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Sauron the Invincible

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#1 Dav



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Posted 03 January 2009 - 08:57 AM

Hi !!

Yesterday we were playing LotR, and my gaming group (three really beautiful girls and two lucky guys ) noted that we had never won...

...a single game.

Even once we cheated and it wasn't enough to beat Sauron... we started to wonder if we've been playing it all wrong or if this is really such a hard game to beat.

Anyone has the same issue? 
Just for the record, we've played it about 10 times only... girls are not that into it because girls like to win, you know...

I like this new forums, thought.

Greeting everyone.


#2 Joram



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Posted 03 January 2009 - 12:03 PM

I never found it that difficult. About where do you die?

We probably win about 65% of our 5 player games and about 90% of our 2 player games (this game is cheese with two experienced players ).

#3 Dav



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Posted 04 January 2009 - 06:27 AM

Well... I think we are not experienced enough (I know for sure we're not)

Helm's Deep always beats the hell out of us, by the end of it (always the last event) we are almost defeated, Sauron has advanced so far and also the hobbits had...

The girls says that game is impossible...

#4 Joram



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Posted 05 January 2009 - 06:43 AM

Helm's Deep?

I'm just going off of old memories here, so I may have something wrong.

If you get the Friendship track complete before the second event, you get a good card, correct?

If you get the first part of traveling complete before the third event, everyone gets some hobbit cards, correct?

IIRC, we would always get the Friendship done as soon as possible, along with the first part of travelling. After the third event, we would blitz through the main track as fast as possible; not worrying about the last part of traveling.

We've found that it usually works best to get through the main tracks as fast as possible, and not spend much time on the side tracks (except to get good events; it is very important to get through Friendship in Mordor, for instance). Especially in Moria. Nothing good comes of the side tracks there, other than life Tokens. And we've decided that getting through the scenarios quickly will more than make up for the missing tokens.

Each token you miss will mean one step into the darkness for one hobbit. Advancing Sauron equals one step in the darkness for all hobbits. So advancing Sauron will kill you 5 times as fast as advancing a hobbit. So if you can get through the scenario quickly, you will save steps in the end.

Also, use the ring to get past the last parts of the scenarios with the black squares. If you get good rolls, you can save a turn or two, as well as making one die roll instead of 2.

Also, it will depend a good deal on the luck of the tile draw; so you will often be defeated despite your best efforts (which is why I don't forsee getting much better than 65% in a five player no matter how experienced we all get; we got considerablyl less when we were starting out).

#5 rcmoore



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Posted 21 January 2009 - 02:17 AM

Here are some of the things I do to win:

-Start with Sauron on 15 (obvious I know)

-Use the ring every scenario, but use it at the right time.  Usually, there are some spaces on the main track that require you to roll the die. Use the ring to try to skip over these spaces as you have to roll the die anyway if you don't.  The ring is also good if you need a mad dash to the end of the main activity line.  It is ok to wait until after you've revealed the next event marker before making this decision.

-Try to get the ring to Sam and have him be the one who uses the ring due to his damage reducing abilities.

-Be very aware of what is coming up...look ahead and plan accordingly. 

-Use Gandalf wisely, there are some very good Gandalf cards, like ignore the next event, that are almost a must.

-Remember that the new ring bearer draws two cards at the end of each scenario.  If you forget to do this you deny yourself some much needed cards. 

-You don't HAVE to finish all the activity lines.  Not everyone will get all life tokens.  Fill secondary lines only if feasible and required by the scenario.  Once you are about half way through the events, it is time to book it.

-Once we let Moria basically play itself out, using our turns to pull cards, etc.  It actually seemed to help, as Moria is the weakest of the boards. 

#6 Ice Blue

Ice Blue


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Posted 01 July 2012 - 09:14 PM

 It seems that the event cards come too often on each board.  I collect as many special cards and jet through the second board but Sauron comes fast and very quickly.  Before I know it the quest is all over.  A few times my group has made it to Mondor but Sauron is so close to the hobbit with the ring and the game is shortly over.    I have played a few times in groups of 4.  Now I am playing in groups of two.  Have not been able to win any of the games.  It would be cool if someone made a video showing some tricks that they have done to win the game.  I must me missing something.  All that has happened for me is lose, lose, lose, lose.  I enjoy the game but it would be nice be win at least one time.


#7 Dam



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 11:22 PM

Ice Blue said:

I collect as many special cards

From my POV, this is a problem. I prefer a main line rush myself and especially with just the base game, beat Sauron at 10 with 2 hobbits on the second try. In Helm's Deep, Theoden is usually the only one I get, if the tiles go my way, might get Shadowfax. Faramir is almost automatic at Shelob's Lair. As for Mordor, ignore everything but Travelling when playing cards (unless you don't have Travelling). Mordor with 2 hobbits should take no more than 4 turns, 2-turning it possible, although requires fair bit of luck.

"A dirty mind is its own reward."

#8 Ice Blue

Ice Blue


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Posted 04 July 2012 - 02:12 PM

 The reason that I have found Sauron to be Invincible was due to the fact that I was not playing by the rules.  When following the rules I was able to get a few more cards, and have more choice where to play them. 

Today, I was able to WIN the game.  Wow, that was FUN!!!

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