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First Run - Alls Well That Dead Ends Well

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#1 Roy Batty

Roy Batty


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Posted 27 August 2010 - 10:48 PM

Sit ye down and hear now the a tale of two brave adventurers - Brother Gherinn and Hugo The Glorious who each set out on a quest into the Dragonfire to seek their fortunes.

The good brother seemd blessed - The goddess of wisdom favoring him with the knowledge of where to discover hidden bags of gold in every room, and though his progress became stymied by myriad portculli, the ingenuity goddess had taught him led him to discover a passage to the catacombs that enabled him to circumnavigate the brutish obstacles.

And while fortune favored the brainy, the brauny were not doing nearly so well.  Hugo found the rooms near the tower he had entered to be spartan and empty with nary even a brass penny to be found wedged between the moss and flagstones.  And what the dungeon lacked in treasure, it more than made up for in the form of traps, animated deadly skeletons, and cursed corridors that magically rotated and confounded navigation to the dragon's chamber. - Indeed it seemed as if Brother Gherinn's goddess was trying to thwart his every step.

The goodly Borther climbed from the catacombs a mere one room away (it was wise he mused to make that left at Alberquerque) from the dragon's lair, but even as he mentally patted his wisdom on the back, found he had brough a vampire back along with him. Feeling the creature's drain on his life force he knew each moment was precious and dashed into the dragon's chamber grabbing what he can without waking the sleeping draco. Pushing his luck more than a little, he emerged with arm fulls of rubies, gems and gold valuing well over 5000, and With no time to lose, and the sun past mid-day, he turned for the exit. Yes, yes, this was wisest choice, he decided. Thank you goddess he mumbled and picked up his pace.

Across the darkness, great Hugo turned a corner and was nearly swallowed alive by a a cave-in. Though barely escaping with his life it took him hours to dig his way out of the debris and clamber across the chamber. With time now his enemy, Hugo cursed and used a magic stasis rune to speed him through several rooms until at last he arrived on the other side of the dragon's great chamber.

Meanwhile, Brother Gheriinn madly dash for the exit, but found ever way he turned blocked. One way was a bridge too rickety to cross (esp laden down with all his lovely loot), another a dead and, and still another an accursed rotating room which left him stranded in darkness.

Hugo was not a greedy man, it was the deed that mattered most-- that would give him the glory he sought. Keeping to the edges of the chamber, staying far clear of the massive beastie, he snatched too impressive treasures and turned to find the way out.

Brother Gherinn knew time was running out-- Forcing panic from his mind he focused on his knowledgee of such dungeons and quickyl discovered a secret door-- only to stumble headlong into a deadly trap nearly claimed life. Bleeding, broken, he through caution to the wind and took a swig of an unstable potion he had found on an adventurer's corpse.  Miraculously the elixir healed him enough to carry on ("O' Goddess you were wise to deliver this to stop this knavish adventurer here so that your humble servant could find his healing draught, and use it in your name) and hurried on, sandals slapping against the damp dungeon floor.

Across the Dragonfire, Hugo with his humble stash stuffed safely in his backpack, hacked through a webbed chamber and dashed gingerly across a narrow bridge (perhaps remarable for a warrior of his bulk and girth but mother was gypsy dancer who had taught him a thing or to about poise), and with the sun now setting, grinned as he spied its warm orange beams slicing down the stairs of the tower room ahead. With new pluck in his step he quickened his pace and knew Greymane, his noble steed waiting above, would be happy to see him.

Alas for the good brother it seems the gods had other plans-- with dead ends, trapped doors, in every direction not even the teleportation rune he had purchased in town (and at such a bargain too) could save him.

Dropping to his knees - his gemstones glistening in the failing light of his sputtering torch - he knew the sun was nearly down now- and that neither he nor the treasures he had stolen would ever see the light of day, nor would they ever be used to the temple to the goddess... as he had planned, nor could he use them to impress Glinniel, that cute elven innkeeper he'd been dying to ask out.

"O' Goddess" he cried out.. "Why have you forsaken me???" 

Perhaps, Brother Gherinn mused as he looked up and saw the vampire enter the chamber, its eyes as red as its bloody grin, ...he should have chosen to worship the god of luck instead.





#2 BillStivers



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Posted 28 August 2010 - 10:28 AM

Good work!!  If  I love how this game can tell a story and it's players can see unfolding in their minds.

#3 Curator



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Posted 28 August 2010 - 06:19 PM

This is what roleplaying is. When you take anything and apply a story to it. Unfortunately despite every example I come across. Those DnD and Vampire players shoot my new RPG system down. If only they could see the amount of arguing they do and book surfing that waste session. Because sadly the Talisman and Arkham and DungeonQuest players are doing more RPing than the "roleplayers". 

Great write up.

#4 Roy Batty

Roy Batty


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Posted 28 August 2010 - 10:21 PM

Back when I had time to run RPG's I had a fun rule - what you say is what you say and what you do is what you do.  That way even things said out of character - were things said by the character.

Also - I started weeding out the arguers, who needs it- it's a game...have fun.

And thnx for the comments guys!

#5 Roy Batty

Roy Batty


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Posted 28 August 2010 - 10:26 PM

And pls forgive the myriad typos - ACK!  What can I say...it was late??? Doh!

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