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My Character, Please rate.

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Posted 29 December 2008 - 08:25 PM

Hey guys, this is my first time here. And I've recently started Dark Heresy, my friends have played a few sessions before I joined (about 3 games).  So we are all pretty new to the game. It was late today and they were tired after talking about it, my friend lent me the Inquisitors Handbook and the Original book. I worked away looking at all the differn't classes and diffen't homeworld and careers. I've been drawn to a Nobel world Scum, I was thinking about Hive world but i'd prefer starting with low Wp than Toughness, plus the x2 Cash and +10 vs High Authority was very appealing. I also liked the whole High Birth, Low Standards.

Well here is my character.

Name: Turpin                          Wounds: 13                          Fate:2

Home: Nobel

Career: Scum

Rank: Dreg

Divination: There is no substitute for zeal.

male,svelte, 2.1m, 95 kg, Colour Fair, Hair Brown, Eyes Brown, Age 29

Ws 41; Bs 51; Str 34; T 33; Ag 42; Int 32; Per 33; Wp 25; Fel 50 (note this is with weapon qualities and advancements)

Skills: Awarness, Charm, Decieve, Dodge, Literacy, Blather.

High & Low Gothic, Common Lore (Imperium), Peer (Underworld & Nobility) <- best of both worlds.

Talents: Melee - Prim, Pistol Sp, Basic Sp - Ambidextrous

Advancments: Ballistics, Agility, Fellowship, Dodge

Weapons: Good Quality - Mono edged Sword and Auto Pistol with a red-dot.

Gear: Microbead, Backpack, 5 clips (auto pistol)

Kinda the whole idea i was going after in combat, was the whole witch hunter - Sword and Pistol combo. With ambidextrous I am allow to attack with my sword and pistol regardless of what hand there end right? Dual Weapon Wielding is like attacking twice with two swords or firing two guns?

I know i don't have any armor, but my plan is to let them kill the first group and I'll just loot the armor and then go a wall (I will ask them this before we start to be a good gamer). Other wise my game play will to help the party with negotiations and use my skills more than my weapons, but we all know that's not always going to happen.

Do any of you, fellow acolytes have any suggestions for playing a scum? I personally plan to use Blather as much as possible to help my team. The reason that I don't have a best quality sword, is because Scum are poor and I'll just get it when we finish this session.

Another thing I would like to ask is should I buy the Common,Forbidden, Scholasitc, etc. Or should I just buy the upgrades to my skills along with other skills.

Any examples of game-play with your or your teams Scum players would be help a great deal.


(yeah basically a War Hammer, witch hunter...good times)



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