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Three Billy Goats Gruff

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#1 crowgirl



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Posted 11 November 2010 - 09:25 AM

I am working on stats for the Three Billy Goats Gruff, who, having defeated the troll, now guard the bridge against anyone wishing to cross over.: they wanted to cross the bridge in the first place because the meadow on the other side was greener and more lush than the meadow on their side, but having gotten across, they realized the new meadow wasn't as good as it looked, and maybe the grass was actually greener on the other side.... They are now all full grown, though the older brother is getting a touch arthritic (which makes him very irascible) and the younger one is impetuous and a bit of a braggart. They want both meadows, but can only be on one side or the other: if they are on the same side as the kids, they will challenge them; it they are on the other side, they will charge them.

There are no stats for a goat-sized creature, as they are somewhere between a dog and a cow. I was thinking of using the base stats for a horse and revising them downward; or should I use the stats for the dog and boost them? They have the "butt" ability - by lowering their head and charging, they inflict +1 wound.

Any other ideas?



#2 Laughmask



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Posted 11 November 2010 - 03:01 PM

 Hmmm, I like this idea. I was trying to find a way to incorporate them actually into my campaign for later use. For the "Butt" ability, I think that would work, but look at the "Trample" ability under the Destrier (warhorse version of the Horse). I imagine it could be modified if you want to fit a goat style attack. As for the stats, I would use the Horse stats and modify them. For the eldest - make him adult sized (never seen a moose sized goat) and change the damage/protection accordingly. A -1 cool -2 scamper, +3 pluck. For the 2 brothers I'd do kid sized (maybe keep em adult if floats your boat) and a -1 scamper and scrap, +1 cool. For wounds, rather than hooves as their weapon, simply change to horns.

One suggestion I'll offer to this encounter is really flesh out the different goats. For each one, or maybe as a group, determine their personality, motifs, and a quirk (the arthritis as you said for the eldest) to make them stand out and add more story hooks. Maybe the old goat thought the green grass would ease his arthritis, the young braggart has put down more trolls than his brothers combined and offers a challenge to see if the players can defeat a certain troll from a nearby bridge (who's known for being the biggest and baddest of the area...of course the players don't know this). Try and milk it so that it's not a dry encounter where the goats attack the players and they move on with their life upon victory. I have noticed encounters like this instantly kill the mood as it brings a feeling of "well that was pointless" to the players and they lose their creativity. Perhaps the goat has a necklace from the Troll that the players can return to the troll's relatives and earn respect among the local trolls (which could lead to a whole nother story hook of betrayal or deceit). Try and find a way that the players could halt combat and find an alternative way to get past the goats just in case they don't want to fight. Such as 4h checks to prove which side has greener and healthier grass. I don't know what you have planned altogether, these are just my few cents from my time narrating grimm.

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