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more questions, misprints etc.

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#1 monk



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Posted 06 May 2011 - 10:51 PM


I've posted some of these before but had no answers. Others are new questions after playing with some of the expansions. If you can't answer them can anyone tell me how to post to support please.

1. In 'Lords of the River' you can use indirect fire with the longbow men by using an adjacent friendly units line of site. Can you shoot over all terrain this way (hills, forests, buildings, crags) or is it just units you can fire over?

2. In ''Lords of the River', Volley requires that the supporting friendly ranged units must all be touching the unit carrying out the attack, is that correct?Rules state that units must be contiguously in contact (me and my friend argued as he thought it was a misprint and it should be continuously not contiguously. Thus, I think all ranged units that want to add die to the attack must be touching the actual attacker).

3. In 'Lords of the River', can a ranged unit use the volley keyword and indirect fire keyword in one attack? (ie. Can it fire with the extra die from supporting units and also use the line of sight from one of the supporting units?)

4. In 'Lords of the River' if you have a ranged unit in an outpost with a Tower Icon and the enemy unit has no ranged attackers, your ranged unit cannot be attacked at all (as no melee against unit in Tower Icon)? You can keep raining down arrows with longbow men all game?

5. In Tribes of the Vale, the stonecrows card must have a misprint on it. Regardless of rank, all attacks are made with 4 die, thus green rank would be the best (move 2 attack 4)!!!


6. In tribes of the vale, you have to use a hill to access a crag hex. Can you move directly from a crag hex to a plains hex or must you descend via a hills hex too?

7. Using Tribes of the Vale, I played a skirmish where you had to place house tokens on a crag spaces. However, my opponent didn't draw any hills for the skirmish so how are you meant to capture the tokens on them?

8. In Tribes of the Vale Mountain Bred means you can move through a crag to an adjacent hex. Is this movement in addition to any movement taken? Can you move adjacent to a crag hex, move through it, and then continue moving for example? Can you move through a 'free' crag space if it has another unit in it?

9. I cant remember what expansion it's from but there is a 3 hex building terrain. Normally, when you move into a building you must stop. If you are in this large building terrain at the start of your turn can you move to one of its other hexes and then out of it, or must you still stop as if you are entering a normal building? Also, if you and an emeny are in the bulding together do you still get cover 1, as per normal rules, if you melee attack each other? Can ranged units fire from this bulding at an enemy in the same building?

10. Can dogs of war be used against unit in forrest/building hex.

11. Can you discard 2 morale tokens to order any unit or must it be the actual shield tokens that are discarded for this to be carried out?

Thanks for any help.

#2 KenToad



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Posted 07 May 2011 - 06:41 PM

A fantastic list of questions.  And it's amazing that this stuff isn't already covered in the rules.  I don't have either of the Ally expansions, but I guess it's not surprising, given the track record of the people who edit and "playtest" this game. 

The Stone Crows have move 2 attack 4 at every rank???  Wow!

Here is the message from FFG about rules clarifications:

"Welcome to the Fantasy Flight Games website.
We would like to remind you that the Fantasy Flight Games community forums have been created as a meeting point for fans of the games we publish, a place where they can exchange ideas and opinions about these games and meet other people that share the same hobby. It is not intended to be a way to contact FFG directly, nor to ask for rules clarification or support.
Please visit the FFG Customer Service page to send us all your rules questions or contact customer support. To prevent useful rules clarifications from being buried in a forum thread, we will post our responses to frequently asked questions on the Support page for each game.
Thank you, and pleasant posting!"

Of course, they have this posted at the Customer service page:

"FFG Support

Rules Questions
At some point you may find yourself in the midst of enjoying a game among friends, when suddenly an unusual rules question arises. If you have already reviewed the rulebook and are still unsure, here are a few potential sources of assistance:

* Visit the Support page for your game. You may learn that we have already posted an answer to your question.
* You can pose your question to the community-at-large by posting on the FFG Community Forums.

If you have not found the answer you seek, please visit our Rules Questions page and fill out the form thoroughly so we have as much information as possible. Please understand that we are unable to answer Rules questions by phone."

I've bolded the informative phrases in the two documents.  Here is the address with the form you need to fill out to get the official answers to these questions.


Please post the answers when you get them.  I'm guessing that the FAQ/Errata document is about to get longer.

#3 monk



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Posted 12 May 2011 - 11:33 AM

Here are answers I received from FFG on the questions above:

1. Yes, terrain can be shot over.

2. It is contiguous as stated. Therefore, several ranged units in a line can be devastating as long as they aren't engaged since their minimum attack range is 2 (longbowmen anyway).

3. Yes.

4. Yes, it is factored into those scenarios. Just like a melee unit can just sit there and take away that capability.

5. No misprint. Green are the easiest to kill. On the dice, the are usually hit 50% of the time if the unit can hit on Valor. Cavalry can make mince meat of them...especially if Pursue comes into play. However, for your play style, they may be the best. Also note that all Burned Men move 2 and attack.

6. You must descend the same way. Good looking out. I will add this comment to the next batch of FAQ items.

7. Does house = control markers? If so: This is sort of a gimmicky one to show how crags can be used, etc. The first thing to note is that a player can draw his terrain cards from the Tribes deck. If he chooses to, there are only two cards without mountains. In the event a player draws both, he is not out of luck. Instead, a couple of things can happen. If the player with crags chooses to secure one or more crag with a hill hex, the other player need only place a crag near this area in order to try and take it. If no crags have hill access and the sides are tied, it is a fight for momentum. If there is no access and one team has more than the other, the only choice is rout. It is still winnable depending on the commanders chosen. If you find it is not your cup of tea, you can augment by saying instead of a crag hex, players place a hill hex adjacent to a crag hex of their choice.

8. As the rules state, this crag movement does not count as a space when using Mountain-bred nor does it stop movement in any way (the crag hex). However, you must take into account the hexes you are moving from/to as normal. Yes, you may move through an occupied crag hex. This simulates a normal unit being on top of a crag while clansmen can utilize secret passes for movement. Very useful in the third scenario. Keep in mind, however, that you may not double move through two crags (as stated in rules).

9. Each hex of the three hex building is counted separately. The attacker does not get the cover bonus as per the rules of building terrain (since his engagement marker is showing).

10. Yes.

11. Yes. Any two matching tokens.

I  received this email the same day I sentit to FFG. Good work fellas!

#4 KenToad



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Posted 13 May 2011 - 09:35 AM

Good to see the answers, Monk.  Thanks for posting the response. 

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