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Runewars Experimental Rules (Generals & Monuments) v1.1

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Posted 02 July 2011 - 07:52 AM

Hi to all!


Here are Experimental rules for Runewars the Boardgame. I hope to create some new rules soon, but first of all i would like to test those two properly:)


Runewars Experimental Rules 1.1

Players may muster powerful Generals to lead their armies into unending conquer and turn the tides of war in their favor.

Recruiting Generals:
You may recruit a general during resolvement of Recruit Order by declining recruitment from one resource type that you have atleast 5 of.
For example: You are resolving Recruit Order, at this moment the highest Order played this Year. Your resources are 4/5/5. First you recruit with one of your resources selecting Food, then you may use secondary ability to recruit with another one. You choose to recruit a General, and select Wood as a resource type to do so.

If you succesfully recruited a General pick one of two options avalaible to your army:
Paladin (Holy)
Dwarf Thann (Combat)
Waywatcher (Combat)
Enchantress (Mage)
Warboss (Combart)
Troll Shaman (Holy)
Liche King (Mage)
Dread Knight (Combat)

- Generals use Circle Area to determine their combat capabilities.
- They always use initiative value that your army does not have unit in. For example: Elves do not use 5 initiative unit, so their General fights as if he were a 5 initiative unit.
- They always use Special Ability of a Circle Based unit type in your army with exception of a Mage (see below).
- They always have two Lives,
- They may always discard a Fate card and draw a new one, if it shows a blank in the Circle Area, but must accept new result.

Generals possess different atributes and capabilities. They are divided into three main Classess: Combat Masters, Holy Warriors and Mages. Each Class has its unique special rule, that will help players to achieve even greater victories.

After drawing a Fate Card for your General resolve it basing on your General's Class.

Combat Masters:
If a Circle Area shows some damage, you may pick other Area damage instead.

Holy Warriors:
If a Circle Area shows some Routes, you may pick other Area Routes instead.
Holy warriors may Rally (stand up) their own units, instead of Routing enemy units.

If a Circle Area shows some Special Abilities, you may use any Special Ability printed on your Faction Sheet instead of a Circle Based unit's one.
Mages may Ressurect units instead of dealing damage but must follow rules of dealing damage if doing so. For example: You dealt three damage with your Mage, and decided to Ressurect units instead. First you have to heal a damaged unit if there is one, and after that you may ressurect some fallen units.

Players may decide to Build Monuments dedicated to their Faction's Gods and mysterious powers in plead for help in conquering the world of Terrinoth. If they succeed the Gods would reward them with Victory.

Building Monuments:
You may build a Monument instead of constructing a Stronghold during resolvement of Fortify Order. Simply pleace a Monument token on any Friendly Area that does not consist Stronghold or City and spend five Influence.

A Monument is under Construction and will take some time to be finished. After you start building your Monument you may add more Influence to it every time you use Fortify Order. Just announce that you are adding new Influence to the Monument and use as much as you want. You must Controll a Monument to continue Construction.

Additionaly Monuments follows these rules:
- A Monument adds 3 strengh to its owners Faction in Battle taking place at its Map Tile.
- A Monument has Construction Points equal to the number of Influence points it is Construcded of.
- A Captured Monument is dealt 1 damage for each enemy unit occupying it at the end of every season.
- A Monument may not be Constructed by enemy Faction. It may be sistematically destroyed by Occupying it, but not continued.

Blessings of the Gods:
At the start of each Spring draw a Fate Card. If the number shown on the card is less than your Monuments Construction Points you receive one Dragon Rune.

Note from the author: We all wait for an Expansion to Runewars. Every average player knows that Orcs and Dwarfs with 0/5 and 5/0 Influence/Tactic Cards, and other cool rules would apear in the Expansion. Never the less - we wait and wait, and wait - and unfortunatelly get little borred with the Game.

I've decided to create theese simple rules to add some colour to everyday gaming, and refresh my favorite game.

Just imagine Mighty Heroes leading your armies, like they should! Great monuments of each Faction standing above battlegrounds! Maybe the Undying will decide to create a horrific Skull Pillar, or maybe the Elves would be faster, growing their Tree of Life first? I just cannot wait to see it:)

Those rules are v.1.0 and were'nt properly tested. The tests starts now, and i'll be glad if You help it, by using them. If you want to use some cool miniatures as Your new Generals and Monuments i propose Cave Troll the Boardgame and this set:
Treasure Chests as Monuments
Knight as Paladin
Dwarf as Dwarf Thann
Adventurer as Waywatcher
Thief as Enchantress
Barbarian as Warboss
Cave Troll as Cyclope
Wraith as Liche King
Orc as Dread Knight

Just spray those miniatures black and then paint them with Faction colours:)

aaah and use some Dice or write down the Monuments Construction Points, we do not want to use precious Influence are we:D?


Allright - feel free to ask some questions and alarm me if you'll test it and feel that this are unbalanced rules:)


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Posted 02 July 2011 - 11:26 AM

Posted Image

Here are finnished miniatures for this rules set.

link below if the image won't show.


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