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Why are the character's Mind, Movement and Combat Values the same?

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#1 Ratnic



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Posted 08 January 2011 - 06:10 AM

Starting to learn how to play, I am a member of a local gaming group and this will be my next contribution to our fun.

The group term sounds nice, but it is really just a few good friends that like gaming, mostly Heroscape.

Noticed the only difference between the characters were their abilities.  Ahhh...man.

Are there any plans to make their other attributes different?  Like the Combat, Mind, and Movement values?

Why have these values if they are all the same?  I would love to have new sets of cards with changed attributes.

Like making the warrior type Combat Value higher, but their mind value lower, and their movements less.

Example, and just a quick example with no thought at all to how this would drastically change the game, just to start a conversation:


Combat = 4

Movement = 2

Mind = 3 or even 2

So that he has a better chance to beat you down, but cannot move faster than you, and has to rely more on bashing the chest open than lock-picking.

I love this game so far, but would think changing these values for each character's abilities would make the teams more challenging.  And would create more unique combinations.


Also, love the new "Inn" expansion, would love to buy the cards from Final Flight so that I do not have to print them out and laminate them to keep them from being constantly damaged from use.  Would rather them match the cards that came with the game.  I would pay whatever Final Flight thought was profitable for them.


Thanks Final Flight for a great game worth the money.



#2 Hellfury



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Posted 08 January 2011 - 09:45 AM

Ratnic said:

Why have these values if they are all the same?

Because then it prevents people from having to refer to the rulebook to locate what the stats are for all characters. It's quite simply for ease of reference.

The hangup regarding stats being required to be unique in order for each character to be unique is an artifact arising from RPG's and table top miniature wargames. It is an assumption by the players that this should be so because it is done in most other games.

Let go of these expectations and just enjoy the game for what it is.

The characters uniqueness are born from their special abilities, not their stats.

#3 Ratnic



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Posted 08 January 2011 - 04:29 PM

That makes since; keeping it easier to operate the game without the rule book having to be handy.  Not a problem.

And thanks for the good explanation; it does make since.  I love the game!  But adding a RPG similarity into the game would not be a bad thing; I think it would add more depth to the game play.  I am sure this subject was hashed out many many hours with the design team.  So nothing I am bringing up will be anywhere near the issues those guys dealt with.  And they did a great job with the game play.  So...as a game for what it is; I love it, and see myself playing it for years to come.

"So if FFG is listening...I will pusrchase whatever expansions you sell".  :)  Keep this game moving forward.

I cannot wait to play more games with my friends.  They will love it.  But since we play a lot of Heroscape we love working with RPG type rules and characters that work using different attributes.  So at some point I know we will be making new character cards that have different values; this may not be the original theme of the game, but we would like the changes once we figure out good values to use that keep the game fair.  Nothing oddball or crazy.

Kinda like adding "The Inn" expansion, something to add more depth and randomness.


#4 Hellfury



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Posted 08 January 2011 - 07:52 PM

Oh I think the game could do well to add variable stats along with a few other tweaks. The Inn expansion is a great example of how the designers augment how characters work without messing around with stats. That along with the two upcoming mini expansion of "No Quarter!" and "The Sacred Altar" offer even more variety in this regard for a few more equipment cards and new combat rules. Laurent Pouchain is very attentive to players and communicates well with them. He is not adverse to using good ideas in his games.

The french Hazgaard forums as well as BoardGameGeek are the best ways to communicate with him.

I think he is taking a lot of feedback and creating the additional content to suit the needs of gamers who want more depth, all while maintaining its current set up. He has stated that stats for the characters as well as being able to choose which character you want for your band is not outside of the realm of possibility, so have faith that even though this game is intended for a broader audience, the creators are keeping their ear to the stone to make sure they support the game well.

Thats the nice thing about French game companies. They make some very excellent games, have a high quality output for (ironically enough) ameritrash games and even if they lack fluency in english, they still do an exemplary job at communicating with their customers.

#5 Nivanti



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Posted 12 January 2011 - 01:09 AM

Each character has his/her special ability and in some cases this can help with movement, fighting, ect plus with clever use of your arcane cards you can turn the outcome of a situation.

Focus on the special ability and arcane cards to make the characters individual.

#6 Pulsar



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Posted 18 January 2011 - 02:08 PM

Wait, FFG's French?  Sacre fromage!

I agree—the character cards' redundant stats are silly, but it points to expansions, so I accept it.  I also like the broad audience it opens up to.  I only hope they get better at making everything clear, so that in fact they really do reach that broader audience, and stop leaving things out that require someone like us at the table to interpret and explain everything to prospective players.

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