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Oldie but Goodie questions that came up in recent game

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#1 BrooklynMike



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Posted 17 January 2011 - 02:14 PM

Yes, I understand that the FAQ is with the game company and real soon now will be released, and Yes I know that if I read through the 214 postings I can pull out some answers to these questions, but we're playing BoN quite a bit now, and I'd like to get this straight:

1) Disordered Squares: Inf in square getting a Disorder remain in square?

2) Cavalry vs Cavalry in a charge: Cavalry charging un-disordered cavalry have normal melees? No difference if they are attacked from adjacent or after one hex move?

3) Retreat: Can squares retreat?

4) Voluntary retreats for lines with a defense order: Can lines exercise the option to voluntary retreat if they have a Defense order?

5) LOS: The letters are hexes, a letter with a "|" is a crest hex, so:

  A  B  |C  D  E

 a) Can atty in hex B see hexes |C (which is the lower side of the crest) D, and E? or are any blocked
 b) Can atty in hex A see hex |C (just on the down side of the crest)?
 c) Can atty in hex A see hex D?

6) Attack order Movement: Can units with Attack orders move sideways and get no closer to but no further from enemy units?

7) Card Timing: The Brit attacker charges with cavalry. The defender has a "Counter Attack" card, the British attacker has a "Scotland Forever" card. After the first British charge attack, who gets to go first, the Counter Attack'ing defender, or the charging Attackers?


#2 Newman55f9



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Posted 18 January 2011 - 05:54 AM

I had sent an email to FFG on the whole crest issue and they replied that only the unit adjacent to the ridge on the low ground is affected.  Everyone else can apparently see each other just fine.  Here is their responde to my questions:

Here's the answer to your question.

1. In the first question as long as the artillery has the high ground then the ridge line will not impede line of sight. Now in the same situation but the artillery is on the low ground then it would stop line of sight. Having the high ground gives you the advantage of ignoring the ridge that gives you high ground.

So Hex 1 / Hex 2 / ridge / Hex 3 (low ground)

Hex 1 can see Hex 3

If you are having trouble understanding which part of the ridge is high ground, just look at the trees. The direction the tips are pointing indicates high ground.

2. The lowest initiative always goes first. Hence an initiative of 1 will always go first and an initiative of 90 will always go last. Also a unit can never hold it's initiative, it must act and finish it's actions on it's initiative or do nothing. Those are the only two choices available.

Hope this helps,

Sam Stewart and Andrew Baussan
Fantasy Flight Games

This appears at first a bit inconsistent ("I see you, but you can't see me"), but apparently is to take into consideration the general advantage of being on higher ground.


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