik's Raiders
3 Wild Rider

Devs to battlefield to get shooting power with volleyblaster, taal, wild rider.
Trying to keep enemy low on cards with skinks, called back, infiltrate.
I think this build has the advantage that you can have some really fast wins with nimble+blaster.
No Wilhelm, he is to expensive for this deck. You mainly want to have no defenders so your volleyblasterman survives -> Surrender/Called Back. Discipline to further protect the gun man. If the gunman has problems, taal was triggered on another unit (probably pistoliers) and wild rider hits good for himself.
Rush stopping with Acolyte, Skinks, Chain.
Huntsmen/Warpstone/Derricksburg/Contested for some fast and cheap eco (probably the best of all races). (You should have at least 2-3 from this cards on your starting hand)


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