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Heavy bolters and Jammed weapons

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#1 Phaedron2



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Posted 02 November 2010 - 02:27 AM

Last night we had the psychic phenomina roll where all the parties weapons jam (actual name is esacping me) and under the jam rules the weapon once it is unjammed looses its entire clip. By that extension a heavy bolter that backpack fed looses all 250 bullets.

Is this working as intended as a disadvantage for the Devestator or is this perhaps an oversight?


#2 ItsUncertainWho



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Posted 02 November 2010 - 04:01 AM

This has been touched on briefly in another thread. I think the general thought was that 60 rounds, the standard clip size, would approximate what was in the belt, and the amount of ammo lost to the clearing of the jam. 

#3 Kasatka



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Posted 02 November 2010 - 05:05 AM

We had this happen in our game too, but during the final fight against a hive tyrant, so it was cinematic enough for the devvie to his H-bolter on it's strap and start blasting away with his pistol.

I think i would house-rule it so that upon getting a jam and clearing it (the full action as in RAW), allow the player to make a Tech-Use test. A success reduces to amount of a clip lost to 75%, with each further degree of success reducing it by another 25%, to a minimum of 1 shot lost (so passing the Tech-Use test by 40+ would mean you only lose 1 shot). You could rule that the test is extended depending on the weapon in question, so Full Action for pistol, 2 Full for Basic and 3 Full for heavy weapons.

I feel this solution should clear up the vague  and non-sensical system as presented in the book.

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