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First selfmade deck (Chaos/undead/walking bombs)

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#1 acgabs



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Posted 09 April 2011 - 08:16 PM



First post here, and I would like opinions/criticism on my first selfmade deck. The card pool I have available is (1* each) Core Set, Assault on Ulthuan, March of the Dead




1 Fledgeling Chaos Spawn

3 Servants of Khorne

3 Festering Nurglings

3 Skeletal Horde

2 Crypt Ghouls

1 Melekh the Changer

1 Nurgle Sorceror

3 Bray Shamans

1 Maledictor of Tzeentch

1 Valkia the Bloody

2 Wight Lord

1 Chaos Knights

2 Countess Iseara

2 Lord of Change

1 Bloodthirster



2 Warpstone Excavation

1 Cloud of Flies

1 Blood Frenzy

1 Horrific Mutation

3 Shrine to Nurgle

2 Numberless Graves



2 Seduced by Darkness

3 Cloying Quagmire

1 Culling the Weak

1 Slaanesh's Domination

1 Will of Tzeentch

1 Nurgle's Pestilence

2 Tzeentch's Firestorm



2 Prepare for War!


#2 Gerson



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Posted 16 April 2011 - 12:18 PM

Hi, welcome to the forums!

Building a deck is not an easy task. You learn a lot from trial and error but it's also a fun experience when deck starts to play the way you envisioned it.

The first thing I noticed is that your deck has a lot of big creatures but not enough units / supports to generate resources early in the game. You need the small low-cost units/supports in order to pay for the bigger ones (some people refer to this as your "resource curve"). I usually play at least 18 cards that are playable first turn in the kingdom zone. I think you should go with 3 Warpstones instead of 2. Contested Village is also a great card that every competitive deck plays and helps a lot early in the game. Savage Marauders (3-cost, 2-power / 1-hp) were very popular when the core set was release. You play it first turn on your kingdom and you get 5 resources on your second turn. They're very vulnerable to Har Ganeth and Vile Sorceress though.

From your list I can see a lot of things going on in your deck: corruption, undead, direct damage, big creatures. I know it's hard to build a deck from a limited card pool but I think you should decide how you want to win the game and try to build your deck around this theme.

I hope this helps.


#3 acgabs



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Posted 18 April 2011 - 06:15 AM

It does, thank you :)


I should propably get rid of most big creatures. Still, I wouldn't want to restrict myself to one "thing" going on. When plan A fails, I usually want my decks to have a plan B ready so I don't just roll over :D

I think plan A would be lots of necromantic dudes with the beastmen shamans pumping them up.

Plan B? Maybe direct damage or corruption? Any idea what would work better?

#4 Gerson



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Posted 18 April 2011 - 02:50 PM

When I said to build your deck around a theme I meant giving it a primary focus. Having a secondary theme to complement the primary focus is a good thing.


#5 rzarectz



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Posted 02 May 2011 - 02:42 PM

Generally, it is argued, that when you decide to add a card to your deck you are doing it with a goal in mind.  As a result it is generally (i emphasize the word generally, lol) agreed that if you choose to add a card to a deck you should add as many of those cards as you can.  That being said alot of people build decks not to be as effective as possible but to follow a particular theme etc.

One thing I will personally stress is how important the start of the game is.  Having enough low cost, low loyalty, non-"battlefield only" supports/units to boost the power of your kingdom/quest zones out the gate (and keeping wasted resources to a minimum, is probably the best way to increase the success of your decks when first starting. 


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