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Death can Wait optional rule question

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air show


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Posted 19 October 2010 - 09:00 PM

Hi guys, me and my friends played this optional rule yesterday evening during a game, and I had 2 questions: how does the wound recovery work? and how many times can each player die? For example, Br. Gherrin has 13 LP, and he loses 9 LP during the first 10 rounds. THEN he find a trap, and the trap does 6 wound. Gherrin dies, but with the DCW rule he can discard half of the total wounds he suffered...so it means that he suffer only 3 wounds (6 / 2) or it means that he recover half of  ALL the wounds he suffers from the beginning (9+6 / 2= 7 wounds)?

for ex, the first situation allows him to survive but with only 1 LP remaining, whereas the second gives him 6 remaining LP.

I don't think this is correct, but I can't figure it out this time...any ideas?

And more, how many times can you do this? our group decided to allow only once, then killed players will become servants of kallandra.


#2 air show

air show


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Posted 20 October 2010 - 04:25 AM

After an answer on BGG, I found it out this way: Ithink the correct way is discard half of total wounds, not wounds that a hero suffers sufficient to die. Note that rules say total wounds and round up, so in the first example 9+6=15/2=7,5 => rounded up => 8 (discards 8).

here some examples:
consider 13 LP total:

case 1) 9 old wounds, 6 new wounds total: 15 wounds (death)
15/2 = 7,5 round up 8 SO 8 wound to discard: 15-8= 7 wounds remaining SO 6 remaining LP.

case 2) 11 old wounds, 3 new wounds total: 14 wounds (death)
14/2 = 7 SO 7 wound to discard: 14-7= 7 wounds remaining SO 6 remaining LP.

case 3) 11 old wounds, 2 new wounds total: 13 wounds (death)
13/2 = 6.5 round up 7 SO 7 wound to discard: 13-7= 6 wounds remaining SO 7 remaining LP.

case 4) 11 old wounds, 6 new wounds total: 17 wounds (death)
17/2 = 8.5 round up 9 SO 9 wound to discard: 17-9= 8 wounds remaining SO 5 remaining LP.

it seems that more wounds you die by, the less LP you have when restart, and I agree with this.
I think that you can do it only once, at this point.

But I think that it doesn't work with swinging blade or bottomless pit.

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