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A couple of questions..

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#1 monk



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Posted 07 September 2010 - 10:03 AM


1. In the rules it says that if you are counterattacking you cannot add 'attacking modifiers' to the dice roll. Can you add modifiers when attacking with a parting blow? For instance, if you are engaged with an enemy and they attempt to move away would you get Kevan's ability to add die to the attack/parting blow? (provided his unit is adjacent to the one making the parting blow).

2. If you melee attack an enemy that is in a forrest space do you still become engaged? Does this work the other way around? If yes to either, can you flank an enemy in a forrest space/buliding space.

3. Can you use a tactic on a leadership card if you don't want to use the command?


#2 Dale Hurtt

Dale Hurtt


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Posted 22 October 2010 - 03:24 PM

 1. No. Modifiers for "when attacking" apply only when attacking, as in the section "Attack the Enemy", not as in the sections "Counterattacking" or "Parting Blow". The rules for parting blow state: "The unit performing the Parting Blow rolls its normal number of attack dice and ignores any morale results." The same sort of language is used for counterattack.

2. What's the rationale for why a forest token would change the rule: "When an attacker using a melee attack targets an unengaged unit, the owner of the attacking unit places one his House’s engagement tokens on the hex border between the attacker’s and the target’s hex." So yes. Why would you think you cannot flank a unit in the forest either?

3. No. The rules state: "When choosing to play a Leadership card, a player first selects a commander figure to give the command(s) and optionally use the tactics on the Leadership card." Note that the command is required and the tactics are optional. This is repeated several times throughout the section.

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