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How do you resolve Caprice's 'Descent into Madness' plot?

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#1 Hein99



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Posted 04 September 2010 - 01:04 PM

 I had my first real game of Android last night and loved it!

And like any FFG board I do have some questions.

At the start of week 2 (final week) a player using Caprice must use her Descent into Madness plot. 

The two conditions on the card seem clear enough. During the last week whenever 3 good baggage accumulates, discard the 3 baggage and increase her sanity by 1. And reduce her sanity by 1 whenever 3 bad baggage accumulate.
I think I'm ok with this part.

But... the part that says:

"... The end of this plot is determined by Caprices Sanity at the end of the game."

What does this mean? 

In last nights game the player using Caprice had +2 Sanity by the end of the game. How do I use this to determine how her plot ends? I mean, it sounds like she should have a good ending because that seem to be the best her Sanity can be... but what does she get? 
Next to the +2 is 7 time. Does this mean she earns 7 VP points?
What if her Sanity is -2? Most other players could potential end up losing -5 VP or even -9 VP points for a sad ending. I'm just not sure what's up with her card.

Any help would be awesome!

As it turned out Caprice won with 101 VP points not counting whatever she might have earned for a +2 Sanity at games end.

-Hein99 (aka The SegaDude)

#2 Sevej



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Posted 04 September 2010 - 10:20 PM

Depending on her sanity, you will get:

7 VP for +2 Sanity

4 VP for +1Sanity

1 VP for +0 Sanity

-2 VP for -1 Sanity

-5 VP for -2 Sanity

To get these values, take a look at the 3 green plot cards ("Everything is so clear to me now/I recommend continuing therapy", "We haven't come to a decision yet", and "The Nisei genotype is too unstable/Poor girl").

#3 Hein99



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Posted 05 September 2010 - 02:03 AM

 Excellent! Thanks Sevej.

It's seem so obvious now. Because that first starting green plot card didn't make any reference to the other plot cards I wasn't able to put it together.
All other character plot cards say 'continue to 'x' plot card'. I should have taken my time and just read through her other plot cards because Caprice's final week plot is quite different from most every else's plot mechanics.
This isn't a bad thing though. It's very good. FFG has done a great done in making each character feel very different.

Thanks again!

-Hein99 (aka The SegaDude)

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