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becareful what you wish for ; a suggestion for a new FFG title .

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Posted 14 May 2011 - 10:11 PM

i have wanted a copy of games workshop "dark future" for a very long time , and i got a copy of dark future in a trade about a month ago , and i WANT soooooooooooo much to like this game , but the rules suck soooooooooo bad . they are poorly written  and poorly organized , and could really do with a rewrite .


its one of those grail games that alot of people familiar with GW heard about in white dwarf magazine and wanted for a long time because when it was produced (1987 i think) games workshop was big , but by no means the giant they are today , so big box games like dark future were rarely seen here in the US .


indeed many of the people i have spoken to who have it have agreed that the game should be great , but the rules get in the way , so their sets end up getting canibalized for other car war type games or left sitting on a shelf to gather dust .


the game premise and methodology make alot of sense , but the rules are klunky and hard to keep track of . they need to be slimed down and cleaned up .


i think they could be made simpler , and faster playing .


as it is , the game still sells , though the only real source is on ebay , and for top dollar when you consider that the sets are used and most are missing parts or have broken parts .


i think this is a games workshop title that could do with a reboot , a SERIOUS reboot . new better boards , better rules , new miniatures , and some fluff thats actually well writen and makes some sort of coherrent sense .

i am one of those sticklers for stuff that fits in , and the scale is somewhere between 20 and 25 mm , and while alot of people use matchbox cars for their games , they are still not the right scale , because the cars in the box are single seat cars , but i would be willing to bet that GW has the old molds sitting around somewhere on a shelf , and it would be nice to see the vehicles not only reproduced , but also sold as seperate packs so you can add more cars and motor cycles to your collection , maybe even see a few new cars and bikes/trikes produced , aswell as some figures for drivers and gunners and such .


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Guest_Not In Sample_*
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Posted 16 May 2011 - 08:37 AM

i would also like to point out that a rewrite would potentialy also open up a new market for this game to younger players . while the game is not filled with mature content not suitable for younger readers , the poorly written rules make it so hard to get into that only older players can MAYBE understand it and keep track of it , and its more complex than it needs to be .

while its more common for adults to get games like this and tech it to kids , the rules are so player UN-friendly that as written , that wont likly happen .

and as it was written , any kid that got this game would have played with the cars in other games , or had to make up their own rules .


oh and for those not familiar with the game ,i should have pointed out that it is  a madmaxish type road warrior type game

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