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Intro/Training Mission Ideas? New DeathWatch GM

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#1 Jvirtue55



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Posted 05 November 2010 - 06:43 AM

I was talking with some of my players (they have played DH not DW) they thought maybe an intro adventure would be kinda cool and fun.

I have an idea maybe for a moon where the Deathwatch use for training exercises for new Kill Teams to work on them working togther.

I was thinking I want them to fight a couple of hordes and maybe a big boss, and do a have a couple simple missions maybe with sometype of trap

Im not sure I could really use some ideas

We are going to be rotating GMs as we go along I plan to run the players through extratction and the Final Sanction and its Conclusion

#2 Dalnor Surloc

Dalnor Surloc


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Posted 05 November 2010 - 10:14 AM

My thought is to have them wake from cold sleep in a damaged and drifting ship inhabited by mutants and orks.  No weapons other than their trappings and combat knives. They have to activate a salvation beacon and make it to a salvation pod.   Also if you have a psyker his ablities are supressed by the after effects of the drugs in his system.  After the PCs make it to the pod they realize that this is just the standard test/hazing by the watch capitan.....

#3 Dalnor Surloc

Dalnor Surloc


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Posted 05 November 2010 - 10:16 AM

Alternately or in addition they are dropped off on a planet with almost no gear and have to make it to a pick up point....

#4 Labarynth



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Posted 07 November 2010 - 04:40 PM

My thought is to run a solo, quick play mission for each player while the others are passing the rulebook around and making their characters- each would introduce one of the new elements to DW gameplay; have a primary, secondary, and tertiary objective, require use of squad or solo mode abilities, etc. This gives each character a chance to show their personal strength and help establish the overall flavor of the game to everyone listening in. It is also a way to introduce NPCs and other PCs that will be present throughout the campaign.


#5 Warhawk X

Warhawk X


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Posted 08 November 2010 - 05:39 PM

A good place to start is Final Sanction and Oblivions Edge under the Deathwatch section of the website, they are free and intended for new characters. Also you want to look up the FAQ for both adventures and read through them ahead of time.

Do not attempt to do character creation while everyone is not at the table. Run through character creation with all players attentive and paying attention to the process so that each player may see the differences in thier marine versus the marines in the squad.

It might seem like a chore but have a character generation cheat sheet printed for all characters if you do not have more than one book. The sheet should include the following and be printed from a clearly readable word document.

      Chapter bonuses from each chapter, and what specialties cannot be taken.

      Specialties and a brief description of how they can be customized to suit other roles.

      Brief description of each chapters solo mode and squad mode abilities.

      Starting Marine weapons, damage, type, rld, ROF, everything they need for each starting marine, as well as marine specialties.


Now when creating characters you can go through the process in a quick fashion by allowing players to see the cheat sheets while simply saying "these are your character creation options, I would like you to consider each chapter you would like to play while rolling your stats".

Following that you have them roll up thier stats, and if anyone has a specific question about a chapter you can read some of what the chapters beliefs are and doctrines from the book, for all members to hear.

This process allows you to RP that each marine is being put through the inital hypno conditioning and induction into the deathwatch with his squadmates, and then allows you to immediately pick up a mission that has a great starting point for learning combat. I would suggest also using a combat quick sheet for each player, with some of the bonuses and negatives to combat listed from the GM's screen on it.


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