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Can the base be voluntarily destroyed as im executing a build order?......

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#1 yannicenet



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Posted 26 August 2010 - 01:07 AM



Hi :

I would like to know some answers about these big confusing questions

1.The rules said that  "Each player may only have one base on each planet. Once a player builds a base on a planet, he may only build another base on that planet if the prior one is destroyed."  So here is what im thinking now : After one battle, my base on a planet is overrun by enemy units (enemy units now stand in the area where my base is). then i execut a build order in my turn, since the rules said also that : "During the active player’s turn, except during a battle, he may voluntarily destroy his own units, bases, and transports." So i can voluntarily destroy that base and construct a new base in area B of that planet (supposing i have units on that area B), of cause i could only build a base during that order (building a base on a planet which didnt have my base previously (last one which was destoyed by myself is not count) ). So at the beginning of the regrouping phase, i could save all my ressource cards except the one where my enemy captured because i still have my base on that planet!!!! So is that legal? if it is, i think it will be so hard to bring down any enemy's base.

That was one big question in my head for now, but here are 2 simple questions need to be confirmed too : 

2. If i have kept 2 event cards on my table, each of them gives 2+ heath for your units during the battle (i dont remember its name sorry), can i use them simultaneous in a battle, which means i could get a bonus of 4+ heath?

3. If i get a event card that gives me a unit for free, but i have trained all that type of units of the game, (it can give me a scout but i got already 3 scouts on my plants), so i will get nothing? im  just gonna commit my bad luck??? could i get something else instead of that scout or draw a additional event card?

Im a chinese player in france who loves this game so much!!!! Im really having good time playing it here, but sometimes the rules is so complicated and
a little bit inaccurate that i have to suppose something that were not mentioned of, which even tured my friends against me, they always said" it's so unfair!! why sould we always listen to your own rules!" it really takes its toll on me, that's the last thing i want for playing a game.

PS : i wish my bad english is still readable for ya : )

#2 FragMaster



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Posted 26 August 2010 - 04:37 AM

Quick Answers


1} Yes, you can destroy voluntarily your base and instantly build another one on a different area. It's part of the strategy and players have to use this tactic. If your base couldn't be build then you had to lose many orders to rebuild it and start producing units while your opponent is winning. Use this trick!


2} I don't remember the text on the card and I cannot help you. I believe that you can use the effects though. The cards are one-use anyway. Having a +4 Health for 1 skirmish while losing two cards is not that good as it sounds anyway.


3} If you happen to draw the card that gives you free units, all you can do is destroy some of those units elsewhere on the map and then place the new ones  wherever you want. If you don't want to do that then the card gives you nothing.

#3 cyb3k



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Posted 31 August 2010 - 06:51 AM

1. I think it's allowed, although I agree it makes a defense too simple. 

2. You may use only one card with the phrase: "At the start of a battle". Moreover, it doesn't matter if it's an Event card or a Leadership card.

3. You can destroy anything voluntarily. It does have a point if the card allows you to place new unit(s) in empty area.

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