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A query to Thunder's Edge players

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Lord Balor


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Posted 22 May 2011 - 03:24 PM

Just a few questions for Thunder’s Edge as I’ve been unable to track down a copy of the FAQ and is too far OOP for Customer Service to deal with:

1) Tension - Does it increase in the very first turn? The Tension counter is placed on the number "one" (There isn't one, only Start so I assume that's it) and so is this the tension increase for the first turn or does it increase two places and so the game effectively starts at '3'?

2) Alliances - In the Rulebook it says that players may only break an alliance in the Senate Phase. On the Alliance card it says that it can only be broken in the Mission Segment. I assume that the card takes precedence and so that players cannot break them in the Consul or Discard Segment which are also in the Senate Phase.

3) Control Markers - Aside from I think two mission cards, they seem underplayed for their purpose defined in the rulebook and appear more admin based tools (To show players positions in regards to Alliance Cards, Strength Cards, Controlled Locations without Units), more of a commentary on this as it seems pointless to leave counters on non-location areas given the size of the mission deck and the lack of Initiative cards based on control or am I missing something?

4) Locations - when a player gains or loses a location, When are his or her VP recalculated? Essentially is priority fixed for an entire turn or if one player takes locations off another (who hasn't had their turn yet), can this change the order of play?

5) Off World Locations - Do Off world tiles count as locations VP wise for working out priority?

6) Off World Locations - An offshoot of the above, does 'Mars' count for resource generation when determining the Bishop's Grant? Basically asking if the statement 'no other sources' means no non-location sources or a restriction on 'Mars'?

7) Bombardment Shield - How much does it cost? I've always assumed it was 5 as it says it's built in the same way as landing areas.

8) Initial Drop - When doing the initial drop, what happens when units land in the Acid Lakes? It says no units may enter them but unlike Volcano, doesn't actually say that units are destroyed. We've always treated Acid Lakes like Volcanos that essentially affect all units.

9) Just confirming that the Military Senator(s) issue is a misprint (I.E. they are all incorrectly printed as Senators) rather than an intended ingame mechanic for gaining Senators?

10) Do tiles remain face down after the initial drop or are they revealed only when units enter them?

Many thanks in advance for your time and help!



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