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RuneBound+DungeonQuest = Lets make this game. Help me write the rules

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Posted 20 September 2010 - 08:35 AM


I really like Runebound. or parts of . I like the fighting, leveling, and equipment. Hate the traveling and pace of the game.

So I want to combine the random dungeon element of Dungeonquest with root play of Runebound. Please look at what I have put together quickly. and offer your opinions on what to add or change. I would like the game to last no longer than 2 hours.

This is what I came up with of the top of my head, please consider and comment. Once all the rules of been created/balanced. I will write a rule book, with accompanying cheat sheet for quick instruction of new players.
////Quest in a Runebound Dungeon////////

[]Faster Experience Leveling - From the Frozen Wastes expansion, the cost to purchase an experience counter equals the number of experience counters the hero has plus one. Similar to the “Shorter Runebound” variant in the original game, this is even better and doesn’t affect the feel of the game at all, just the pace.

[]Healing – Costs a sacrifice of coin. 1 per health

[]Death – Lose 1 exp Marker, and one random item (another player choses from your fanned out, face-down cards). Card is then left with the monster, to be recovered by, who ever kills it. Monsters can hold multiple cards (from killing multiple players). When monster is defeated. It yields the treasure it stole and whatever is on the description. Player restarts from any of the 4 corners they choose.

[]Movement – This is down by “action” points. Each player gets 6 action point (AP) per turn.
Move into a previously revealed tile = 1ap
Move into an unknown tile = 2 AP
Scout the next tile without going in = 3 AP (will still cost an additional AP to move in), (can not scout beyond doors or obstructions)
Dealing with a door costs 1AP
Searching a room costs 1AP

[]At the start of each turn the player will have a marker showing the place the started last turn. If a player decides to move back directly toward there last starting position. The way is clear, and encounter/dungeon cards need not be drawn

[]Turn ends after any major action.
Fighting a monster
Encountering a trap
*searching a room, body, etc does not count

[]Money = DungeonQuest loot is worth the value divided by 10. And no less than 1 and no more than 10. If an item is 50, then it is worth 5 gold coins, and will be traded in. if it is worth 4000 it is only worth 10.


Each monster will have an Item on it. After it is defeated, if there are no other cards already there (previous monster victories), than a card is drawn from the Runebound item deck.. if the player can pay the cost of the item, than they can take it and lose the coins. Otherwise the item get discarded. (will create the lore for this later)

[]Monsters.. Any monster card from the DungeonQuest cards triggers an encounter roll (the DQ monsters are not compatible). The roll is with 2 dice. Based on statistical chance and level, the following rolls decide what color deck the player choses a monster from. The rolls change based on character’s level.
-Regardless of level if a 2 is rolled the player has impiffany and gains 1 xp
-regardless of level if a 12 is rolled the player meets with unseen tradgedy and looses 1 xp (if there are no xp owned by the character, the loose an xp/stat marker, but get the change back)
Characters level is the number of xp/stat markers they have
Characters level 0-4
Rolls of 3-9 = blue deck, 10-11 = yellow
Characters level 5-8
Rolls of 3-4 = blue, 5-9= yellow, 10-11= purple
Characters lvl 9-12
Rolls of 3 = blue, 4=yellow, 5-8=purple,9-11= red
Characters 13+
Rolls of 3-5 = purple, 6-11=red


[]ENCOUTERS FROM RUNEBOUND = prolly not used, must review these to see.

[]Point of the game is to kill the Big Boss Dragon.
More fighting, more loot, quicker game.

[]Players may Co-op as they like. Spending their Turns Action Points together. All costs remain the same. Rewards are split. XP is split, with no less than 1 xp going to each player.

[]Winner is the one with most money represented in Coins and equipment values.

[]Treasure room does nothing (will look into this more, later)

[]Dungeon quest traps, corpse searching, all there.

[]A dungeon card must be drawn in every space (except red skull squares)

[]Red Skull Squares = red card monster every time. (we can work out the refresh on this, to prevent farming of these spaces)

[]Squares with a treasure chest on it, have an item that stayes there for purchase by anyone with enough coins.

#2 Curator



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Posted 21 September 2010 - 07:56 PM

Kind of tired atm but I will check this out tomorrow and provide feedback.

#3 Dephyant



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Posted 22 September 2010 - 01:29 AM

Would greatly appreciate any input

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