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characteristic bonuses - beginner Question

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#1 xter2020



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Posted 30 September 2010 - 04:59 PM

Can anybodhy help me  with this  rules or  tell me what page include  this  rules ? Im talking about  making tests. During what tests  im using bonuses ? I cant find it  in my book. Pls  help

#2 KommissarK



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Posted 30 September 2010 - 06:06 PM

Bonuses are used in a lot of different ways. Its hard to list them all at once, I don't think that there is a central listing for all their uses.

First, to clarify, you do understand that most of the time, the mechanic is a d100 test, with a goal of rolling under the total attribute(rated 1-100) +/- situational modifiers.

Second, the "bonus" is the 10s digit of the attribute.


Some examples of bonuses:

Toughness - used to reduce damage, usually not affected by AP, also, due to Unnat toughness, this is x2 the normal value)

Strength - Added to melee damage (same with unnat strength)

Strength + toughness bonus - carry/lift/push weight

Agility - Used for movement distance, iniative

Intelligence - used when healing for the amount of wounds healed

Willpower - not certain actually, I think most psychic stuff is done by PR now

#3 Charmander



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Posted 01 October 2010 - 01:43 PM

To add an example:

If your Toughness was 44, and you went to make a roll to resist a toxin, your goal would be to score under 44 (equal to?  I can't recall if it's equal and lower or just lower )

If you wanted to see what your toughness bonus was, and thus how much you reduced incoming damage by, you'd look at the 10s as the Kommisar says.  In this case, it would be a Toughness bonus of 4.

Now to confuse you...In DW, you get unnatural strength and toughness, which doubles the BONUS of the score.  So in the case of a space marine, instead of having a Toughness bonus of 4, it would be 8 (the bonus times two).  That same marine, if rolling to resist the toxin, would still need to roll on a d100 under 44 (the score)  (penalties and bonuses of course would add into this).

There are times that you would add to your score, and for unnatural characteristics this is done AFTER figuring out the base bonus.  The example here is strength.  Say you have a Strength of 44.  The base bonus is 4.  The unnatural bonus for a Space Marine makes this bonus go up to 8.  The Space marine also wears power armor, which affords him a +20 bonus to his strength characteristic.  The +20 is applied to his characteristic (in this case 44, for a total of 64), but the +2 bonus (remember, a score of 20 has a characteristic bonus of 2) is applied to his bonus AFTER unnatural toughness is figured in, making his total bonus with unnatural strength and power armor 10 (strength bonus = 4, x2 for unnatural = 8, +2 from Power Armor = 10, while the characteristic is 44 + 20 for Power Armor = 64).


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