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Double Treachery

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#1 Rashley



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Posted 20 April 2011 - 12:51 AM

Having just got my copy - thoroughly enjoying it - I wanted to try all Spheres as quickly as posible, so played 2 teams even though on my own.  In one game my 2 Encounter draws were 2 x Caught in a Web.  I thought I would reduce the effects - cannot Ready in the normal Ready Phase unless the Hero on which the Treachery card was played, pays 2 Influence - by putting both on the same Hero.  I could find nothing in the rules to prevent this.  So, is this OK?  Then, does that Hero still pay 2 to Ready or 2 for each card on it?  I also assumed the Hero could be readied by other effects without paying the penalty as the card(s) definitely state Ready during the Ready Phase.  Is this OK?

Like all LCGs, the rules can be a little overwhelming at first, which is why I like to take things 'literally' as I think it was intended.  On the whole, this works, but I bet as more people play, the more the game will become complicated and changed, just like Warhammer.  I also struggled with Enemies 'Engaged' with players.  Their 'Threat' still adds in the 'Quest Phase', but I think they are not counted as 'In the Staging Area' still.  Is this correct?  It effected the Hero 'Dunhere'.  He can target enemies in the staging area when attacking alone and gets +1 attack value.  Therefore he doesn't get the +1 if attacking alone against an 'Engaged Enemy', Correct?

As I see it, I can see no reason why 4 players can't play with the Core Set.  One Sphere each.  You would rush through the Encounter deck and may run short of tokens, but it could work.  This game should be a winner!  My local games shop presold all 12 of their first order and are pretty certain their next 12 will go quickly.  Cheers!

#2 pumpkin



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Posted 20 April 2011 - 07:01 AM

i think applying the attachments to the same hero is fine but youd need to pay 4 resource not 2 IMO.

Engaged enemies threat don't count in the questing phase; thats the reason for engaging them

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