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Tzeentch-centric Kairos Theme Deck

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#1 Darthvegeta800



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Posted 15 June 2011 - 11:42 PM

A little deck my brother made which I thought I'd share. We are only semi competitive and lacking in experience but this deckbuild aimed at bringing out Kairos's ability quickly seemed fun. Basically the Lord of Change must try and bring out Kairos as soon as possible. Corruption is also a key component, used to weaken the enemy prior to attacks. In a large part themed around Chaos, it does have a few non Tzeentch flavored cards but those were acceptable concessions I think.


Kairos Fateweaver 2x -> Development orientated.


UNITS: (21)

Lord of Change 2x -> get some cards like Kairos quickly.

Melekh The Changer 2x -> Can be very offensive in this deck.

Blue Horrors 3x -> Stalls/fodder

Marauder Chieftain 3x -> defensive sniping

Sorcerer of Tzeentch 3x -> Development orientated.

Herald of Change 3x -> defender

Bloodsworn 2x -> some extra punch

Maledictor of Tzeentch 3x -> can be nasty if used well



Shrine to Nurgle 3x -> corruption!

Desecrated Temple 3x -> nice little support

Warpstone Meteor 2x -> corruption!

Tainted Well 3x -> punish corruption!

Contested Village 3x -> solid in most decks

Armoury 2x -> there will be plenty of developments



Innovation 2x -> exploit developments

Seduced by Darkness 3x -> must-have corruption card

Cloying Quagmire 3x -> corruption and damage!

Seductive Delusions 3x -> corruption and damage!

Spreading Darkness 3x -> power through corruption

Flames of Tzeentch 2x -> Fluffy and can soften up prior to an attack!



#2 Severance



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Posted 16 June 2011 - 02:00 AM

 Here's mine Fateweaver deck:


3x Fledgling Chaos Spawn (free loyalty icon + 1rst  turn Deamonsword candidate)
3x Sorcerer of Tzeentch (sniping + development synergy)
3x Clan Moulder's Elite (cheap cannon fodder + Mark of Chaos synergy + nice target for own Plague bomb)
3x Ungor Raiders (nasty "leaves play" effect + desecrated temple synergy)
3x Warhounds (sniping)
3x Marauder Chieftain (nice damage ability + Wolves of the north candidate)


3x Kairos Fateweaver (pure win + sometimes can be played on 2nd turn)


3x Warpstone Experiments (Great resource boosting card, gives an opportunity to play Kairos on 2nd turn)
3x Plague Bomb (Crowd control)
3x Bolt of Change (Yes, with Kairos in play this tactic becomes useless but it gives super resource boost at first turn (Bolt + Warpstone Experiments)
3x Innovation 


2x Wolves of the North (Taken mostly because of free loyalty symbol, but can give some additional damage output)


3x Daemonsword (resource boost)
3x Contested Village
3x Desecrated Temple
3x Mark of Chaos (resource boost)
3x Warpstone Meteor

To OP:

Your deck seem's very, very costly to me.(mine imho ofcourse)

Mine suggestions:

Pick up 3rd Kairos.
Remove Lord of Change from this deck (no use for him, you already have another expensive 6-cost card)
Remove Blue Horrors (They are good for sacrificing, and you dont have any in your deck)
Consider about changing your deck archetype from "corrupting" to "sniping and unit removing" - With Kairos in play, you will have plenty of damage dealers, your main objective will be to keep Fateweaver alive as long as you can.

Hope some of these ideas will help.


#3 Darthvegeta800



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Posted 16 June 2011 - 04:46 AM

My brother's logic was (but not yet tested) that the LoC would quickly try and 'get' the Legend card. Plus it's very in tune with the fluffy theme of the deck.

I'd rather focus on corruption as sniping and 'removal' are already the theme of my Dark Elves. :)

#4 Philos



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Posted 21 June 2011 - 12:04 AM

Severance, I like your deck very much. There are some minor modifications I suggest.

+3 Burn It Down
+3 Savage Gors

I'm uncomfortable without any support removal. There are synergetic effects with Savage Gors obviously.

-3 Bolt of Change

You have no ressource boost on Turn 1 but only on later turn which is something I would ignore.

-3 Warpstone Meteor
+3 Light of Morrslieb

Warpstone Meteor does not work nearly all the time. I believe Light of Morrslieb is a must have support card in an Kairos deck.

For a ressource boost I would exchange the restricted card from Innovation to Warpstone Excavation.

Last but not least I find Daemonsword and Mark of Chaos too slow. I would try something like Effulgent Boils.

#5 Mouse_PL



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Posted 24 June 2011 - 01:28 PM

 deamon sword too slow for you ? have you tried putting it on a chaos spawn on the first turn ?

#6 Philos



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Posted 24 June 2011 - 09:13 PM

By "slow" I mean the corruption effect of Daemonsword which gives opponent opportunity to react on the attachment.

#7 grille



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Posted 27 June 2011 - 11:18 AM

I played a Kairos deck like this last weekend:

3 Fledgling Chaos Spawn
3 Braying Gor
3 Clan Moulder's Elite
3 Savage Gors
2 Ungor Raiders
3 Warhounds
3 Sorcerer of Tzeentch
3 Bloodletter

3 Warpstone Experiments
3 Burn it Down
3 Plague Bomb

3 Warpstone Excavation
3 Contested Village
2 Daemonsword
3 Desecrated Temple
3 Effulgent Boils
2 Light of Morrslieb

3 Kairos Fateweaver

51 cards

This is an updated version of the deck I played (-3x Oozing Eye, -2x Berserk Fury, +2x Ungor Raiders, +2x Daemonsword). I often played Berserk Fury in my chaos decks but Warpstone Experiments was a fine addition by itself and is cheaper. I also will give Daemonsword a chance because it draws attention and is fatal if ignored. I played Effulgent Boils + Oozing Eye because I want to delay the game as long as I need to get Kairos into play or getting enough Tokens on Sorcerer of Tzeentch. The goal is that the opponent doesn't have units in play and therefore can't bring enough damage on the field to win. Effulgent Boils + all the other unit control things was enough for this and so I took out Oozing Eye. It also good against units that have "declare as attacker" effects like Wilhelm and is cheap loyalty.

Kairos can be the game winner but you have to be careful. In theory we weren't aware how fragile legends are when they don't have have units/developments to protect the legend from normal combat damage. One turn we played I was too greedy and developed the battlefield instead of Quest where I didn't have a unit or development because I thought I would win the following turn but my opponent just attacked with 3 hammers and destroyed my legend ... in result resetting the whole game. So there is still a lot to playtest and finding out.

#8 Doc9



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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:10 PM

Great looking deck. I have found in my deck similar to this (but non Kairos themed) that Veteran Sellswords are perfect for Warpstone Experiments. Zero cost unit that is going to die anyhow to Warpstone which is already cheap as you already pointed out. It's a great use for those dirty mercenaries.

#9 Darthvegeta800



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Posted 28 June 2011 - 10:23 AM

Thanks guys for all the feedback. I'll show it to my brother later on.

I put up his refined deck in my main deckbuilding thread (do take a peek).
But anyway here it is:



Kairos Fateweaver 2x


UNIT (21)

Bule, Lord of Pus 2x

Maledictor of Tzeentch 3x

Bloodsworn 2x

Sorcerer of Tzeentch 3x

Melekh The Changer 2x

Marauder Chieftain 3x

Herald of Change 3x

Festering Nurglings 3x



Tainted Well 3x

Desecrated Temple 2x

Daemonsword 3x

Shrine to Nurgle 3x

Contested Village 3x

Warpstone Excavation 2x



Flames of Tzeentch 2x

Seductive Delusion 3x

Cloying Quagmire 3x

Seduced by Darkness 3x

Innovation 2x


#10 grille



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Posted 29 June 2011 - 11:31 AM

First of all this deck is not legit since there is Warpstone Excavation and Innovation in it. You try to mix in too much corruption theme which I think isn't that good together with Kairos. The main plan for Kairos is to get him out as soon as possible with a good economy and try to control the board while doing so. It would also be good to know why you have some cards in it like Maledictor of Tzeentch, Herald of Change, Tainted Well (Light of Moorslieb fits way better in a Sorcerer/Kairos deck) or Flames of Tzeentch (why no Plague Bomb?). There is also Marauder Chieftrain which I think is a good unit but not in this type of deck. I think he is better in a deck with Warpstone Meteor, Offering of Blood and the new previewed card from Eclipse of Hope. Or is it a theme/fun deck idea that you want to play?

#11 Darthvegeta800



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Posted 30 June 2011 - 09:26 PM

Well it is my brother's deck I'm puttign up for him.
The 'illegal' thing i dunno. I'm still not sure we'll bother with those things. We don't play tournies and usually we just play each other bar the occassional play/multiplay at our local gamestore.

Some of the missing cards may be due to the fact I missed a few battlepacks i recently picked up (storeowner had forgotten to order them apparently). Others seem more a choice of flavor in part.

Originally it was a far more 'themed' deck but he's slowly moving away from the Tzeentch flavor and trying out different stuff.

So far it has performed reasonably well, together with his Dwarven Slayer deck it's the nastiest deck we have build atm.

I'm going to send your feedback to him and see if he can finetune a bit. :) Thanks for the info.

#12 Dam



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Posted 30 June 2011 - 10:47 PM

Darthvegeta800 said:

The 'illegal' thing i dunno. I'm still not sure we'll bother with those things. We don't play tournies and usually we just play each other bar the occassional play/multiplay at our local gamestore.

I don't do tourneys myself at all, but in deckbuilding for games I still abide by official legality rules. Of course with 1x Core Set, I think I only had to adjust one deck slightly to get back to fully legal even after the Restricted list came out.

"A dirty mind is its own reward."

#13 Darthvegeta800



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Posted 02 July 2011 - 06:51 PM

Yeah in the meantime I think he has modified his decks to go with the latest faq. :)

#14 Ileopsoas



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Posted 14 July 2011 - 01:08 AM

I think 3 Kairos is necessary

Remeber:You don't need to boost, but to resist:you should be able to win in 2 turns after you play Kayros

So best advice is to develop fasta (light of Morrslieb)

remove your aggressive intentions (play melekh in kingdom or quest, you will strike only with your development)

If you can forget corruption and boost direct killing!


P.S.:Chaos Sword is bostly, but it's difficult nowadays that it sees a second turn in the zone where it started...in battlefield is pretty useless, expecially in this deck

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