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Additional Feats

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Posted 25 October 2010 - 03:18 PM

When my players were creating their characters and got to the section to choose a feat, they notice they were sort of limited as to what traits they focused on. The majority focusing on seek, scamper and scrap. One night I was just reading through the Friends & Foes section of the book and reading all of the different abilities when it struck me that many of them could be twisted slightly and used as feats. So I decided to start writing up a list of feats that are based on various other less popular traits. Here they are:

Survival Training Requirement : Boyscouts 3rd - All your time spent in the wild preparing for any situation has left you prepared for anything. When using improvised weapons, you gain an additional +1 bonus to scrap and throw checks.

Vocal Lessons Requirement : Country Club 3rd - Your singing ability is practically enchanting. On your turn, you may make a Cool test and all listeners must make an opposed Pluck test or fall into a lull for a number of minutes equal to 1 + the number of grades by which they failed the test. (Example: 5th grade cool vs 2nd grade pluck, the listener would fall asleep asleep for 1 + 3 = 4 minutes.)

Favorite Class Requirement : ----     - You love studying for your favorite class and have started to excel in that area. You may pick one of the listed subjects (grammer, math, science, social studies) to receive a +1 bonus to all tests in this area.

Booby Trapper Requirement : Industrial Arts 4th - Spending your free time trapping and rigging your house has left you with an extensive knowledge of trapping. With the proper materials, you may spend your turn rigging a trap by making an Industrial Arts 4th test. The trap will require a 4th grade Scamper to evade or Industrial Arts to disarm. Failing the test will result in a wound or some form of hindrance.

Special : If the player succeeds in rigging a trap, he may spend his next turn reinforcing the trap, increasing the difficulty to evade or disarm by one. To do so, he must make a successful Industrial Arts test with a difficulty 1 grade higher than the last. 

 I will add to this list as I think of more, but for now that's all I have.

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Posted 26 October 2010 - 04:08 PM

Frequent Mover Requirement : Home Ec 4th - Your family was always moving from town to town, leading to all sorts of places to explore during your set of daily chores, Whenever in a home-y dwelling, you gain a +1 bonus to hide test and +1 bonus to seek tests for detecting secret passages and hidden entries.

More Than Just Luck Requirement : Iconic Core Trait: Luck - Once per scene you may choose to use your Luck train in place of any other test. Whether it was that four leaf clover you found or the rabbit's foot around your neck, fortune is on your side.

Imaginary Friend Requirement : Imagination 5th - Although all your friends seem to have given up on their imaginary friend, you've managed to keep yours by your side. When using teamwork, you contribute 2 die instead of 1.

I'm working on a **Lucid Dreamer Requirement : Imagination 7th** feat that will allow the player to take control of a dream, asking a question for the narrator to answer depending on how well they performed. When used in this sense, the dream will be a sort of vision that allows the player to see events soon to come. So the narrator may describe a setting of an abandoned cottage in the woods. the player might ask what's inside, and performing below your listed imagination: you can just barely make out a the flickering light of a fire through the smudged windows. Performing at the listed level: You're able to see a cauldron bubbling on a fire in the center of the room. Performing above the listed level: You see a shadowy figure chopping something at the counter and tossing it into the bubbling cauldron.

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