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rough draft of ability summary

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Posted 01 February 2011 - 12:56 AM

I have been enjoying dust tactics so far, however we did get some of the special abilities wrong in out first game, so in order to help myself and the rest of everybody else I thought it would be fun to write a special abilities rules summary but before I make it all fancy I wanted help editing it. Here is the ruff draft.


I'm attempting to express the rules clearly and with as few words as possible. Please let me know if the rule is not clear or actually has a different effect then the original wording.



When this unit moves all diagonal movements cost only one space. A hero shares this ability with any squad they join.


All in one

Use once per game with any action. This unit doubles their attack dice with all weapons this round.



Use once per game with any action. this unit doubles their movement value. A hero shares this ability with any squad they join.



Use once per game. Unit may re roll all failed attack dice ONCE this round, this stacks with sustained fire. A hero shares this ability with any squad they join.


Black ops

While in your army and still alive this hero grants you an extra die to your initiative rolls. The bonus from black-ops does not stack with additional black ops heroes.



In place of it's normal actions this unit may “charge”. To charge a unit may move up to it's speed x2 plus an additional space (extra space may be a diagonal move). After moving it MUST attack with all of it's range one weapons. A unit may only charge if it can end it's movement adjacent to an enemy.


Damage Resilient

When this unit takes damage roll one die for each damage taken, fir each hit ignore one damage. This bonus stacks with cover. A hero DOES NOT share this ability with any squad they join.



If this unit moves on it's turn, it may move one extra space.


Fighting spirit

If this hero MOVES and then ATTACKS treat all misses in their attack roll as hits. A hero shares this ability with any squad they join.



As a move action you may “jump”. While jumping the unit may move over any square that has a “dot” regardless of terrain, units, or vehicle occupying that square. this unit must land in an empty square. You may not move over a square without a dot. A hero DOES NOT share this ability with any squad they join.


Self Repair

At the end of a round this vehicle rolls one die for each damage it has taken. For each hit remove one damage from the unit. Self repair does not work when this vehicle is totally destroyed. You can not recover more then your original health.



When this unit damages an enemy squad you chose the miniature removed from the squad, that squad can no loger use any weapons that miniature was carrying. A sniper may chose to apply it's damage to a hero, instead of a squad. This ability only applies to the sniper when a sniper is part of a squad, other squad members resolve their attacks normally.


Sniper team

This squad has members with unique abilities. The miniature with a long range gun has the sniper ability, the miniature with a with binoculars has the spotter ability. If either of these figures are lost only that particular miniature’s abilities are lost, the other figures keep their unique or shared abilities.



a squad with a spotter reverses all it's attack rolls, they consider hits as misses and misses as hits. When performing sustained attacks only re-roll hits (and not misses).


Tank head

Once per game as an action, this hero may remove all damage from an adjacent friendly vehicle. If the hero is part of a squad, the whole squad spends an action. “Tank head” may not be used on a totally destroyed vehicle.


Special weapons coming soon.

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