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Escaping From Combat

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#1 Hannibal Rex

Hannibal Rex


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Posted 24 September 2010 - 12:16 PM

This is a bit unclear. Here's what's in the rules:

  1. If you escape from an Assassin, your turn ends. Explicitly stated for his encounter.
  2. If you have resolved the first encounter on a two encounter spot, you then face the second.
  3. If Van Helsing escapes from any combat, his turn ends. (pg. 14)
  4. If you escape from any  Agent combat, you cannot face Dracula, and 'your turn is over'. This is under the 'Battling to Reach Dracula' section.

Now, what happens when there is a Minion and another encounter (second minion, new vampire) on the same spot, and you escape from the Minion? If your turn ends in that case too, why is this explicitly stated only for the Assassin? If you would normally continue, on the other hand, then Van Helsing's special rule, as written, is a handicap in this particular situation.

Presonally, it makes the most sense to me that your turn ends when you escape from combat regardless of your enemy. This makes the special entry for the Assassin superfluous, but at least it doesn't introduce headache-inducing exceptions for Dracula and Van Helsing only.

#2 Julia


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Posted 24 September 2010 - 01:16 PM

I'm with you on this issue. On pag. 18 it's stated (third column):

"Combat with an Agent ends immediately if the Agent is Killed. If there is another encounter at that location, it is immediately resolved, possibly initiating another battle. If there are no further encounters there and Dracula is at the same location, the Hunter begins a battle with Dracula (see “Battling to
Reach Dracula,” below)"

this seems to suggest that the only way to have further encounters is having beaten the first enemy encountered. The description of the assassin seems to be a little redundant

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#3 Rasiel



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Posted 10 November 2010 - 08:26 PM

Battling to Reach Dracula
If a Hunter fights an Agent in the same location
as Dracula and he defeats the Agent, he
then begins a battle against Dracula. However,
if the Hunter is defeated or flees from combat
with the Agent (the combat finishes with
an End result), his turn is over and he cannot
face Dracula that turn.

Van Helsing may rest, resupply,
or trade even after having an encounter during
his turn. However, if Van Helsing’s encounter
states that it causes his turn to end, or if he
fails to kill his opponent in a combat
encounter, then Van Helsing’s turn ends
immediately and he may not rest, resupply, or

If they manage to get three
Continue results in a row, the combat immediately
stops as though the third Continue result
was an End result.

Combat always ends if an End result, or three
consecutive Continue results, are produced. In
either case, one of the combatants is considered
to have escaped.

Notice that there is no other rule about combat ending with a tie - 3 continue markers. With this result Hunter doesnt fled and doesnt kill his opponent. Rules say that when 3 continue markers occurs, we should stop as though the third was an End result (but hunter doesnt fled nor is defeted, I think only way to determine who is the one fleeing is the one who played more defensive card, meaning he is responsible for "end" result).

I suppose they mean that this doesnt end hunters turn, so he can face another encounter / Dracula and Van Helsing can use his ability. So they wrote he cant use his ability if he doesnt kill the agent. And Assasin encounter should read "when hunter fails to kill the assasin his turn ends", to prevent Hunter from continuing his turn if combat ends with 3 continues. I would play it like this ... It makes sense, but I agree this is thin ice, and Im not 100% sure about this.

#4 Jervon



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Posted 12 November 2010 - 06:20 AM

The rules says that after Hunter enters a locatnion he begins to serch. If this location is in Draculas trail it is revealed and if there is at least one encounter it must be resolved. Every hunter ends his turn after resolving encounter except for Van Henlsing that have abillity to continue his turn as long as the encounter did not end his turn - encunter with end turn text - or he faild to kill his opponent. Now after resolving that one encounter you continue to resolve second one - if there is any - and you do so even if hunter did not kill the minion in first fight - except for assassin that ends hunter turn in that point, and that can leave second encounter unreaveled to the hunters - you can find those rules on page 14.

So answering to the Hannibal Rex question if you escaped from the first combat and there is another encounter you have to face it as long as it was not an assassin. The Van Helsing abbility ony takes place when he wants to rest, resupply or trade not when he is about to face another encounter. So he have to kill all the agents and then he can use his abbility to continue his turn.

Now continue markers. Rasiel you are wrong.

Rules from page 17:

"If the players recive three Continue results in a row, the get an End result instead."

"End - One of the combatants escapes the battle."

Rules from page 18 says:

"Combat always end if an End result, or three consecutive Continue results, are produced. In either sace, one of the combatant is considered to have escaped"

So three contine markers works excaly like an escape result and after such there is no fight betwen hunter and Dracula. And keep in mind that it is not important who had escaped.

#5 Rasiel



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Posted 14 November 2010 - 07:54 PM

Jervon, why do you ignore my post with sentence from the rules which says the hunters turn is over if he escapes from combat ? As well as other rules I copy directly from rulebook. Your wording is "made up", not quoted....

Well, maybe with 3 continue markers resolved always mean that hunter has fled and so his turn is over.

Anyway, i dont like you being so ignorant so i dont post any other replies on your posts...

#6 Jervon



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Posted 15 November 2010 - 05:27 AM

Rasiel you have asked a question so I have to answer them :)

I ignored your post with the rules about ending the hunter turn after he escapes from combat as it only applies when he is about fo fight Dracula not in situation when there is another encounter in his location - and that is what Hannibal Rex was asking for. Also you was saying that you "suppose" and was pointing that there should be difrent card text - for assassin, FoD had 4 reprints so all missprint was corrected already - and I posted rules that should clear that there are no missprints and every rule is correct.

I hope that you wont respond as you said before :)

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