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Final Sanction Questions

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 12:47 AM

So, my wife and I were playing around with the Final Sanction module a few months ago, when we came across a rather silly rules issue. Now, I apologize if I am not using proper game terminology or am mis-remembering a rule as it is 5:38am while I'm typing this and I haven't gotten to sleep yet.

So, I was using the Blood Angels Devastator Marine and decided to fire on one of the advancing hordes in the early part of the first mission and I jammed the Heavy Bolter. According to the Jam rules, you lose any ammo in the current clip you're using, and for the life of me I couldn't find where the rules said that the Heavy Bolter came with another 60-shell clip except for the one it had. Now, we went on playing as if the Jam never happened (because losing the whole damn Heavy Bolter on a stupid single roll would be unplayable) but what I'm wondering is what 's supposed to happen? Do I lose the use of the weapon, or does the Devastator Marine have extra belt-clips since it's an intro module? Because, later her Bolt Pistol jammed and she just threw it down and used her Power Fist for the rest of the encounter (we weren't sure if we had "extra ammo"). WTF?

Also, another issue popped up, this one about difficult terrain and such. Now, we didn't have a DH/RT/DW book with us to look it up (and I don't feel like grabbing mine right now lol) but other game systems halve movement through any form of difficult ground (loose rocks, piles of stuff, dense woods, etc). Are there rules in DW for this, or is it just for "obstacles" like fences, actual trees, etc?

And then one last question. Like Inquisitor, are there rules for moving while prone (crawling), moving while crouching, and stuff like that? How do they affect your movement, or do they at all for the purposes of DW?

So again, three questions:

1. What happens when a 60-shell clip for the Heavy Bolter jams, and what page(s) in the DW book explain it?
2. How does/would difficult ground work, and what page(s) in the DW book explain it?
3. How does moving while prone/crouching work, and what page(s) in the DW book explain it?

Thanks for any replies!





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Posted 01 October 2010 - 03:12 AM

Space Marines that are carrying Heavy Bolters also, usually, carry a backpack feed of ammunition that carries 250 rounds of ammo in total. I would say that, given the normal "clip" of a Heavy Bolter is 60 rounds, when you are using a backpack feed, 60 rounds are wasted when you jam the gun as the Heavy Bolter chews up the feed and you have to cut it off, and then you can slip the non-damaged feed into the weapon.

Otherwise, in Final Sanction, according to what is there (since you don't have a backpack feed in that game), you'd be fine because, apparently, all Marines carry enough ammo to last them for a mission, so it'd have meant setting the weapon down and pulling out the ruined magazine, and then inserting another one you were carrying on your person.

The rules for this are covered more in the core rulebook, pages 158 and 249.

As for difficult ground, the rules for that are covered on pages 205 and 206 of the core rulebook, and movement when prone/crouched isn't directly touched on, other than it would likely mean you moving at half your normal Movement rate.

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