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Chaos Sorcerer Powers

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Posted 30 September 2010 - 03:29 PM

After noticing a lack of chaos related power/gear and too impatient to wait for a chaos sourcebook to come out  i decided to make my own based on DoW 2.

Need help with balancing issues and any suggestions would be great. Rank and other requirements will come later.

Action: Full
Opposed: No
Range: 5m x PR
Sustained: No
Description: Sends 1xPR bolts of energy toward and enemy dealing 1d10+PR E
pen PR damage. For the remaining bolts use scatter chart from the first bolts impact area.
Anyone hit by a bolt looses 1d10+PR armor then toughness bonus for 3 rounds.

Mark of Tzeench
Action: Full
Opposed: Yes
Range: 10m x PR
Sustained: No
Description: Marks a target either in a horde or a single target.
upon death the target explodes for 2d10 + PR blast (4) energy

Action: Half
Opposed: No
Range: 10 x PR
Sustained: No
Description: Steps through the warp in order to appear a distance away.
Must be able to see target location. PR 1-4 no extra effect PR 5-9 Scorch
ground 1d5 damage bypassing armor not toughness E to anyone but you 1m around.
10 PR 1d10 damage E 2m around bypassing armor not toughness . Both scorches
last for 1 round x PR

Let the Galaxy Burn
Action: Full
Opposed: No
Range: 10x PR
Sustained: No
Description: Fires balls of warpfire dealing 2d10 energy damage pen PR blast (1)
and knocking targets down leaving 1 square meter of scorched ground dealing 1d10 E
damage bypassing armor not toughness to anyone standing the area. Lasts for 1 round x PR

Empyreal Abyss
Action: 2 Full
Opposed: No
Range: 10 x PR
Radius: Blast 10
Sustained: No
Description: Opens up a huge rift in the warp in the shape of an 8 pointed star.
(Horde) Deals 1d10 x PR magnitude damage. (Solos) Deals 5d10+PR E damage
pen 2 x PR. (Both) Enemies within blast(8) take damage above. Enemies within
the remaining area are attacked by chains using the sorcerer willpower to hit.
If hit the target is dragged into the center of the star. This power is taxing and
can not be used in anything other then push, deals 1d10 fatigue damange to the librarian
and reduces his effective PR to 3 for the remainder of the mission. Anyone on the planet
with even Mild psychic power can sense where this power being used.

for the sake of lore I've added the Bile type or B damage. For all purposes use energy charts but does not count toward resistances

Plague grenade
Description: Blast (4) 2d10 B damage anyone hit by this grenade must make a toughness test
hordes get a -10 to the check per 10 magnitude. If failed the target takes 1d5+4
damage damage bypassing armor and toughness for 1d5 rounds. Anyone next to an infected
person who has has not been already hit by the plague must make a toughness test or catch
the plague as well. Quality upgrade adds extra penalty to toughness checks (-10,-20)

Bile spewer
Range 20m
2d10+4 b pen 5 Enemies hit by this must make an agility test or take 1d5 armor
damage a round for 1d5 rounds





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