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Flavor text for Scenario 1A *spoilers* Keepers only please.

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Posted 12 March 2011 - 06:27 PM

After running this for some players who have played before I received lots of positive feedback so I've decided to post it here.

I also did not place any cards on the board except for the locks (though in the future I will probably put tokens on the rooms that have been explored just for ease).

For the setup you take all the required cards for certain rooms for this setup: Axe, Elder Sign, Fire Extinguisher, Magical Phrase, Shotgun, Silver Key, and Starling Evidence, along with Power Failure, Puzzle Box and Suitcase, and the 3 clue cards and put them in one pile.

The other cards (Lantern, Nameless Cults, Sedative, Whiskey and 5xNothing of Interest) you shuffle and keep handy for the rooms requiring a random card.

I found that this cut down on setup time and in no way detracted from the game. (Plus I didn't have to keep explaining that "the cards are in the room not the space" to the newer players)


The story behind the text (if not evident) is that Walter still sets places at his table for his wife and child, he drugs his visitor's food and then drags them to the operating room. The mismatched luggage described in the Entryway is that of his victims. I'd like to encourage everyone to make suggestions or post their own versions of the text. And of course Keepers are welcome to use it in their own games. I hope you enjoy (Also I'm sorry for any spelling/grammar errors but this was mostly written late a night)


This is additional text I've written for each room for answers 1A 2A and 3B

*Foyer - Read prologue w/3b

when explored - Random

This room is dimly lit, the smell of chemicals hangs thick in the air. Books on disease, infection, and viruses are stacked on the floor, on the desk top there are many old tomes in strange languages on topics you suspect to be of a more occult nature.
There is another door in this room.
if explored find random card

*Operating room.

The smell of disinfectant and something... coppery hangs in the air, the lights hum and buzz overhead while casting their sickly yellow light over the room. A hanging cloth partition obscures part of the room and a large industrial looking steel door leads elsewhere

When explored - Power Failure - The lights flicker and then suddenly go out, you flip the light switch but nothing happen and you can just make out by the light from the other room that the wires to the switch have been cut, but you should be able to fix them
after it is resolved "The lights flicker but then turn on once more casting a sickly yellow glow on the room. As you begin looking around you wish you hadn't fixed the wiring or maybe even that you hadn't taken this job in the first place. Looking behind the partition you see a bloody mess of a man laying on the operating table, his lidless eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. Rusted instruments and crude tools lie all around him. As you approach, the mans eyes turn to look at you and the skinless man whispers in you in horror through his lipless mouth. "Oh god, he wanted my flesh..." With his last breath he murmurs "He let me stay the night..." he shudders once then goes limp, his hand opens slightly, and you see a small silver key. You steel yourself and slip it from his hand, trying your best not to touch him. (Clue 3b)

You swing the heavy door open and the cold hits you hard. This seems to be a freezer for preserving samples in. The jars and vials line the walls are mercifully frosted over. In the center of the room on the floor lay something small and square covered with a dark cloth.
When explored - You pull back the dark cloth expecting the worst, beneath it however lay a small puzzle box covered in cryptic runes. You try to open the box but the lid wont budge, then you notice that the tiles on the lid can move and the image seems jumbled... maybe if you arranged them in the right order you could open the box.
when opened- The lid opens with a soft click when you put the last piece in place. Nestled inside the box is a gold medallion with an odd symbol etched on it. You hang it around you neck for safe keeping. (Elder symbol)

*Hallway 4
This part of the hallway is clean and well kept, photos of Walter Lynch, his wife Edith and his son hang on the walls. A large trunk sits here in the hall next to a door. The hallway continues down and you see another door further down.

When explored- "You open up the trunk and find..." Random card.

*Guest Bedroom
Locked door-You try the door handle but the door is locked.
If they have the key. You remember the key that you found and slip it into the lock. You hear a click as it unlocks and you step into the room. Even with a quick glance you can tell that while this is now the guest room it use to belong to a small boy. A well loved teddy bear sits on a shelf next to a few wooden soldiers, and even a hand drawn picture of the family still hangs on the wall. The closet door is closed.
when explored - Stuffed in a small tear in the teddy bear you find "read clue 2a-" followed by "Written in childish hand is an odd phrase and a small symbol is drawn beneath it." (magical phrase)

*Storage Closet

Padlocked Door - read card

When unlocked - The closet smells of mothballs and the clothes of a young boy hang on hooks. There are many boxes stacked in here mostly unlabeled.

When Explored- You find tucked carefully behind some boxes in the far corner a Shotgun, you pause for a second before taking it to wonder what it is doing in here.

*Entry Way
This is a small room that leads from the main house to the fenced in garden. There are some odds and end here, but I guess the most concerning would be the small stack of mismatched luggage.
When explored "You check inside the suitcases and you find" random

Read "jammed door"
When opened -
You step into the fenced in garden, the moon light casting menacing shadows in the dormant vegetation. A small pile of tools lay here, most of them look broken. It seems like someone was trying to dig up the frozen earth.

When explored, "You quickly sift through the splinted and broken tools and you discover an axe which is still intact and it looks sharp. There are however some concerning maroon stains on the blade."


*hallway 2
A plain hallway with some simple furnishings, the hall runs back the way it came and there is a single door.
When explored "Looking around you notice....a) Random stuffed between the cushions or b) nothing of interest"


*Master bedroom
dark room - read card

when explored -You grope around in the darkness, worrying what you might find. You breath a small sigh of relief as your hand falls on what feels like a suitcase. You try to open it but it seems to be locked. (please adjust if they have the lantern)
When unlocked - "The lid falls open and papers fall out... giving them a quick look over you discover some startling evidence"

When Startling evidence is used
3) There are details in here about the horrible medical operations that have been going on, and then you realize that these have actually been preformed right here in this very building. It seems like different parts of the bodies were removed from different victims, and it seems like he was even doing something to his own wife, though you aren't sure what. You might be able to find out more in the Operating Room.
2) These seem to be some journal pages, "Dated Jan 24th, 1919. No one must find her. I've sealed the door. I must keep the words safe. My son's room, no one would dare manhandle the few remaining possessions of a man's dead son. Though after all that has happen I should be more use to calling it the guest room... even if my guests don't stay very long.
1) These seem to be some journal pages, there is no date "The dreams... they wont stop even in my dreams. I hear them digging thier way out of the soft earth in the basement, I would have buried them outside but the ground was too hard. And when I'm not asleep I imagine I can smell them, seeping up through the house from the Basement landing. How many are there now... I can't remember. But my son, I must think of my son. He must eat... I must be for here for him now, I was too late then but not now. I must take precautions."

*dining room
The table has been set for four, but two of the plates are empty as if waiting for someone to arrive. The food is cold but has not gone bad. One of the chairs by a half eaten plate of food is laying on it's side.
When Explored- "You search the room and find" Random


The kitchen is a good size with an icebox and a wood stove, the unwashed dishes from the meal are piled here, out of place is a small empty vial of sedative on the counter.
When explored. You find a Fire Extinguisher, it may come in use so you keep it with you.


*Kitchen Storage
This is a typical household pantry. The shelves are lined with canned goods and there seem to be a few odds and ends shoved in the corner.
When explored "You shift through the items and you find... "random


*Basement Stairs
The stairs leading down to the basement are steep, the smell of earth and decay gets stronger the further down you go... At the bottom of the stairs in front of a closed door there is some junk laying around.
when explored "You look around, poking though the odds and ends and find" random


*Basement Landing
Magical lock -You attempt to open the door but the handle wont even budge, you notice a strange symbol carved above the doorknob.

If the found the magical phrase. "You recognize the symbol from the journal entry you found in the son's room. You unfold the page and carefully read the sentence aloud. When you finish the page ignites in your hands and you drop it to the ground and stomp on it. When you look up the door has already swung noiselessly open.

"As you step into the room you notice that the basement landing's earthen floor has recently been disturbed. Two other doors lead from this room"

If event card 3 has been read "This is where he must have been buried her, it looks like she dug her way out, and you wonder briefly if there are any more down there"

if event card 3 has not been read "You think you hear something stir beneath the earth, but as you listen for the sound you hear nothing.. your mind must have been playing tricks on you."

When explored read clue 1



*Basement Storage
This room is full of junk, but still there may be something of use in here.
When explored "You find..." random


*Ceremony Room
Read sealed door card
If seal has been removed -The smell on burning incense greets you are you enter, at the far end of the room lay an altar surrounded by candles and unknown symbols. Strips of flesh with bizarre imagery carved into them hang stretched on the wall. A bowl of blood sit on the altar next to a small framed photo of Walter's son, lovingly placed on a small scrap of white cloth to keep it from getting dirty.
If explored "Haven't you seen enough in here! There is nothing in here that you'd want" (Nothing of interest)

#2 CraggleRock



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Posted 12 March 2011 - 11:20 PM

That's fantastic.  Makes me consider working out some for alternative objectives myself.  My first thought on not having the cards would it makes things more difficult for investigators in that it is no longer so apparent which rooms have been searched, but I see you consider placing tokens afterwards.  Skill tokens may make useful and vaguely appropriate markers for that purpose, in the absence of anything else.

#3 ArsenyK



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Posted 13 March 2011 - 12:19 PM

This is brilliant! Thanks for the write-ups, I will use this in my next game.

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