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A Game Idea

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 11:43 PM

I haven't worked out all of the details of the game I am about to propose but here is my general idea.

The game is set modern day and is a combination of RPG and miniatures.  FFG has done something similar to this with the Descent line that started out strictly as a miniatures based combat game but evolved into a sort of RPG campaign in one of the expansions.  This particular game however would not be a swords and monsters fantasy genre, but rather a modern day game in which players would role play a character.

Here is the scenario and overall theme of the game.  A series of nuclear explosions in Earth's upper atmosphere has plunged the world into darkness by way of a massive EMP burst.  The modern world that relies so heavily on electronics and computers has ceased to function.  Not even cars would start after an EMP burst. The world population plummets into chaos and violence as people struggle to survive on rapidly diminishing food supplies.  In this game, players do not necessarily have to role play some hero or larger than life character.  Instead they can simply game out the role of an average person caught up in a disaster of epic proportions. That's not to say that a character couldn't be a former soldier or police officer who are now simply one of the masses trying to survive the cataclysmic events that have overcome humanity. But they could just as easily be a former truck driver or waitress.  The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Now I know what many would say.  "Why not just make it a straight up RPG?"  Role playing games are great.  God knows I've spent my fair share of hours playing Dark Heresy and D&D.  They have great depth and detail in the rules and offer players unlimited scenarios because they are not confined to a board. What they lack, however, is visual appeal and that is where miniatures come in.  Combining an RPG with a miniature rich environment (like Descent) is the best of both worlds in my opinion.  Again, I don't have all the details worked out obviously but suffice it to say the game should include an overall map or maps of the area that player characters would find themselves in during the aftermath of the EMP.  Future expansions could include additions to this map to expand the gaming universe.  In addition to maps there should be some sort of hex or grid system included that would allow the game to essentially zoom in on the action.  The overall map allowing players to see their place in the larger world and the hex map used with the miniatures when they have an encounter.  The game should include numerous miniatures to depict not only the characters but also any non player characters in their group and of course any enemies they would encounter.  The hex map should also include numerous details such as placement of roads, trees, buildings, abandon cars and even floor plans that can be used when characters take the adventure indoors.   This obviously leaves open great potential for selling additional gaming accessories for FFG.  Players would need everything from additional miniatures to map accessories as they expanded their game play.

Now the twist.  Who set off the EMP's?  No one knows.  There has been no communication from the world governments.  It seems that it's every man for himself.  But in fact the EMP's have been set off by an alien race with designs on taking Earth.  Their initial plan is to simply let the ensuing chaos claim as many victims as possible before their invasion force descends from orbit.  When and how this will happen would be completely up to the game master.  The ultimate fate of the world would be decided throughout the campaigns.  Simply role playing a survival scenario would be enjoyable for awhile but ultimately the players will want a broader and more challenging environment for their characters in order to keep the game interesting.  What better than to plunge them into a struggle for the survival of the human race?  Anyway, that's the general idea.  Obviously the actual application would be much more involved.  I envision a game in which characters would struggle simply to survive at the beginning as they search for food, weapons, shelter and trustworthy allies.  As the alien aspect is slowly introduced there could even been an alien race that allies itself with the humans in their struggle against the invaders.  This could lead to modified characters with enhanced strength, endurance or intelligence thus leading to the more commonly known hero type characters we find in other RPG's.  It also introduces the availability of new equipment, and stronger enemies.

Anyway, that's my idea.  What do you fellow gamers think? 

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