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A quest for Daemonhood- and what else?

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#1 CaptainSabutai



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Posted 25 February 2011 - 10:43 PM

My First post, had to make an account due to be super-surprised and excited by the announcement of this game? So do people think the game will have a meta-structure akin to Rogue Trader's Endeavours or Deathwatch Mission's? maybe a structured system for ascending toward becoming a daemon prince? Player could accumulate 'acheivements points' via violent atrocity, corrupting innocents, carrying out dark rituals, setting up cults etc, with each chaos god and chaos undivided awarding different amounts of points for different  actions maybe. what do people think? What other stuff do people want to see?  I'd like to see some of the daemon weapons and daemonic wargear from the older Chaos codexes and Horus heresy novels given stats- I want my World Eaters Berserker with Daemon Armour and Axe of Khorne, or a Thousand Sons Sorceror-Librarian of the Corvidae Cult, with one of those he'qa staffs from the book a Thousand Sons!

#2 Lucifer216



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Posted 26 February 2011 - 09:43 AM

Personally, I'm hoping for a whole gourmet menu of possibilities, including Eunicia and entry to the Black Library, but also new paths to apotheosis that have never been described in any previous publication. 

Blasphemous quests to unlock the true potential of Halo Devices and Yu''vath technology would be great, along with the option to try twist the Tyrant Star to your own ends...

It would also be great if we could have several new corrupt alien species willing to do deals with renegades, in a manner simular to the Saruthi in Eisenhorn. 

I'm also wondering if the tone will be completely "straight" or will be with a tint of dark humour. For example, will PC's be rewarded for monologing or sentencing captured inquisitors to death by overally elaborate and easily escapable death-traps? 

#3 Drake56



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Posted 26 February 2011 - 11:58 AM

the death of the false emperor and a very very big bag of choc chip cookies

#4 gathrawny



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Posted 26 February 2011 - 07:34 PM

 I'm guessing they'll play it straight.  40k likes its grim dark

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