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Current Value of CoC CCG cards.

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Posted 29 November 2010 - 09:46 AM

As you can see in my post below, I'm getting ready to sell of a LOT of cards.  As a result, I've been doing some research as to the current value of old CoC CCG cards.  I figured that this applied to more than just my collection so I wanted to start a new thread that will hopefully serve to give players and collectors an idea of what the cards are financially worth in the future.  Please, contribute your own research, your own experiences buying and selling, and your thoughts on the prices as they stand.

Note:  In all of my discussions, I will be adding shipping to the purchase price since I think it's safe to assume that buyers consider the total cost of the purchase rather than ignoring a portion of the money they spend because it doesn't go to the seller.


A sweep of closed auctions on ebay from the last month or so:


2 lots of 300 NM/M assorted Commons have sold for $11.00 each.

2 lots of 100 NM/M Arkham Ed Uncommons have sold for $9.00 each.

2 lots of 44 NM/M assorted common and uncommon Neutral faction cards have sold for $4.82 and $4.03.

No common or uncommon lots have been listed but failed to sell. 

Therefore, I would postulate, until further evidence is produced, that commons are worth $36.67 (or more) per thousand and uncommons are worth $90.00 (or more) per thousand.  When divided by faction, bulk cards can seem to rise to as much as $109/thousand.


Plenty of rares were listed at $1.84 each.  A minority sold.

I wasn't impressed with the rares that sold and the majority didn't.  I'm guessing that this was just someone trying to complete a collection.

I don't think it's appropriate to gauge a price for bulk  or individual rares until more information is gathered.


1 sealed booster box of Unpseakable Tales sold for $49.99.

Lots of auctions for sealed booster boxes of all sets have NOT sold at $49.99.

Auctions for FC, MN, EE sealed booster boxes have NOT sold at $43.50.

I have spoken with someone who has indicated that he has access to booster boxes at $10/box.  I don't know which sets, where this deal is being offered, or how many boxes exist at those prices.

I don't think it's appropriate to gauge a price for booster boxes at this time, though I am led to believe that EE and expansions are not worth $40/box and that UT is probably worth more than other sets.


1 Card Coffin (the auction did not indicate whether it was sealed or contained promos) sold for $8.50.

3 [1 Card Coffin + 2 AE starter decks + 1 EE Premium deck, all sealed] sold for $36.95, $39.50, and $39.50.  Several of these packages did not sell.

3 [1 Servitor t-shirt + a few promo cards] have sold for $31.99 each.

No promo cards have been listed individually.

Forum searching reveals that two Yithian decks were sold on or about January for apparently $170 and $100.  No Yithian decks are or have been available on the forums or ebay since then.

Since EE Premium decks don't seem to be up for sale anywhere, I'd guess that the price of the card coffin sets was influenced heavily by the EE Premium.  It looks like the Card Coffins are probably worth about $7-9 and the EE Premiums may be worth as much as $20-30.

I don't know what the promo cards which come with the Servitor shirts are worth (they are 1x Mountains of Madness, 2x Dreams of the Great Old One, and 2x Book of Dyzan) so I don't know what the shirts are worth.

Any clue on the Yithian decks? 

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